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Bear Force II Developers Wanted!
« on: November 25, 2015, 08:46:49 pm »


We are looking for experienced and skilled modders who would be willing to help us with developing our upcoming Bear Force II patch.
We want to further expand the mod team and speed up the work progress.

Wait...what is Bear Force II?
Bear Force II is a Multiplayer Star Wars mod originally started by Highlander. It features some very innovative features  - fully working autofire, crouch-walking, immersive planets and environments, characters and weapons. Our aim is to expand on all of these and deliver the ultimate Multiplayer Star Wars experience.

Which positions do we need?
Below I will list the positions, their description and visual examples. Currently we are in dire need of extra animators and/or programmers.
It is possible for you to be in multiple roles, depending on your free time and preferences.

3D Artist
       Divided into: Environment artists, Character artists, Weapons&Equipment artists
- Environment props, characters, weapons, equipment
- Making custom LODs, collisions
- UV mapping skills
Spoiler for Character examples:

2D Artist
- Texturing 3D objects
- Making normal maps, specular maps and parralax maps
- HUD elements
- Design for our webpage
- Graphical art

- Working with props and objects provided by environment artists
- Recreating realistic and sensible environment
- Knowledge of basic scene gameplay flow
Spoiler for Examples:
- Shaders
- Module System
- Writing external programs

- Realistic animations and poses
- Rigging

- Requires fluent and grammatically correct English
- Editing our Wikia
- Writing all sorts of texts, blogs, announcements

- Requires fluent and grammatically correct English
- Requires lots of contacts and a Warband reputation
- Promoting the mod, working on bringing various groups and individuals interested
- Using social media for mod promotion

Other important info
The Bear Force II Development team is a large group of experienced developers.

A Steam account is necessary to join the team, for faster communication.
We also use Dropbox to sync and share our files. Once you have it, you don't have to worry about data loss anymore.

How we work
Seeing as the team is large enough at the moment, you can work whenever you want and have time. This is a hobby remember, there are no schedules on when you have to complete something. A minimum dose of activity is necessary though. The team's divided into full time, part time and freelancer developers. There are only a few full time developers(The lead developers), who spend most of their days working on the mod. Most people are part-time developers, who contribute when they have time to work over a prolonged period. Freelancers simply deliver content whenever they have time on unspecified periods.

And that's about it!
I hope I haven't missed anything, and my thanks to Sebastian for letting me steal get inspired from his thread a bit.
If you want to join and help us out, post in the topic below. Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, past work and so forth.
Thank you for reading!