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Forum Rules *Please Read Before Posting*
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:00:12 pm »

This is the BNS forum, and by registering you accept the terms and conditions of our forum, these include the following:

1 -  Only excessive swearing is punishable within forum discussions:
Within the BNS swearing is not considered to be offensive if used for oneself/situation but will be punished if used excessively within forum posts or excessively directed towards another user. There is a filter you can turn on. Only excessive swearing and insults towards a specific user will be punished.

2 - No derogatory or discriminatory remarks based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or gender.:
Racist terms cannot at any point be used within the BNS forums. These forums are home to people of different ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender. If caught breaking this rule on the forums you will firstly receive a warning, any continuation will result in stronger punishments.

3 - No trolling, flaming, throwing personal insults:
These forums are open and friendly, absolutely no kind of trolling in the form of(but not limited to) deliberately trying to provoke a pointless argument(flame-baiting), personal insults, verbal attacks and also harassment through PMs or insulting users across multiple threads.

4 - Links to Porn, piracy, warez or such websites are banned:
This is banned in forum posts as there are some people that can be offended by such images or videos, and the forum is not adult only. The forum moderation will decide on whether to remove such potential images at their judgement, and the user posting them could be punished. The exchange of links to these images or videos is allowed privately between members off the forums.
All links to pirated or warez content will be immediately punished with a permanent ban. You may not place ripped/skinned/decompiled files that infringe copyright.

5 - In the event of member to member disputes:
If you have any disputes with another member, please don't flame them on the forums(View Nr.2 and Nr.3). If you find this a difficult rule to obey then feel free to contact an admin or a board member to get it sorted.

6 - I have a problem with an administrator:
If you have a problem with an administrator, make a post complaining about what they've done with some evidence (If possible). A board member will look into this and will get back to you with the verdict once the problem has been solved. You can also PM one of the head administrators to look into it.

7 - Spamming:
Spam clogs up the forum, makes relevant information harder to find and read and is generally annoying.
Making unnecessary posts with little reading value is considered spam, as well as multiple posting with the same idea/sentence. Forums are not a chat, use the 'Modify' button instead of triple-posting. Meme images are also considered spam, especially if they don't add any value to the topic at hand. Quote pyramids are considered spam, and are strictly forbidden as they do nothing and slow down servers.

8 - Privacy:
Personal Messages (PMs) sent between forum users, and chat logs from external private messaging systems or emails, are considered private discussions. Conversations held via these communication channels should not be posted on the forum for public viewing. Posting others' images obtained from social media(Twitter, Facebook) is strictly prohibited and will be strictly punished. No one should have to worry about his private info 'leaking' on these forums. You may post PMs, screenshots etc. with express written permission of the user in question.

9 - Alternative accounts:
Once you register an account on our forums, you should not create additional accounts, especially if you are banned/muted. Trying to workaround a mute/warning like this will result in an imminent permanent ban. If you want to open another account, please contact the administration in case you have a close family member using the same IP/your account was deleted/no longer in use.

10 - Avatars and signatures
No offensive/racist/derogatory/flaming images as avatars and signatures are allowed. This includes but isn't limited to: Members of the Nazi Party, Communist and Socialist leaders alike, Nazi or Communist symbols and imagery. Keep the politics in discussions, not images.

Posting Guidelines
Be polite.

Don't use internet slang. Internet slang might be regarded as spam, if your posts are incoherent and useless.

Creating and using topics - Always try to use an existing topic for an issue you have, no matter how old. It's much better if you keep existing topics alive than start new threads. Give your new topics well thought out names, 'How to change the armour color' is much better than 'Question'.

Use the search function - Always use it before creating a new topic, or asking the same question for the millionth time.

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuality - Try to attain a standard of literacy and English. Not everyone's first language is English, so Grammar Nazis won't be tolerated either.

Keep it on topic - Whenever posting, use the right thread, don't stray off the discussion. A moderator can warn the users in a thread to stay on topic.

Let administrators administrate - Leave the moderating and bad boy dealing to them. You can report posts and the moderators will decide on the punishment.

You may get a punishment for an offense that isn't clearly listed in these rules. BNS Administrators reserve the right to call their own judgement when moderating the forums. Use your common sense when using the forums.

Please read all of the above and behave appropriately whilst on our forums, make a complaint post or contact an admin if you have any problems
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