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BNS Marko:
Server files(1.168 for Bear Force):

This config disables bots.
Change your max slots according to your hoster agreement.
Your port and steam port could be different too, ask your hoster.

Spoiler for Hiden: #WARNING: Make sure that you change the capital values with proper ones.
set_add_to_game_servers_list 1
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid administrator password
set_pass_admin youradminpass
#if you have premium members, set a password for them, otherwise delete/comment out the line below
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid private password
#set_pass_private PRIVATEPASS
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid server name
set_server_name Server_Name
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid welcome message
set_welcome_message Welcome to Bear Force II!
set_mission multiplayer_bt
#setting max players, first one is non-premium member limit, second one is premium member limit
set_max_players 200 200

set_round_max_seconds 800#returns maximum seconds for round

set_control_block_direction 1 #(1 for manual by mouse and 0 for automatic)

set_friendly_fire 1
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0

set_team_point_limit 5

set_num_bots_voteable 0
set_kick_voteable 1
set_ban_voteable 0
set_maps_voteable 0

set_map alderaan_valley_road #Alderaan - Valley Road
add_map tatooine_carkoon_pit #Tatooine - Great Pit of Carkoon
add_map muuninlist_fortified_outpost #Muunilinst - Fortified Outpost
add_map muunilinst_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan
add_map geonosis_battlefield #Geonosis - Battlefield
add_map muuninlinst_streets_of_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Streets of Harnaidan
add_map alderaan_high_mountains #Alderaan - High Mountains
add_map tatooine_outskirts #Tatooine - Outskirts
add_map honoghr_military_base #Honoghr - Military base
add_map muunilinst_downtown #Muunilinst - Downtown
add_map geonosis_arena #Geonosis - Arena
add_map kashyyyk_hideout #Kashyyyk - Hideout
add_map tatooine_outpost #Tatooine - Outpost
add_map jedi_outpost #Jedi Outpost
add_map dantooine_fields #Dantooine - Fields
add_map kashyyyk_forest #Kashyyyk - Forest
add_map spaceship_boarding #Spaceship - Boarding
add_map rhen_var_bleedingice #Rhen_Var - Bleeding Ice
add_map kashyyyk_incursion #Kashyyyk - Incursion
add_map naboo_battleground #Naboo - Battleground
add_map correlian_spaceship #Correlian Spaceship
add_map hoth_trenches #Hoth - Trenches
add_map manaan_spaceport #Manaan Spaceport
add_map muuninlinst_great_bridge #Muuninlinst - Great Bridge
add_map endor_forest #Endor - Forest
add_map mp_custom_map_1 #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan(Night)
add_map mp_custom_map_2 #Kashyyyk - Base
add_map mp_custom_map_3 #Hoth - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_4 #Dantooine - Ridges
add_map mp_custom_map_5 #Geonosis - Droid Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_6 #Rhen Var - Station
add_map mp_custom_map_7 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Canyon)
add_map mp_custom_map_8 #Felucia - Big
add_map mp_custom_map_9 #Venator Class(Interior)
add_map mp_custom_map_10 #Endor - Spirit Tree
add_map mp_custom_map_11 #Acclamator - Boarding
add_map mp_custom_map_12 #Hoth - Fortification
add_map mp_custom_map_13 #Training Scene
add_map mp_custom_map_14 #Felucia - Small
add_map mp_custom_map_15 #Kamino - Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_16 #Station 51 - WIP
add_map mp_custom_map_17 #Tatooine - Cantina
add_map mp_custom_map_18 #Geonosis - Siege
add_map mp_custom_map_19 #Mustafar
add_map mp_custom_map_20 #Mygeeto - Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_21 #Mygeeto - Emergency Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_22 #Kamino - Tipoca City
add_map mp_custom_map_23 #Geonosis - Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_24 #Ryloth - Village
add_map mp_custom_map_25 #Spaceship - Boarding #2
add_map mp_custom_map_26 #Corellia - Hills
add_map mp_custom_map_27 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Village)
add_map mp_custom_map_28 #Ryloth - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_29 #Saleucami - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_30 #Kashyyyk - Ambush
add_map mp_custom_map_31 #Saleucami - Swamp
add_map mp_custom_map_32 #Kamino - Platforms
add_map mp_custom_map_33 #Spaceship(?)
add_map mp_custom_map_34 #Correlia - River
add_map mp_custom_map_35 #Tatooine - Anchorhead
add_map mp_custom_map_36 #Tatooine - Anchorhead Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_37 #Cristophsis - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_38 #Cristophsis - Streets
add_map mp_custom_map_39 #Rhen Var - Research Station
add_map mp_custom_map_40 #Felucia - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_41 #Galaxy - Republic Ship
add_map mp_custom_map_42 #Yavin_IV - Ruins
add_map mp_custom_map_43 #Hypori - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_44 #Naboo - Gungan Lake
add_map mp_custom_map_45 #Correlia - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_46 #Clan Capital Ship

#adding all kingdoms to both sides just to randomize all of them
#adding less kingd

add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_1
add_factions fac_kingdom_2 fac_kingdom_2
add_factions fac_kingdom_3 fac_kingdom_3
add_factions fac_kingdom_4 fac_kingdom_4
set_randomize_factions 1
#if the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
set_upload_limit 30000000
#if you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
set_port 7264
#if you are running the Steam version of the dedicated server, this port must also be set, and same limitations of set_port apply for Steam port
set_steam_port 7241
set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt
The new admin system:
Spoiler for Admin ranks: -Low  Temp. Ban, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, Print GameIds, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Accept/Reject Polls
-Mid   Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick players, Print GameId, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Accept/Reject Polls
-High Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, GameId, AdminChat, Reset Map, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Teleport, Switch Teams, Spawn Items, SetHp, SetGold, Restore ammo heal shield, Accept/Reject Polls

and the usual admin with password (Can do everything).

All Admin Ranks can't get banned or kicked.Spoiler for How to use admin ranks: You can add admins if you open the scripts.txt and replace the following things:

--- Code: ---777777777777 = Low- (It excist 23x 777777777777.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
888888888888 = Mid- (It excist 23x 888888888888.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
999999999999 = High- (It excist 23x 999999999999.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
With admin password =  Can everything.
--- End code ---

--- Quote from: Quote from scripts.txt ---1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 77777777777
--- End quote ---
Adimi Tools does also support PIN's.(You can open the PIN window by pressing P)
You can set for every admin rank, Low, Mid and High -a PIN.

--- Code: ---11111111111 = PIN for rank "Low"
22222222222 = PIN for rank "Mid"
33333333333 = PIN for rank "High"
--- End code ---

The highest number a PIN could be is 99999 and the smallest number is 0

--- Quote from: Another quote from scripts.txt ---72057594037927937 1224979098644774913 4 0 417 0 4 0 31 2 11111111111 1224979098644774913 2133 2 72057594037927936
--- End quote ---

I don't have anyone to host my server?
The Bear Force II team recommends Beyond Servers.

I agree with everything, except the Randomize factions.

--- Code: ---add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_2.

--- End code ---

This will prevent the possibility of the same faction being played. The Factions remain constant. Perfect for the current set of this mod.

BNS Marko:
Okay, thread updated with everything needed for the new version hosting(Some more complex stuff).


It seems you still need to run with the 1.157 Warband Dedicated Server Files for all sounds (specifically the lightsaber sounds) to work. You can download them from here.

Just thought I'd let you know.

These Sounds work as default. as far as i know :o


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