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Unban Request William Bonaparte



I am writing this little message to tell you that I begin to replay Warband and so consequently I see the mods. And so I went on Bear Force II. Unfortunately I found trying to connect on the official server mod, I was ban. At least access was not allowed me. I've probably done something at the time. I ask my Unban with all the respect I owe you from the server.

My name : William Bonaparte

I took you to accept my most sincere feelings :)

Have a good day.

BNS Marko:
Do you know your Game ID?


--- Quote from: BNS Marko on October 11, 2016, 06:48:10 pm ---Do you know your Game ID?

--- End quote ---

Where can i see my Game ID ?

That's my SteamID : STEAM_0:1:59514547


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