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The 2016. Christmas Giveaway

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BNS Marko:
The 2016. Christmas Giveaway!To continue our giveaway tradition upheld since 2013., this year we're organizing another giveaway for our community members.
BNS Jordan is contributing up to 50 games of all sorts to the giveaway. There's gifts for everyone and we hope this will make your Christmas even better!
The entry requirement is BNS membership of at least 1 month.Titles::Shadow of Mordor - GOTY EditionMafia III 2xTotal War: Attila + DLC Ryse: Son of RomeCivilization: Beyond EarthDragon's DogmaMordheim - City of the DamnedBroforceDead Rising 2 - Off the RecordThe Escapists + DLCSavage LandsRebel GalaxyStardew ValleyWar In A Box: Paper TanksThe Flame in the FloodHacknetIndie Pack 1Indie Pack 2Indie Pack 3Indie Pack 4Minion Masters
Airport Madness 4
Gold Rush Classic
Nightmare Cooperative
iBomber DefenseBeyond Eyes
Hero of The Kingdom II
Farming World
Moorhuhn InvasionKathy Rain
18 Wheels of Steel - Extreme Trucker
8-bit Adventures
Pirate Pop Plus
Grail to the Thief3 Stars of Destiny
18 Wheels of Steel - Extreme Trucker
Eets Munchies
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Western Press + DLC
HyposphereApplication processRequirement: More than one month of BNS membership. The giveaway will be executed in a way that everyone can apply for two games they'd like. After the applications end we will list the people that wish each game, and make a random roll on who gets it. If a person is the only person to wish for a game/pack, they will automatically receive it. If there are games/packs no one wished for, they will be given out to the people who were out of luck and won no games.
Application format:

--- Code: ---[b]Name[/b]
[b]Steam URL[/b]
[b]My first game pick:[/b]
[b]My second game pick:[/b]
--- End code ---

BNS Marko:
Steam URL:
My first game pick: Dragon's Dogma
My second game pick: Shadow of Mordor

BNS Sleekphantom:
Name Sleek
Steam URL
My first game pick: Shadow of Mordor
My second game pick: Stardew Valley

BNS Nuno:
Name Nuno
Steam URL
My first game pick: Total War: Attila + DLC
My second game pick: The Escapists

Name Bbox
Steam URL
My first game pick: Mafia III
My second game pick: Total War Attila


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