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BNS Marko:
Now, since we all have unique personas in this community and to be honest we share common interests, I'd like to make a few tournaments or team competitions inside the community.
I came on this idea yesterday, while we were trying to convince Pilgrim and his folk to face us in Guns of Icarus(BEER ftw) while they insisted on League of Legends.

This thread will be used to organise and discuss tournaments in the following games:

- League of Legends - Pilgrim's lot are the only ones experienced at it
- Guns of Icarus - Pretty much everyone has this, one of the best ideas for a tournament
- M&B Warband, Native - Some sort of a clan war tournament?
- Civilisation V - A medium period of time for teams to face each other off in a war
- CK2/EU4

GoI ftw!

BNS Michael:

BNS Marko:
Civ V could be an interesting competition :D

sherlock could you please add me?I need you for update:Milo_Gamwich :c


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