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Looking to help the mod?
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:21:54 pm »
Hello everyone,

With Marko leaving the Development of Bear Force II he trusted me with taking the mod forward. Before this, as Community Manager of the mod, I always got the question "How can I help out the mod". Well, you couldn't really, everything was being taken care of. But now you can! I'll be updating this post regularly with topics the mod could use your help with! The only requirement is that you can contact me. This would either be on Steam or Discord.

Now then to the task at hand. Some topics will require some experience within that topic, but otherwise, you can be a complete beginner to the game and still help out if you've got the patience and dedication to help out the mod! Here is a list of topics the mod could use help with:

- Map making (Doesn't require any experience. Only patience and dedication)
- 3D modeling (Requires moderate experience in such topic)
- Soundtrack creating (Requires moderate experience in such topic)
- Regiment recruiter (No experience other than being able to contact people is necessary)

Contact me if you would like to help out with any of the above! I'll show you around and tell you what exactly we need!

My steam:
My Discord: Mark#3291
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