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Re: Let's talk about transport
« Reply #30 on: May 11, 2016, 02:41:10 am »
Both of you represent good facts for either implementation however I do believe what you're wanting in short is entirely different.

It sounds like one of you (Sellsword) wants a transport, however you want to give it free access to all and have it made a possible combat/skirmishing vehicle upon which could allow every unit in the game have faster movement across the map with a little bit of punch to it. Limiting the purchasing toward the Clones and Droids, who currently have trouble or slower times moving across the map.

Velorn,  It would appear you desire some form of speeder transportation that almost strictly relies on movement of a trooper(s) to one point and back with the capability of being easily destroyed, without killing the rider. Effectively leaving the rider abandoned without transportation, but still able to fight.

Perhaps not allow both of your options or put a poll?

I think a better solution to the problem at had is to create a PC (pun inteded). Personal Carrier. One that can be piloted, and then transport, lets say... 4-6 troopers maximum, however it wouldn't have any combat capabilites but couldn't be blown up as easy, but isn't extremely fast. It would provide a faster, safer, and more coordinated way to travel the map. Only purchasable by the Team Medics for example. (Show the Medics a bit of love and support.)
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