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New 104th Wolfpack
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104th battalion history
The 104th Battalion was a mobile armoured unit in the Grand Army of the Republic that was led by Jedi Master Plo Koon and Clone Commander CC-3636, known as "Wolffe," during the Clone Wars. It included the Wolfpack, a squad named for their commander. Members of the 104th battalion have become experts in dealing with difficult situations under fire.

What is it we do

the 104th specializes in small unit combat sharpshooting and assaults

How to join

you can either add me on steam or contact us on our ts where you can contact either my self or any one else in the 104th or

Rank System
the Ranks with in the 104th are adapted from the clone wars lore such as a tooper having his rank show as CT

you would start at the lowest rank of the 104th that being Cadet as a Cadet your armour would be white you would be at this rank for one or two battles

Clone Trooper or CT your armour would be a grey blue color and you would remain at this rank till you can either prove your self a capable leader of a squad or are selected for ARC trooper

ARC Trooper or ARC is a specialist rank you would only ever receive this if you are selected to be in the Squad once you are in you would be one of the elite with in the 104th and you would be told by the squad leader to take a color

ARF Trooper or ARF this rank is only for those who wish to have short lives since you would be at the for front of any advance and be expected to scout enemy positions and sometimes delay them whilst the rest of the battalion moves into position

Clone Sargent or CS this is the basic NCO/Squad leader of 3 to 7 clones  he would be responsible for the squad tactics used in battle and training the new Cadets

Major or CC Major would have a option of either wearing regular Clone armour or ARC armour he would lead two Squads into battle

Battalion Commander or BC is the second in command of the who's armour would be black and would often relay orders form the general to the entire battalion or even leading a squad into battle whilst giving orders to the rest of the unit

Battalion Roster
Spoiler for Hiden:
Battalion command
CC Wolffe

1st Squad "Wolfpack"

VT boost
VT Jake
CT Atari
CT Daniel
CT Thor
CT Ostigle

2nd Squad "Four Horseman"

CS Damocles "Fallenknight"
ARC Kernow
ARC Gustav

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Re: New 104th Wolfpack
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Re: New 104th Wolfpack
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Locked due to disbanding.