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[FR] 212e Bataillon d'Attaque
« on: December 12, 2016, 12:53:38 am »

History :

When the Great Army of Clone was created on Kamino for The Old Republic, it has been divided in many legions to make his deployment easier.
With the progress of the Clone War, the hierarchy of legions made more different and we saw to emerge legions more brilliant than others, like the 212e Attack Battalion.
This legion, managed by Commander Cody, begun the Clone War with the Geonosis Battle.
After what, it continues to serve the Old Republic until the succession of the Empire.

In game :

The 212e Bataillon d'Attaque has been created the 13th October 2015 and officially disbanded the 10th March 2016.
Led by General Nerza and Commander Owen, the regiment was once the second biggest regiment in all BF2 after the 501st.
Composed of 6 different squads and between 80 and 100 players in total, the regiment was the only one representative of the French Community on the mod.

Now the 212e has been reformed still under Nerza's and Owen's command with a majority of veterans.
The objective is still the same, fight through mud and blood to regain our place that we fought so hard to gain in the first place!

Spoiler for Hiden:

CO's [4]

General Nerza
Commander Owen
Lieutenant JakDrStein
Lieutenant Saphir

NCO's [2]

Sergent Grimnar
Sergent McSpartacus
Jedi Order [2]

Jedi Knight Aycola
Jedi Knight Cade

Enlisted men [34]

Caporal Cece
Caporal Drakendark

Vétéran Thorvic
Vétéran Solonel
Vétéran Airsoft
Vétéran Ragnar
Vétéran Danilkom
Vétéran Ebren
Vétéran Spark-Fram
Vétéran Sharu
Vétéran Pla
Vétéran Electrac
Vétéran Diablo147
Vétéran Fioffi
Vétéran Kynorek
Vétéran PtiGéro

Clone Falanghe
Clone Aldious
Clone Hark_Ange
Clone Swap
Clone SensInterdit
Clone Azurdin
Clone Pontonnier
Clone Jambi
Clone Nicoleon
Clone Graloupiot
Clone Zelen
Clone Racoon
Clone Ran 
Clone Bibiche
Clone Loxic
Clone Kant 

Recrue Locklan
Recrue Soolic

Total : 42 members

Ranks :


- Général
- Commander
- Major
- Capitaine
- Lieutenant
- Sergent


- Caporal
- Specialiste
- Vétéran
- Clone
- Recrue

Tag in game : 212e_Rank_Name

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Re: [FR] 212e Bataillon d'Attaque
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2016, 04:07:29 pm »
Good to see you guys comeback, hope to see you in the events! Good Luck!
General of The 48th Stormtrooper Infantry