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Server Temporarily Down
Renewing Sponsorship with Markmods and then the server will be back up! Sorry for this inconvenience.

Manager: AxwenLocation:ChicagoTeamspeak 3 Server: Click Here to Join Status: Slot Count:100 or 200Gamemode:Battle (Temporarily Changeable upon Request)Settings:Starting Gold: 2,000Round/Combat Gold: 100Friendly Fire:Melee/Ranged 100%Votable:Map Polls / Kick PollsCombat Speed:FastestMap Time: 30 MinutesRound Time: 600s (Raise if high Pop)Team Point Limit:  5
1.) Use Common Sense
2.) No Clantag Abuse or Impersonation.
3.) No Trolling/Griefing
4.) No Abusing Glitches, both in map and mechanics, report these to an Admin.
5.) Do not Poll WiP Maps.
6.) No Teamkilling or Teamwounding.
7.) Don't poll kick anyone without a reason.
8.) No Impersonation of the Staff or Development Team.

List of Administrators

[RSF] Axwen* (US)
501st_Marko* (EU)
]BM[ Helv* (US)
[RSF] Blackwater

* Has the ability to Start/Stop/Restart Server
Green = Developer

Administrator Rules
Spoiler for ADMIN RULES: -Welcome to NA BF2 Official Administration -
Here is a small list of rules that should be followed for assisting in providing an enjoyable experience on our server.
1. A steam account is required to be considered for adminship. Steam allows us to communicate with other Admins for whatever reasons may arise. Admins must also be online on steam while actively administrating on the server.

2. The main need for administration usually falls down to map changes and taking care of Teamkillers and Teamwouders.
a) Map Changes - Admins should give the first priority of map changing to the majority vote poll system that is built into the game. Server setting is at 51% and should not be changed. If the server happens to be on a gigantic map with a small population, or the map is bugged in some manner, you are encouraged to change to a smaller, more suitable map for the population.
b) Teamkillers and Teamwounders - A good thing to do when dealing with suspicious players or evident teamwounders / teamhitters is to print their game ID. This way, if they leave the server before you can take action, you will still be able to track them down and serve justice.
c) Dealing with TKers - Generally, 1 Slay combined with a warning is enough leniency. If TKers persist after said slay/warning, hand out a kick. After they have been kicked, the leniency ends and you may temp ban at your discretion if they return and continue to TK. Put 'Affirmative Gold Leader' as a response to the final admin question.

3. Server Settings - Whenever you log on as an admin, please check the Administrator panel and ensure that all settings are correct.
 Polls: Always keep Kick polls and Map change polls on. This is VERY important, so that if there is no admin online, the majority can govern themselves.

Poll accept threshold: 51%

Auto Team Balance Threshold: 2 or 3, at your discretion

The default should always be 100% for the Friendfly fire damage FRIEND option.
Now, when TKing gets out of hand, instead of kicking everyone a great trick is to set Friendly fire damage SELF to 50%, and lowering Friendly fire damage FRIEND to 1%.
NOTE: Do NOT go below 1% with this setting, otherwise Medics will not work.

4. These rules apply to all players regardless of any Clan Affiliations or other status.

5. Before logging off the server, check the settings again and return any values to their optimized default values.

6.The Server may never be password locked under any circumstances unless approved by a Server Manager and locked by said Manager.

No more then 2 Admins from one clan.

Ban Appeal
Copy and paste this as a reply to this Post.
Spoiler for Ban Appeal Template: Copy and paste this as a reply to this Post.

--- Code: ---[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Time of Ban:[/b]
[b]Reason for Ban:[/b]
[b]Issued by (Admin): [/b]
[b]Why should you be unbanned: [/b]

--- End code ---

Admin Application
Spoiler for Admin App template: To become an Admin, Copy and paste this application below as a reply to this topic, and fill it in. You must have at least 2 current Admins approve you.

--- Code: ---[b]Username:[/b]
[b]Hours in the game:[/b]
[b]Location (State):[/b]
[b]Previous Experience:[/b]
[b]Clan Affiliation:[/b]
[b]Hours Available:[/b]
[b]Have you read the Server and Admin Rules?[/b]

--- End code ---
Server Sponsored by:

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Username: In game: Ward Steam: [Ensiferi]Stag
Hours in the game: 2772
Location (State): Tennessee, USA
Previous Experience: POM, Few NW and NaS, and PW.
Clan Affiliation: none
Hours Available: Varied.
Have you read the Server and Admin Rules? Yes

Username: 612th_AB_Lt_Incage
Hours in the game: 621 hours in game
Location (State): Wisconsin
Previous Experience: I admin on the 612th server and i have been a admin on the 63e siege server.Clan Affiliation:
Hours Available: 6-8 hours everyday
Have you read the Server and Admin Rules? Yes i have read the server rules.

Username: Cookieske/501st_SSgt_Cookieske
Hours in the game: 1325
Location (State): California
Previous Experience: I've admined on the old 501st server.
Clan Affiliation: Leader of the NA 501st group
Hours Available: Most likely 3pm to 10 pm.
Have you read the Server and Admin Rules? Yes I have.


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