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[S-PUB] Suck my Public - Empire / Sith

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[S-PUB] Suck my Public - Empire / Sith
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[OOC] [S-PUB], or Suck my Public, were founded in 2019 originally as an anti-clan to voice dissent and bring numbers to identify and challenge troublesome rules in the current event format; and by the power of community have them changed by the administration. S-PUB grew rapidly into an ideal, primarily for players of melee classes who felt they were not getting the playtime deserved in events especially with the heavy nerfs given to the Jedi classes - this lead S-PUB to be a majorly popular contender for new players to the Bearforce 2 Mod as they promise to always attempt to split the 'power classes' evenly over their roster every event instead of having designated 'Jedi' players or designated 'Jet' players. This allows more freedom for previously 'public' players who can now turn around and recant the phrase "Suck my Public."

[IC] [S-PUB] represent a growing level of dissent within the Sith in the Empire. There are some amongst us who believe that those in power have too much control over the little that is left of the Galaxy; and it is only through the intervention of powerful force users and experienced military personnel that we can start to restore the honour, glory and dominion that was represented by the Sith eon's ago. Lead by a Warlord of the Sith forged in the mountainous volcano fires of Helios II, S-PUB found themselves at the forefront of a double-pronged war against both Empire and Republic troops as they attempted to carve their territory out of the Outer Rim, establishing a foothold on key worlds harbouring Sith power and knowledge such as Korriban and Malachor V. Temples have been built, altars erected, knowledge conserved and primed - ready for the final strikes that will secure the Galaxy and usher in a new age of Sith rule.

[Note] [S-PUB] are primarily Empire/Sith based and our ranking structure is based around this. Ranking has zero indication on whether you will get to play specialist roles in events, we believe every player new or old has an equal right to play the game and will be given classes on a set rotational basis to ensure that no one is left bored twiddling their thumbs. We will still play alternate factions in events but will default to Dark Side choices whenever possible. There are exceptions; some Jedi and Troopers with a more lax approach to the Republic and their rules will perhaps find themselves swayed to fight alongside [S-PUB] when given the right prompting...

High Command

Sith Warlord 'shin'
Sith Lord 'Normanguy'
Sith Lord 'Kani'

Massed Forces

Grand Admiral 'Guts'
Superintendent 'MarkZ'
Admiral 'Loki'
Admiral 'Becca'
General 'Kingsman'
Colonel 'Radulf'
Major 'Armsmaster'

Sith Master 'Arni'
Sith Templar 'Maximou'
Sith High Inquisitor 'Eison'
Sith Juggernaut 'Midaxos'
Sith Juggernaut 'Bastion'
Sith Marauder 'CTH'
Sith Duellist 'Sega'
Sith Barbarian 'Wogslayer'
Sith Apprentice 'Furkan'
Sith Apprentice 'Maric'
Sith Apprentice 'Ismar'
Becca's Slave 'Zilent'

Vanguard 'Wiglaf'
Sergeant 'Rat03'
Sergeant 'Arnott'
Corporal 'Varadin'
Ranger 'Frost'
Support Gunner 'Pyro'
Specialist 'AngryNerd'
Specialist 'Alexandru'
Private 'Digoo'
Private 'Charon'
Private 'Warg'

Might of the Empire: 33
Organisational Rankings


Grand Admiral [1]
Superintendent  [1]


Sith Master [1]
Sith Templar / High Inquisitor [2]
Sith Juggernaut / Inquisitor
Sith Marauder / Assassin
Sith Barbarian / Duellist
Sith Warrior / Priest
Sith Apprentice
Sith Acolyte


Captain [1]
Lieutenant [2]
Vanguard / Protector
Commando / Sharpshooter
Support Gunner / Ranger
Specialist / Marksman


[S-PUB] play currently in the weekend Event nights hosted by the Community Administration as well as their own events, hosted by shin, which are popular throughout the week.
Monday: Nothing Scheduled
Tuesday: 8PM S-PUB Community Event - Conquest, see below for Galaxy Map
Wednesday: 8PM S-PUB Community Event - Battle, no class restrictions, may affect Galaxy Map (Incursions)
Thursday: 8PM S-PUB Community Event - Minigames, KOTH/CTF
Friday: 8PM GMT Community Event - Battle, class restrictions
Saturday: 8PM GMT Community Event - Battle, class restrictions
Sunday: 8PM GMT Community Event - Battle, class restrictions

Discord: Invite-only via request
Steam Group: Invite-only via request
Interested in joining [S-PUB] and restoring balance to the Force? If so then add shin on Steam!

Battle Archive

26/04/2019//Trenches of Hoth: Victory gained for the Empire, high casualties, poor weather
27/04/2019//Battle for Mygeeto: Victory gained for the Empire, low casualties
28/04/2019//Trenches of Hoth: Losses sustained for the Empire, low casualties, heavy territory loss - note to pursue retake
30/04/2019//Conquest of Endor: Heavy losses sustained for the Empire, heavy territory gain ENDOR / RATTATAK / BAKURA (Moddel Subsector)
01/05/2019//Ryloth Bridge Assault: Unacceptable losses sustained for the Empire, light territory gain SMUGGLERS RUN / NAOS / 81st and S-PUB Coalition Airspace
01/05/2019//Attack on the Jedi Temple: Minimal losses sustained for the Empire, territory in the hands of allied 81st
14/05/2019//Tattooine City Conflict Zone: Heavy losses sustained for the Empire, territory gained

Trials Archive

Scheduled 01/05/2019//Trial of Slavery: 'Zilent vs 3 Troopers'
Scheduled 03/05/2019//Soldier's Peril: 'Ismar vs Zilent'

Duel Archive


Commendations and Promotional History

27/04/2019//Promotion from Private to Marksman: 'Armsmaster'
28/04/2019//Promotion from Private to Specialist: 'Frost' - note of Field Valour
28/04/2019//Promotion from Private to Marksman: 'Pyro' - note of Field Valour
28/04/2019//Promotion from Marksman to Commando: 'Armsmaster'
28/04/2019//Promotion from Private to Apprentice: 'Ismar'
29/04/2019//Promotion from Specialist to Ranger: 'Frost'
29/04/2019//Promotion from Commando to Major: 'Armsmaster' - note of Command Chain Recognition
01/05/2019//Promotion from Marksman to Support Gunner: 'Pyro'

27/04/2019//Commendation (Sharpshooting Pin 1): 'Armsmaster'
27/04/2019//Commendation (Medal of Battlefield Command): 'Eison'
27/04/2019//Commendation (Field Combat Pin 1 + Gained Right to Trial): 'Zilent'
28/04/2019//Commendation (Command Pin 1): 'Armsmaster'
28/04/2019//Commendation (Command Pin 1 + Sharpshooting Pin 1 + Sharpshooting Pin 2): 'Frost'
28/04/2019//Commendation (Field Combat Pin 1 + Sharpshooting Pin 1 + Sharpshooting Pin 2): 'Pyro'
28/04/2019//Commendation (Field Combat Pin 1 + Gained Right to Trial): 'Ismar'
29/04/2019//Commendation (Frontline Defence Ribbon + Command Pin 2): 'Armsmaster'
29/04/2019//Commendation (Field Medic Ribbon + Sharpshooting Pin 3): 'Frost'
29/04/2019//Commendation (Battlefield Valour Ribbon): 'Kani'
01/05/2019//Commendation (LMG Handling License + Frontline Defence Ribbon): 'Pyro'
01/05/2019//Commendation (Frontline Command Ribbon): 'Armsmaster'
01/05/2019//Commendation (Sharpshooting Ribbon): 'Frost'
01/05/2019//Commendation (Field Combat Pin 1 + Behind Enemy Lines Pin 1): 'CTH'
01/05/2019//Commendation (Behind Enemy Lines Pin 1 + Enemy of the Republic Ribbon): 'Kani'
01/05/2019//Commendation (Behind Enemy Lines Pin 1 + Frontline Defence Ribbon): 'Eison'

29/04/2019//Accolade (Valour in the face of Great Odds): 'Kani' - eligible for title Trial
01/05/2019//Accolade (Valour in the face of Great Odds): 'Pyro' - personally commended by the Warlord for his dedication to the Empire
01/05/2019//Accolade (Model Soldier): 'Pyro' - now used as an example in [S-PUB] training manuals

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Re: [S-PUB] Suck my Public - Empire / Sith
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Gl S-PUBs ;)

Re: [S-PUB] Suck my Public - Empire / Sith
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Oh lmao