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Ghost company is a company inside the 212th attack battalion. Commander Cody mainly led this company in battles. Although Cody commanded the 212th attack battalion,  High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi also led the 212th.
The 212th attack battalion was an assault force. This battalion would take part in any specialized invasions, frontal attacks, besiegements and other offensive scenarios. The 212th were often deployed alongside the 501st attack battalion which was led by Clone Captain Rex and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.
Commander Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi had great friendship and trust until order 66 was executed where Cody instantly turned his guns towards Kenobi and fired upon him without a second thought. After the battle of Utapu (Were Cody attacked Kenobi) the 212th vanished into the imperial army and were never seen again.|What the battalion offers|
The battalion offers tonnes of different aspects in which you can help or join. The battalion also offers outstanding discipline with a phase one basic training course. We can also provide tournaments for players looking for PvP ,or if your looking for a role-play laid-back style you can join the weekly battle events. The battalion can provide a ranking system along with achievements and promotions. Here is a list of some of the options you can do:
- G1: Administration and Manpower. These people handle discharge requests and transfer request between company's.
- G3: Responsible for keeping track of events and who turns up-to them and who hasn't.
- G4: These people are in-charge on keeping the folders and applications in order.
- G5: These people help plan training sessions.
- G6: Responsible for keeping the website running, manage the teamspeak 3 and help with any technical issues.
- G7: These people help out and execute training sessions for everyone.
- G8: This person is responsible for our donation intakes.
- G9: These people are the recruiters they go round finding new recruits and also manage the media E.G. YouTube/Twitch Etc.

The battalion has a total of 4 company's which are the Cadet Cadre, clone troopers Company EU/NA and Parjai Squad. The Cadet Cadre is the new recruits going through basic training they have to attend the phase one training sessions and one event battle to be placed into the clone trooper company.|The Requirements To Join|
In order to apply/join the battalion you are to be within these terms. Any lying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.
The battalion has strong structure and alot of places to fill. If you are unable to attend certain days the please tell us so we can organise our battle plan.

Q. I want to join as an officer is that possible?
A. Yes it is possible, but there are certain conditions applied. Being an officer is not always guaranteed you will lead your platoon all the time, but mainly to keep them in shape for higher ranking officers. In order to apply to be an officer please read 2.1 on the application guide.

Application Guide:
1.0 - Company Requirements:
1.1 - Applicant must be ages 14+ (exceptions may apply on maturity).
1.2 - Applicant must own a legal copy of the game.
1.3 - Applicant must have not been VAC banned within the last 200 days.
1.4 - Applicant must not be 'Double Regging'.
1.5 - Applicant must be able to attend 1 event/training per week (More detail in 3.0).

2.0 - Officer Requirements:
2.1 - In order to apply as an officer YOU MUST have a Mount & Blade regiment background.
2.2 - Must be ages 16+ to apply for officer.
2.3 - Applicant must be able to attend the majority of training's and events per week.
2.4 - Applicant must be able to communicate and understand English well.
2.5 - Applicant must own a legal copy of the game.
2.6 - Applicant must of NOT had a VAC ban ever.

3.0 - Attendance:
3.1 - If you able to attend events once a month you will be placed into the reserves.
3.2 - If you become inactive for over 2 months without notice you will be automatically removed from the battalion.

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Good luck! :)

Good Luck !

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Nice bit of effort put into this. It's always appreciated.

One small thing though! It's Obi Wan, not Won!

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