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213th Star Corps
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:03:25 pm »

The 213th Star Corps was a military unit of clone troopers which served the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. During the Clone Wars the Corps participated in many battles under the command of Clone Commander Fives and Clone Captain Stryzer. The Corps was the main core of defence during the siege of Kamino. The siege was won by superior Troop Tactics given by an experimental training to the Corps. When they invaded Utapau as part of their search for General Grievous, clone protocol Order 66 was executed, leading them to betray their commanding Jedi.

Soon after the battle of Utapau ended, the Republic reformed into the first Galactic Empire, and the 213th Star Corps continued to show their loyalty. Together with the 212th Attack Battalion they were sent to Kashyyyk under the command of General Kahdah to put down a Wookiee revolt, in which they were successful.

Leaders: Fives (Steam: [2ndHess]von Stransky )
              Stryzer (Steam: [2ndHess]๖ۣۜStryzer )

Lenguage: German (so excuse my english <3)
                   [English Squads are soon to be added]

Uniform Color: Red
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Re: 213th Star Corps
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If you update your description more, it'll be FAR more likely people will come here ;)
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Re: 213th Star Corps
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2016, 08:36:04 pm »
thing is yet there is nothing more to say i just made that post yesterday late night but as soon as we got everything going well more will be added to that post

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Re: 213th Star Corps
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2017, 02:56:21 pm »
Locked due to disbanding.