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[Friday][Battle]501st Friday Event[EU]
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:44:27 pm »
Day: Every Friday
Time: 8 GMT
Server: 501stCTL_Official_EU
Factions: Republic, Separatists, Empire, Rebels

The standardized unit size for any clan is a squad. Aside from being the most effective unit proven by years of effectiveness, in order to use any specialists a squad must be a minimum of 6 men.

1. The events will be based on completely modular squad loadouts, which means all the squads are going to have the same base(regular infantry) and completely custom specialist classes as they see fit.
2. A squad is considered at a minimum of 6 men.
3. Your squad has the unlimited use of:
  • Medic packs.
  • Shotguns
  • Shields
  • Any weapon that an infantry class wields(except light or heavy machine guns, that's considered a specialist)
E.g. if you have a squad of 6+ men, let's assume you want to take the maximum of 2 specialist units. That means the other 4 standard infantrymen can be equipped with any infantry weapon they have available + medic packs, shotguns or shields.
4. You can combine a maximum of 2 specialist classes for your squad. How you combine them is completely up to you, whether you take 2 heavies, 2 snipers or 1 sniper, 1 grenadier, 1's up to you.
List of specialist roles:
  • Snipers - Clone Sharpshooter(Republic)/BX Commando Droid(CIS)/Stormtrooper Sharpshooter(Empire)/Rebel Sharpshooter(Rebels)
  • Heavy Troopers - Clone Heavy(Republic)/B2 Battle Droid(CIS)/Stormtrooper equipped with a DLT-19 LMG, Heavy MG or grenade launcher(Empire)/Rebel Infantryman equipped with an RT-97C, Heavy MG or grenade launcher LMG(Rebels)
  • Wookiee(Republic), Geonosian(CIS)
5. Every team will be assigned 2-4 Jedi/Sith(depending on the number of players), and the administrators will assign the Jedi/Sith to the clans.
       5.a Jedi or Sith can take any combination of forces, lightsabers and outfits they wish.
6. Every team will be assigned 4-10 Jets(Depending on the total number of players in the server), and the administrators will assign the Jets to the clans.
7. Since the module has been balanced with counterpart stats, use of any weapon is allowed(as long as it's within your assigned class), except LMGs and HMGs for Infantrymen on Empire and Rebels(as referenced in rule 3 and 4).
8. Ramboing is allowed, and you may use any formation you see fit. Your formation of choice may influence your round win or loss.
9. Event is played four rounds per map(with 2 or 3 maps, depending on time constrictions), with sides(factions) being swapped after every two rounds on a map. Resetting before going live will be done on a side swap, to ensure the teams have enough time to make a strategy.
10. You are forbidden and will be slain for using the following glitches: Headglitching(successively crouching and shooting), wallglitching(looking through walls with your head), shield glitching(using a shield and pistol combo, or firing behind another person's shield while you yourself is untouchable) or trying to avoid any game mechanics.

Notes: The event administrators might warn you for taking too many specialists.

Public/Lone players:
1. You can play any class you wish except the Jedi/Sith and Jet classes unless assigned so.
2. Same common sense rules, no teamkilling, teamhitting et cetera.

Code: [Select]
[b]Group name:[/b]
[b]Amount of people:[/b]
[b]Would you like to take a Jedi/Sith:[/b]
[b]Did you read and agree with the rules and promise to act in conduct with the rules:[/b]
[b]Steam profile contact(1 or 2 leaders):[/b]
[b]Anything else:[/b]

Individual players:
Code: [Select]
[b]Player name:[/b]
[b]Did you read and agree with the rules and promise to act in conduct with the rules:[/b]
[b]Steam profile contact:[/b]
[b]Anything else:[/b]

Signed up clans

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Re: [Friday][Battle]501st Friday Event[EU]
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2017, 06:30:50 pm »
Player name: Baskakov_Dmitriy/Tzimisce
Did you read and agree with the rules and promise to act in conduct with the rules: Aye
Steam profile contact:
Anything else: Perhaps nothing. What is the actual time? 20:00 GMT or 08:00? :)