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BNS Marko:
Greetings to all of our players and fans,

With great joy and excitement we are here to finally deliver the next update. After nearly five months of work on the 0.4 update, we're satisfied it's finally here. To break the wait, we've completed version 0.4 with a changelog more impressive than we ever dreamed of. After this, we'll continue building up towards 0.5 with much more continuous releases. Without any further explanations, let's move on to the main changelog(the full one will take a day or two to write):

* Galactic Republic and CIS have been expanded with the following classes:

* Republic Commando, Clone Heavy Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Clone Medic, Wookiee Warrior
* B2 Super Battle Droid, BX Commando Droid, B1 Medic Droid
* Dozens of new weapons, armours including:

* Snipers, Rotary guns, more pistols, more unique rifles
* New lightsaber colours
* More variety in armours, helmets(Galactic Marines, Clone Cold, extra ARC armours, multiple B2 Battle droid armours)
* Shields
* Armour camouflages(Forest, Desert)
* Completely redesigned gameplay:

* Removal of stun on hit, stunlock
* Faster, rapid firing blaster weapons
* Complete rebalance
* Faster, more dynamic combat
* Force users gain increased defensive capabilities
* New gameplay features: Medics & Healing, Score System(Points for kills, assists, heals)
* 8 new playable races(7 for force users only)
* 40 new Multiplayer maps(scenes) on lots of new planets and environment

* Largely Battle and the newly supported mode - Siege
* Redesigned User Interface, Menus & Font
* Custom composed music and soundtracks, new sounds
* Hundreds of new props, optimizations, tweaks...Full changelog will be on our forums upon the release itself, it's going to take a while to write that(That's a good thing).

With the module all done, only a few days remain for us to apply some finishing polish, optimization and balancing. The release date we're targeting is:

Saturday, 23rd January 2016, sometime around 4 pm GMT.

I hope you enjoyed reading, you can feast your eyes on a few promotional screenshots and of course, check out the alpha showcase videos in the past blogs. Don't forget to let your friends and fellow players know about the release! We look forward to meeting you on the battlefield! You can find more info on our ModDB:

- Bad Name Studios & Bear Force II Development Team
Some environment screenshots:
Spoiler for Hiden: Spoiler for Hiden: Spoiler for Hiden:

Downloading now, can't wait.

Not bad, even quite good. But why you kicked my favorite weapon?

BNS Marko:
Which one is that?

Combined sword. With a blaster in the left hand.


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