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When I first join a game, I am unable to choose from among the choices on the select "class screen."  Whenever my cursor goes above one of the choices towards the top of the list, it "jumps" down, and won't let me select anything.  I can usually only choose from one of the bottom 2 choices (whatever they are, depending on my faction).

I'm running this on a Mac, and other than that everything seems to work fine.  Any suggestions?

Did you download the mod from the steam workshop?

BNS Marko:
It's probably because you have a controller plugged in.

No, no controller plugged in, and I downloaded directly from the website, not via Steam (should I try doing it via Steam?).

BNS Marko:
That's definetly not the issue. That mouse issue is usually connected with some gamepad/other device being plugged in.


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