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Server: BearForceNA_Official

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Server: BearForceNA_Official
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Server Name: BearForceNA_Official
Server Owner: BNS_Mark
Server Host: Private Server Host
Location: Dallas, Texas
Version: BF_II_0.93

Administration Team

General Information
BearForceNA is a public server for anyone who wishes to play Bear Force. Hosted by BNS_Mark, the server is administrated by the Community Admin team along with clan admins from the 13th, 172nd and 501st. Events are hosted on the server every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8PM BST.

As BearForceNA_Official is the official public NA server for the mod, it abides by the community rules that can be found on the Discord. As such, please inform us of any trolling (such as teamkilling or spamming) and offensive language (such as racism)

Use this template when you report any incidents.

Brief description of incident:
Your Ingame Name:
Their Name:
Date and time of incident:
Any screenshots or videos of the incident:
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