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BNS Marko:
Post your suggestions here.

BNS Sleekphantom:
New stuff for Jedis and Sith.`

I like the pictures. Perhaps, allowing different styles amongst the Jedi Robes? As robes changed amongst Jedi as they rose through the Ranks of the Order, and also based upon which part of the order they were in.

BNS Nuno:
What about adding a phase 2 clone armour?

And making the ARC trooper armour exacly the same as this picture: .
And to finish, what about making a dual DC 17's for the ARC trooper class.

Edit: Add a Clone Pilot class, since there will be ships it woud make more sence :P.

Alright. Something that has been bothering me for a whille. The fact that the force sensetive classes for the sepratist is called "Sith". This is not correct in accordance to the lore, as there are only 2 true sith at the time, a apprentice and a master. Thus I suggest renaming them Acolytes after the dark acolytes assembled by Dooku as a counter to the Jedi order.


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