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Game crashes when I press Multiplayer button in menu


Hello friends!
I have become a fan of this mod since I played it for the first time! It seems more like a battlefield in the Star wars unvierse than those Star Wars Battlefront games! You have made an incredible mod! Thank you!
The bad thing is, that I am having an unpleasant problem. When I enter the menu and choose my character, I press the Multiplayer button and my game crashes - the screen freezes and in several seconds, it says mountandblade.exe has stopped working. This happens only with this module. There are no problems with all other modules I have installed.

If you know any way I can fix this, Id be glad to read it! Thank you again for the mod!
Keep up the good work guys!

BNS Marko:
I presume you are using Steam Workshop to get the mod. If so, the fix for this is detailed in the description of the mod on workshop.

No, actually I downloaded the new version a week ago from ModDB. Nonetheless, I will look up the workshop in steam!

Have you had any luck?


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