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General Discussion / Re: Continuation of BNS Christmas giveaway.
« on: March 09, 2018, 01:39:31 am »
We are all waiting for mister Jordan to return from his vacation. Then keys will be delivered.

General Discussion / Re: Continuation of BNS Christmas giveaway.
« on: February 28, 2018, 10:25:49 am »
Giv Resident Evil 5

General Discussion / Continuation of BNS Christmas giveaway.
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:32:27 pm »
After the Christmas giveaway we were left with some games that nobody picked. Our goal was to give out every single one of them, so we have decided to do a "giveaway" again but with diffirent rules. (Only for BNS members! The giveaway starts on 28th of February!) This time you can choose one game/pack per day. I will give you a list of games and your duty is just to pick whatever you want! (For games in packs check the original Christmas thread!)
The Telltale Pack
The Horror & Mystery Pack
The Puzzle Pack
The Platformer Pack
The Management Pack

Quake Champions
Worms W.M.D
War for the Overworld
Brigador: Up-Armored Edition
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
STRAFE: Millennium Edition
Nex Machina
The Sexy Brutale
World to the West

pls reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The Lounge - Off Topic Chat / Re: Bannerlord
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:23:32 am »

General Discussion / Re: The 2 year community celebration prize awards!!
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:29:59 pm »
1) Desired Items: Medal of Honor
2) My steam profile link:

nice of you to bump a 3 year old ****ing thread man... what a G

General Discussion / Re: The 2017. Christmas Giveaway
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:28:50 pm »
Name Svoboda
Steam URL:
My first game pick(3 entries): Dark Souls 2
My second game pick(2 entries): Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
My third game pick(1 entry): Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Good luck!

Due the low amount of applications, we the CM team have decided to announce the new Discord admins early. So after talking internally between each other we have decided that the best addition to the admin team are the following: Akreal Aku Sleekphantom

Congrats to the winners and welcome to the team we are glad to have you here!

Hi Im Steve Smith or Stevemiff71 aka the squeaker. im a jedi knight for the 501st. anyway I have been wanting to help the community in anyway shape or form.
- Age: I'm 15 so kek
- Ability to speak/write English: I have the ability to write and talk english but not a grammar nazi
- High amount of activity If I was given this role I would put all my possible time and effort into the role of moderator.
- Basic knowledge: about the mod my knowledge on the mod is quite extensive as i I have been playing bear force over a year now and enjoying it so far. However if I feel I have got something wrong I will double check it
- Motivation: my motivation is simple really. over the last few months I have badgered at Marko asking ways I can contribute to the mod except donating there wasn't anything. I was told about this opportunity and thought that this could be my chance to work with the community and the mod.
Past experience: I have been in several community manager places but non as extensive as this one.

Attitude: normally when I'm in ts it's all fun and games bit if I do become moderator I will be serious. I'm happy to do anything that will benefit the community and progress the mod further

thank you for reading my application however I don't really care about the age as its more about maturity
Thank you for your application!

(Thanks to Sleek for the formatting)

Introduction: Ayy, You know me already, no real need for an introduction, I am Vengeful and I am 20 years old and I am from Austria.

English ability: I am not the creative type, which is why this application will look a bit shorter than others, but I am able to form english sentences, even though my pronunciation isn't perfect.

Activity: I am active on Discord every day. I have it on my second screen so I can always look at updates. I also have Discord on my phone, so even if I am not home (work) I am able to moderate.

Basic knowledge of the mod:More than basic knowledge of the mod.

My motivation: I try to do what is the best for the community of this amazing mod. If that means I have to watch a chat over the course of a day, thats fine with me.

My past experiences: Past experiences are: Leader of Valion Squad, Leader of RA22nd, Leader of LiQs League of Legends Competitive Team

Attitude: Kek

Ingame Name: Vengeful
Regiment: 501st | RA22nd

- As moderator a certain professional attitude is required I know my past is not so bright but I think I showed in last couple weeks that I fixed my attitude and talking to people with right attitude.

- Age above 15 I am currently 18 years old so yes I am older than 15.

- Ability to speak/write English I think I can speak/write English better than average and I am studying in English so I practice it everyday.

- High amount of activity I am mostly active on discord and check forum everyday so I think I can provide high activity.

- Basic knowledge about the mod I am playing the mod nearlly for 1 year now so yes I know the basics.

- Motivation Bear Force II is currently my favorite mod for Warband so I would like to help community grow up and help new people with basics.

- Past experience I am like main recruiter for 172nd so I know how to deal with new players.
Thank you for your applications!

IntroductionWell, I'll introduce myself very briefly. I'm Sleek(phantom), as my profile shows on the left. I'm certainly above the age of 15, so no need to worry about that aspect. You (Mark), Owen and Boda know me and my past (Boda particularly) quite well so I'll not bore everyone with details of that. I'll just get right into the nitty-gritty of the demanded requirements.

Attitude:I've always been regarded as a mature thinker, long before the commonly accepted age of maturity. I'm often complimented as a good listener and am always there for someone if they need a helping hand, as some of you (who will stay anonymous) may very well know. I've a strong sense of justice and what's seen as right or wrong, yet if the need arises, I can also take the matter seriously with a touch of humour to ease tensions. These would be my professional (You need to fix your spelling of that in your post, Mark!) attributes, I suppose. Not something I usually tend to like talking about!

English ability:If not already seen by my above text, my knowledge of the English is above average. You know yourself that I've always had a passion for the language, hence my aspiration to become an English and German teacher. Often been criticised as a grammar Nazi too!

Activity:I'm quite active on Discord, both at my laptop and otherwise on my phone. Obviously I am not only active on Discord but on Bearforce as well. Many nights I've sacrificed sleep in order to talk with someone who needs help with something via Discord, or to simply have a chat with someone, such as Owen and his encounter with that police car.. Shhhh ;)

Basic knowledge of the mod:My knowledge of the mod is well beyond basic. I've hung around the mod for several years now and there would be very little I wouldn't know about the mod, even the most trivial things, such as the Jabba the Hutt statue hidden in Dantooine-Crystal Caves!

My motivation:Similar to Aku (Props to the effort he put into his appication), my motivation is to see the successful continuation and growth of Bearforce II. The fact that I am still here after years of watching the mod lose its populace over and over again and then helping in rebuilding and improving the mod (Even through my Sep/Rep guides on this forum) should show a clear indication of my passion for the mod. When playing in-game outside of event hours, I play/spectate on the NSW server (Of which I am an admin in), trying to make sure that everything is running smoothly and fairly. I've seen unfairness over the years which caused many a new player to leave the mod.

My past experiences: Well, as mentioned in my last point, above this, I am a current admin on the NSW (New Sith Wars) server, hosted by Tor-Qel. I've operated as an admin over many modules across warband over the years, such as Napoleonic Wars (NW) and Bearforce. I've been in charge of several regimental servers on NW as well as the known public server Pirate Battle 1 (PB1), which often had a surplus of 100 people at a given time. On a side note, I've also offered lots of advice in administration to new people in the field, helping them learn the basics and how to treat certain situations.

Best of luck to all applicants before and after my application.

Thank you for your application!

Hello, my name is Matthew, friends call me Matty, and my in-game call-sign is Aku, but let's face it, you all know who I am :^)

I am soon-to-be Lance Corporal of the 172nd, former Corporal of the 1stTHC, proud Lieutenant of the RA22nd, and former Captain of the RA22nd BFL NA Team (Which didn't work out, not due to my ability to keeping it running on scraps, the members simply didn't enjoy the experience of the League itself.); I am drawn to leadership positions because I find myself to be a good leader, a pushing force for positive change, and a - normally - steady hand in the most chaotic, unpleasant, salty of situations. Allow me to explain to you why I'd be a good Moderator:

-Motivation: For some strange reason, I've found myself enraptured with this mod, and so I've dedicated all my "video-game time" to it; I think it's better than any of the Battlefront games, or any Star-Wars game for that matter, and I care a great deal about it, the last thing I would like to see is for the community, and in result, the mod to fall. I greatly enjoy making something tiny grow, making something dull shine, and making something broken run like a dream. If you would like examples of my dedication, look at the RA22nd Recruitment page I've made; Vengeful & Bbox asked me to make one, and I did that in a day, with only Vengeful to help me with the coding. Perhaps it may have stepped out of my rights, but when I felt my suggestions of messaging more youtubers went unnoticed & unappreciated - probably because I'm out of the BNS loop - I went ahead on my own and contacted about 20-something youtubers, big & small, with a fair bit of success, my only intention was to have the youtubers see the mod, and let the mod speak for itself.

-Experience: I've been moderator on several past forums (I'd be happy to get you references/recommendations), admin of a small community, admin for several NA Bear Force Events, and as listed above, a leader-of-men in-game (I'm sure if you ask my men, they'll all have very few qualms with me.).

-Ability to speak/write English: If you examine this post, or any posts I've made in the past on this forum, you'll see that I'm a writer by heart, and my grasp on the English Language - when spell-check is available - is something I allow myself to boast about.

-Attitude: At most times, I like to think myself very level-headed and adult; I think about the impact and results of my words before I speak them, I make sure I feel just in what I'm talking about, I do my best to promote positive-change - even if it may just look like salt - and whenever I do slip up with an insult, I scold myself for allowing myself to sink that low. I have a reasonable background education in Psychology, Sociology, and Communications; I can offer an in-depth perspective when needed, slow things down before they get off the rails, and deal with the rules the way they were meant to be/appropriately enforced. Most importantly, I take criticism very seriously; I am aware that I'm far from perfect, and do my absolute damnedest to learn from my mistakes, which, surprisingly, isn't something a lot of people want to do.

I don't exactly know why I put so much effort into this, or even why I want to be a Moderator, maybe it's because I love this mod so effing much, maybe because it in itself is more experience for me to garner, maybe because I find challenge fun & rewarding, but what I do know is that you will be ****ing pleased about the decision to give me power, because I guarantee you that you will not find a single person on this planet that said I broke their trust, or that they regretted giving me any amount of power.

I hope you're all having a gucci day.

Yours truly, Matthew (Aku).

Thank you for your application!

Man you have nooo idea how many times you have complained about jedi being OP after and during events. And idk where you don't play sniper maybe NA or BFL or public I dont care but always on EU events you play sniper.

Am out peace.

Jedi should stay how they are there's no reason to nerf them or buff. Honestly (**** Hound) just because you (and other players) only play sniper and cant play any other class and constantly get rekt by jedi doesn't mean that they should be nerfed. Now im not calling you a bad player or anything you are good and all that, but as i stated just because jedi kills you that doesn't mean they should be changed. Like everyone says even you you have to admit when you kill a jedi it's "Jedis are so **** they cant do **** i just killed him with a gun" and when you get killed by jedi "OMG Jedis are to OP please nerf them because they are to OP" Man please...

EDIT: And **** this censorship

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