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the medic is supposed to have a limited ammount of heales (witch currently is 4) this is to avoid groups of peaple camping in a certain area and being able to heal a lot because of the fact that they have several medpacks

the amount of HP recovered by the medpack has been limited for the same reason

On the map Naboo- Gungan Lake , many people know that the water is very annoying and that you drown instantly when your head is submerged underwater ( which i think should be changed to gradual drowning) There are parts of the map where even if you are not under the water you magically "drown". This happened to me recently near the spawn of my team ( im afraid i cant remember which team i was ) but i magically drowned when the water was only at waste height.

Would be nice if you could get rid of the effect that makes you die instantly and just have a gradual drowning effect like in some other maps.


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