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50th Jackal Company
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:27:11 am »
Hello, we are the 50th Jackal Company, a BF II regiment founded somewhere in May and started joining events at the start of August, currently we count  + 20  members in total. we consist of two firesquads as of now, firesquad red & blue. We have a lot of experienced m&b players and we try to make it fun and professional.

here is a list of players :

Company Commander
Captain Michael

1st Squad
  • Lieutenant Fordo
    Trooper Ashkayath
    Trooper Tovarishch
    Cadet Phoebus
    Cadet Lugi
    Cadet Hegeman
    Cadet McCuller
    Cadet Monotone
    Cadet Punisher

2nd Squad
  • Sergeant Koala
    Cadet KodeX
    Cadet Stonekiller
    Cadet Kyle
    Cadet Flip
    Cadet Pinoy
    Cadet Mathayus
    Cadet Grozni
    Cadet Pinacalada
    Cadet Nick
    Cadet Mazdo

Our Ranking system goes as follows

     he leads the whole regiment into battle and has the highest authority, respect him, and you will gain his respect.
    does all the administration stuff you would hate to do, acts as second in command and deserves an equal ammount of respect.
Sergeant (Sgt)
    the sergeant is most likely going to be your commander during trainings and other battles when the captain gives over command. When we will be working in different squads, most of these squads will be led by a sergeant        This is the highest rank you can recieve in the regiment, as of now. The other two ranks are only freed when the person who has control of the position resigns.

Corporal  (Cpl)
    the NCO rank, he makes sure you keep in line and has a higher command than you, that's it, he is your superior, you listen to him and no discussion will come of it.        To get this rank, you will have to show that you are willing to lead a squad, but also that you know the rules, and listen to your superiors without abusing power, a corporal is more or less a trial period for sergeant.

Veteran  (Vet)
   the veteran is literally that, a veteran, he has been in numerous events in the past and you should ask him for advice and extra guidance, he is not your superior however.          To become a veteran you must have the Long-Term Member medal and we specifically choose to give you this rank.

Trooper  (Troop)
   the first real rank you'll get promoted to !  if you have this rank, you have proven that you have a basic knowledge of how the regiment functions and you fit in well with the rest of the group.    To get this rank you will have to attend in at east 5 events and be liked (or just not hated) by the rest of the members.

Cadet  (Cdt)
   this is a temporary rank serving as a trial period, during this time you will have no liability on our behalf, if you screw something up during this stage, we won't be able to protect you from pissed off admins, once you've passed this stage however, you are 100% part of the regiment !

Retired Veteran
   the retired veteran or Ret-Vet is a person who was in the regiment for some time, but then called it quits for any reason whatsoever, we won't just ignore old members, they are welcome as friends, and can join a fight at any time.

The Specialist's Job is to carry Special Weapons permitted during an event.

We also have medals, an expanded teamspeak community, we play all sorts of different games and such. I hope this is enough information, if you would care to join, add me on steam, or check out our community page on steam.
My steam name is [73rd] TheCaptainFordo    with more or less the same profile picture.

This thread will be updated now and then to add members and other information.

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Re: 50th Jackal Company
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2015, 12:09:03 am »
Good Luck Jackal Company!
"You know impossible is what Rogue Squadron does best" - Corran Horn