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44th Special Operations Division
« on: February 05, 2016, 01:51:39 am »
===  44th Special Operations Division ===

The 44th SOD specializes with the operations of reconnaissance, demolition, assault, and defense. It is an active detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic’s Special Operations Brigade (SO BDE). This division utilizes the use of Phase I “cold assault” armor. Thus, the 44th would most likely be deployed towards sub-zero operations, although other conditions could be acceptable.
In regards to operational tasks, the division would perform at complete discretion with any orders coming from Republic headquarters. Reconnaissance and demolition would heavily be prioritized, as that is our primary skillset. However, assault and defense could also be implemented if other battalions are already performing that operational skillset. Due to our frontline manner, certain patrols from this division could be implemented with ground-reconnaissance operations if ordered to by Republic authorities.
This special operations division is not based on the service for itself, but for service towards community. Thus, it is believed that it is essential to cooperate with other battalions for the sake of benefitting the Republic as a whole. The 44th is not the type to do things on their own (unless ordered to), but rather to perform operations with their fellow clones and Jedi. Pride is taken to have the honor to fight side by side with another battalion. Therefore, ego is not a priority and is the least of our concern.
However, what is taken into priority are the values of loyalty, honor, courage, and commitment. Emphasizing that this division is part of a special operations forté and the Special Operations Brigade itself, the stated values definitely apply towards the service towards others and for the Republic, including and especially under special tasks. Thus, the 44th Special Operations Division is believed to be a potent and beneficial fighting force if it is accepted as a battalion.

=== Roster ===

- Jedi -(If Any)
Rhaegar - Jedi Master

- Lieutenant -
Sharkie - ARC Trooper 2 Plate

- 2nd Lieutenant -
Stoneheart - ARC Trooper 1 Plate

- Sergeant-Major -

Arathorn - Infantry

- Sergeant -

- Corporal -

- Trooper -
UnknownClone - Infantry
Countrith - Infantry
Canpig - Sniper
Royce - Heavy Gunner
Thereen - Medic

Total Count = 9

Extra Info
Thanks for reading this! Hope you may one day become part of our small unit and we can grow together!
If you would like to get in touch with this regiment, Please add "Mr Sharkie" On steam!
You can also join our ts at anytime! :D -

One our members grow, will will be splitting this Division into two groups, the Devil Dogs and Team Alpha.

So yah, that's it, if you wanna join us just give Sharkie a messages or you can reply to the forum and we will contact you! :D
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Re: 44th Special Operations Division
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Just updated the Roster!!! :D

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Re: 44th Special Operations Division
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Seems interesting, good lunch and Luck bruh :3
"It's an embarrassment for the Jedi Order to see the son and nephew of the Grand Master kicking down doors with the boys in black!"

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Re: 44th Special Operations Division
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Locked due to disbanding.