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The 13th Galactic Army

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The 13th Army of the Grand Republic
Who are we ?The 13th galactic army is a newly formed regiment formed by BNS Mark and previous 501st/172nd members we branched off to create our own Old republic regiment. Consisting of many veteran members of the community , the 13th is active and always welcomes new players. The 13th ,whilst not in actual lore , is based off the galactic republic in its war against the newly re-emerged Sith empire , more than 3600 years before the events of the clone wars. With experienced leaders and brave soldiers who train frequently, the 13th will always secure victory for the Republic.

Our Squads
Forlorn Hope

Led by Commander _Mark
Reaper Squad

Led byCorporal Alestor

Hornet Squad

Led by Sergeant Akreal

Angel Squad

Led by Corporal Echo

Our Rank Structure
Why us ?You might be wondering why the 13th would be a good choice , after all  there are many available clans out there. During the period of time we started creating the 13th , we decided not to be one of those simple clans that uses very basic systems of play. This is why we created an advanced system for promotions , medals , jedi trials and even training. All of these are well planned and detailed , meaning that even if you manage to get to your maximum rank , you can always do better! With a very friendly and laid back community intent on having fun whilst maintaining a level of professionalism

How to joinWant to join us? Add Captain Ianitori or Sergeant Akreal On steam!

BNS Sleekphantom:
13th Galactic Army?

I think you misspelled RA22nd.

lrn2type wtf

Do i have to wish you the best of luck now?

I think so :P

Also sleek we are better than the RA22nd , we dont have Aku

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