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Bear Force II - Main Thread
« on: August 21, 2015, 04:13:18 pm »

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Spoiler for Development team:
We've been around for over half a year and we aim to resurrect the amazing mod Highlander made. If you'd like to join the team,
donate models, textures, or just give us a hand, read the FAQ
Sherlock Holmes/Marko : Mod Coordinator, Community Manager, Scener, Game Designer, Coder

Exima: Mod Co-Coordinator, 3D Artist, Environment, Characters, Weapons, Animations

Axwen/Zenithar: Community Manager

Peppe019: 2D, 3D, Animations.

Krafter/Grozni: Coding, Scripting.

Negast: 3D, 2D, Level Design.

Comrade Temuzu : Level Design.

KTAnjel: 3D, 2D.

Slytacular: 3D, 2D.

LionStrong: 3D, 2D.

Gothic Knight: 3D, 2D.

Usama Ezaddin: 3D, 2D.

Kicking Joub : Level Design.

Alpha : Level Design.

Illuminati : Coder

Theretor : Music Composer, Sound

Velorn : Scener

Belendor : Game Designer, Coder

SynthLyn-X : 3D Artist, Animator, Rigger

Sjana : 2D Artist

Tony : Writer

Reus/Backstay : Web Development, PR

Jaakko : 3D Artist, Enviroment

Sionfel/SupaNinjaMan : 3D Artist, Enviroment

Weren: 3D Artist, Environment, Characters

Agent Jack Bauer: 3D Artist, Characters, Animations

yaback: Level Design

Spoiler for Contributors/Freelancers:
_Sebastian_ : Coding, Scripting.

Barf : 2D, 3D.

Austro : 2D, 3D.

Bendik : 2D, 3D.

Nemeruis : 2D, 3D.

GreenStalker : 2D, 3D.

Teun : Level Design.

Lolman1c : Level Design.

Artizan: 3D, 2D.

Spoiler for Credits:
- Wolfstar: For his module System

- La Grandmaster: For his menu fog, and answering many of our questions

- Gokiller: For his scenes

- Iron Europe's page layout for inspiring me making this page

-Highlander : For creating an amazing mod and letting us continue his project

-DanyEle : For creating an amazing 0.32 and letting us continue the project

-dariel: For his Star Wars EU OSP

-minnakodunum: For his Kill Assist System

-Gotha : Scripting, and the awesome Adimi tools

-Karantukki : For his models, textures and scenes

-Apocalipto : For his models and textures

-Lastman : For his scenes

- All guys from BI, Brigata Italiana: For standing me, and by me, all days and being so awesome 

- Barf for his Mandalorian, clone and droid models

- Faradon for his lightsabers

- Badabam, Star Wars: Conquest and Pizzetta for sound effects

- Shredzorz for the Westar pistols, a space ship and coding support

- Artizan for 2 Blasters

- Ma?cel for a Sith helmet

- Longshaft, Patta, nemeruis, Nordwolf for scenes

Comrade Temuzu: For two great maps.

ThaneWulfgharn for his Vibroblade model.

Lux and Star Wars: Arkonne Assault for letting us use some stuff.

Artizan, Matthieu, for Musics

Vornne  for his Admin Enhancement mod

Rigadoon for his Kashyyyk models

Janus for his installer script

Spoiler for Other Links:
Former Star Wars Bear Force II page
The previous Star Wars Bear Force II page from Highlander.

Star Wars Conquest
 A huge and amazing Singleplayer mod for the classic Mount & Blade.

Our Steam Group
Join up to get the latest news and be updated with our progresses

Italian uniforms for Napoleonic Wars
A Napoleonic Wars sub-mob which replaces the French units with the Italian ones ,brought to us by Italiano_X, our texturer and modeller.

Modb Page
Our official ModDB page

Clans / Squads thread:
A section where clans can organize themselves.

Events threads:
A section where clans can organize their activities

Spoiler for Screenshots:

Spoiler for Video and Soundtrack:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Full Client (0.6)[/center

Always citate "Bear Force II team" in your credits if you use any part of our code.
This a form of respect for those who've been working hard on this project.

Source Code Mirror 1 - Dropbox

Source Code Mirror 2 -


(2012)Star Wars: Bear Force II used to be a mod developed by Highlander for Mount & Blade: Warband. Unfortunately , he stopped working on it about 1 year ago and the mod looked dead to all those who viewed the page, including me. One day, the 14th December, after talking with Shredorz about the mod, I noticed it was a pity to let such a promising mod slip into the dead mods' limbo. Thus, i decided to act: I PMed Highlander asking him if there was any chance to continue his project. His answer was affermative and he gave me all the files needed to work on it. Though the mod was outdated and working for the 1.134 Warband version, it was playable and still quiet fun, but very very bugged.  Considering the fact that the mod was very promising, I contacted different people who accepted to continue the development of this mod so... here we are.

(2015)Star Wars: Bear Force II used to be a mod developed by DanyEle for Mount & Blade: Warband. Unfortunately , he stopped working on it about 2 years ago and the mod looked dead to all those who viewed the page, including me. Some months ago we decided to "resurrect it" and the Development team is doing its best to create a fun and enjoyable Star Wars Multiplayer mod.

The Current team is headed by Sherlock Holmes/Marko.

Our mission

We are going to develop an engaging and fun Multiplayer Star Wars mod which could be enjoyable by all Mount & Blade: Warband players just like it could be for Star Wars fans.  There is no planned release date yet, but we are making daily progresses and are working on it.

Spoiler for For those who remember Star Wars: Bear Force II:
Star Wars Bear Force II is finally alive and kicking with a new team. We intend to continue Highlanders' and other contributors' work as well as implementing new features. The time you spent following the previous mod was not certainly wasted. Our goals are pretty much the same and we ensure you following us is well worth it.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Spoiler for FAQ:

Q: How can I help?
A1. I have no real modding skill, but I'd like to help. Just spread the word about this mod: wear one of our signatures, be active on our forum page, talk to your friends about this mod, link our mod to your buddies. Suggestions regarding future features are more than welcome!
A2: I can map . Please PM me(Sherlock Holmes). We're always looking for new content.
A3 : I can code/texture/model: Then you'd be very welcome in our team. If you feel like helping us releasing this mod, just PM me pointing out what your modding skills are and if you are capable or working in team

Q: Is there the double - lightsaber of Darth Maul?
A: No, not yet. That's not our main objective at the moment.

Q: Will there be Speeders?
A: Who knows, maybe in the future releases


Spoiler for Hiden:
All the resources used in this game are property of the Bear Force II development team and their creators. No one is allowed to use them unless he's been given our written permission.
All the third-party references appearing in this mod are property of their owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Spoiler for Mod List Info:
Name: Star Wars: Bear Force II
Version: 0.6
Game version: 1.168
Category: Total Conversion, MP mode, Sci-Fi
Short Info: A popular Star Wars Multiplayer mod.
Mode: MP
Languages: EN
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Re: Bear Force II - Main Thread
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2016, 01:54:20 am »
Are speeders spaceships or just troops vehicles ?
Are they still planned for the furure?
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