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Signature and avatar size

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They're too small.

FSE has the same forum software and can get you a max size of 200x600 (signature) which is a lot better. I just made a signature for the clan from a friend of mine using format 200x600 and now it's RIP signature. You can't put much in a 200x200 square...

Also, the avatar size is too small IMO, please fix

I have and most of the 1st Republic Army Regiment Leaders use the Signature i made for the 1stRA and its small but all you need to do is left Click it should enlarge

I went ahead and moved this to a more appropriate section.
In regard to the topic, I can see your point, I will speak to Marko about his and also look to make sure this is possible with the current forums service we use.

Thanks for your input!

Felt I should mention, I've been an Admin and professionally hosted forums like this. It's entirely possible in the base settings of the Forum. I also agree with the Op on the sizes and feel they should be enlarged.

BNS Marko:
Avatar size has been doubled to 120x120, max signature size set to 600x200.

Thank you for the suggestions.


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