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BNS Marko:
Regards everyone, it's been a long wait.

A few weeks ago, DanyEle gave me(BNS Marko) the permission to take over the mod with my team and contributors, to deliver the next patch of Bear Force II.

We have been working on the mod for a while now, and version 0.33 was released and tested privately, with closed alpha testers. Further work is going towards the release of 0.5, which will include expanded and reworked current factions(Republic and CIS), tons of bugfixes, new maps, new environment and content. Generally - A reworked, better-performing and content expanded update.

For a grand, 1.0 release we are working on adding the classics - Empire and Rebels. Yes, you heard it right, it's coming.

What was new in 0.33?

Here's the full in changelog:

(Sebastian) Ranged weapon sounds are now triggered client side only, got rid of the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Special light saber sounds and all additional agent animations are now triggered once by the server and are automatically synced to all clients by the engine, halved down the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Implemented hit particle effects(ground, objects, water surface) for light bolts.
(Sebastian) Fixed wrong clothing colors and got rid of the related network traffic.
(Sebastian) Optimized the grenade and scene prop spawning related code.
(Sebastian) The crouch related network traffic has been halved.
(Sebastian) Optimized the force travel and reduced its network traffic.
(Sebastian) Removed and merged a couple of unnecessary multiplayer events and scripts for overall better performance.
(Sebastian) Several minor bug fixes.
(Teun) New map - Hoth Outpost
(Sherlock) Added 183 new rock and mountain props(Retextured)
(Sherlock) Reworked bunker collision props, for better firing.
(Sherlock) Added new fortification props
(Sherlock) Added two new classes to Republic, Sharpshooter and Heavy. Re-enabled the rotary gun and implemented the sniper rifle. Implemented the dc-17 pistol for Republic.
(Sherlock) Reactivated the B2 Battle Droid class for Separatists. Added grenade launcher to Separatists.
(Sherlock) New map, Geonosis Rocks.
(Sherlock) Gun stats rebalance

When can we expect 0.5?

It's hard to say, we have made good progress towards what we wanted, mainly the bug and crash fixing which ultimately caused the mod to die. Those have been tested and they have been fixed. We're working on expanding the content now. It'll surely be a month at least, we're hoping for a Late Autumn release.

When will we get a new and complete feature list?

As soon as our website is up. We'll list and preview everything on it.

Good news  8)

BNS ShadowDK:
Nice Job


--- Quote from: BNS Marko on August 05, 2015, 11:38:04 am ---(Sherlock) Added 183 new rock and mountain props(Retextured)

--- End quote ---

You must really love rocks.

Hype!  :o


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