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Multiplayer Clans / 1st Stormtrooper Corps [NA/EU] *RECRUITING*
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:00:02 pm »
Welcome to the 1st Stormtrooper Corps Official Clan Page!                                                                                          Last Updated: 12/30/2016


                                                                  The 1st Stormtrooper Corps



        The 1st Stormtrooper Corps was founded on 11/18/2016 by Field Marshal Shadow, we are both an NA & EU Clan as well as an active community outside of  the Bearforce II Module. We are an active and large group of skilled player looking to be the #1 NA & EU Clan. If you are interested in Joining the group you may contact [1stSC] Shadow [SOTS] or [1stSC] Kingjohnjr [SOTS] on steam to join the NA division, or add [1stSC] Snowballguy to join the EU division. Also, join our TeamSpeak  at

                                                                             PLATOONS & SQUADS 

Platoon 1: "The Imperial Hammer"
Commander: Senior Lieutenant Kingjohnjr
2nd in Command: Sergeant Immortel
3rd in Command: Corporal Marty
Alpha Squad Leader: Corporal Cermit
Alpha Squad 2nd: Lance Corporal Beauregard

Platoon 2: "The Immortels"
Commander: Field Marshal Shadow
2nd in Command: Gunnery Sergeant Incage
3rd in Command: Sergeant Allemon
4th in Command: Corporal RPWINGS
Bravo Squad Leader: Corporal Midnight
Bravo Squad 2nd: Lance Corporal Tyler

                                                                                    CODE OF CONDUCT

- During Pre-event lineup, you will not kick, Teamkill, or Troll

- All must start at the Cadet rank and rise up through the ranks

- Do not disrespect other factions or other members of 1stSC

- Refrain from injuring teammates in combat, don't enter combat with unreasonably high ping

- Listen to all leadership, if an action is to be taken meaning certain death you will not hesitate

- Attend events actively and you will recieve promotions significantly faster

- You will talk in "Y" chat and refrain from communicating to the other team unless you hold a leadership rank

- You will treat those with a higher rank with respect and Discipline

- Do not let personal vendetta's outweigh what is right for the clan

- If you reach a position of power you will not abuse powers givin

- There is nobody who over-rules the words of the Field Marshal you will always recieve and obey orders given by him

- By joining the Imperial army you have accepted these rules and regulations and will not break them

                                                                          Join the Dark Side


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