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Crusader Kings 2 Multiplayer - The Holy Roman Empire Challenge!

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BNS Marko:
This gameplay scenario is intended as a game for skilled players as a game of politics and intrigue. All the dukes have more or less the same amount of men, so it'll be skillful manipulation to determine which ones come out on top. But don't worry, this won't mean that the players should constantly be at each others' throats as there's opportunity for expansion on every corner of the empire.

Technical specs:
Year: 1066, William the Conqueror
DLCs: The host and the game includes all major DLCs to date, and most minor ones(sounds, sprites, portraits). Only the host is required to have these.
Host: Jordan of Mercia
Game master: Marko, Jordan
Playtime: Friday and Saturday evenings by default, unless agreed otherwise.
Gameplay specs:
Top-liege: Holy Roman Empire
Players can play as: Any Duke within the empire, + the Duchy of Apulia(under the condition they swear fealty to the empire at game start).

Wars: Players are allowed to fight wars for targets outside of the HRE, Crusade targets and targets inside the HRE that aren't a part of the de jure starting duchy of another player. That means you may not attack for someone's starting belongings(example: a player starting as the duke of Tuscany will always have the right to remain in Tuscany, but other players can have disputes with him about land in Lombardy.)

Election: The top government(Emperor office) is elective, meaning every duke can vote for his own candidate, and any duke can make himself the candidate. Players are allowed to hold 'election campaigns' and of course the other dukes(AI/Players) should pick the one that offers the most for the good of the realm, or for their good. Candidates can make promises to lower crown authority once in office or change the tax rate and so forth. If an election promise wasn't fulfilled, vassals can make factions to try to elect a new ruler or pass through a reform.

Rebellions and factions: Players can found factions to change crown laws, install claimants or go independent. Once a player is independent though, he isn't protected by any PvP rules and anyone can freely claim even his de jure starting land. Players should behave immersed in the world, meaning if the new elected emperor is good, then there shouldn't be pointless revolts. Players can also take the side of the emperor and choose to remain loyal. The emperor has the right to revoke a title outside of the de jure land if the revolt is crushed, and if it is attempted again he may choose to revoke the duchy title(s) itself.

Forming custom kingdoms: With the latest DLCs, players can form custom kingdoms once they have 3 duchy titles, 3000 prestige and around 800 gold(not sure). Newly found kingdoms can include duchies outside of HRE.

Spoiler for Game area, 1066 map: Spoiler for Playable characters map:
Red area is the HRE, Blue is Apulia and Green is flanders(de jure HRE but a part of France at the start).

Playable duchies:
1. Duchy of Lower Lorraine
2. Duchy of Upper Lorraine
3. Duchy of Holland
4. Duchy of Saxony
5. Duchy of Brandenburg
6. Duchy of Swabia
7. Duchy of Meissen
8. Duchy of Bavaria
9. Duchy of Provence
10. Duchy of Bohemia
11. Duchy of Verona
12. Duchy of Lombardy
13. Duchy of Spoleto
14. Duchy of Tuscany
15. Duchy of Austria
16. Duchy of Savoy


17. Duchy of Apulia(under the condition to swear fealty to the HRE).
To take part, confirm you've read and understood the rules and regulations and reserve a Duchy to play as. If you have any questions/concerns/unclarities post them here.

BNS Marko:
I will reserve the Duchy of Provence for myself, then.

BNS ShadowDK:
I will take the Duchy of Saxony for myself

I shall play as the mighty Duchy of Tuscany!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

BNS JordanOfMercia:
I would like to take the grand duchy of Bohemia


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