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Multiplayer Clans / 172nd Assault Legion Recruiting
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:21:35 am »
172nd Assault Legion
"The Sand Demons"


The First Battle of Geonosis

The 172nd Assault Legion, simply known as the 172nd, was a battalion in the Grand Army of the Republic that fought in the Clone Wars. Led by Clone Commander Sand, the clone soldiers of the 172nd fought in numerous battles across the galaxy. During the First Battle of  Geonosis, Commander Sand led the assault on key droid foundries surrounding the Techno Union Ships. The First Battle of Geonosis was primarily a ground campaign. However, the Republic's crucial use of aerial bombardment of the Separatists' fighter craft allowed the Republic's gunships to have air superiority throughout much of the battle, giving the clone forces a crucial advantage. With these foundries out of commission, reinforcements would no longer be supplied to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. Leaving the remaining droids open to attack from the air by the gunships while the AT-TEs establish superiority on the battlefield. The attack was planned as a sudden, overwhelming assault that would catch the Separatists off-guard and prevent them from gaining further influence within the system. It was the impressive maneuvers and high droid counts that earned the troopers of the 172nd their nickname, "The Sand Demons." The Troopers assigned to the 172nd are distinguished by the black markings on their Phase I battle armor.

The Second Battle of Geonosis

Because the Republic had captured the planet at the start of the war, the facilities created by Archduke Poggle the Lesser were kept secret to protect them from another invasion. The Republic greatly underestimated the Geonosians' resistance and their loyalty to the Separatists. As the Republic forces were soon to discover, the Geonosians were better prepared to defend their homeworld a second time from the Grand Army. The 172nd was tasked to split up and meet behind enemy lines to destroy a key Separatist installation that would sever Geonosian communications in the area and help to ease Geonosian retaliation to the Republic's primary assault. The 172nd met with heavy resistance from the Geonosians' flak cannons and lost all of their AT-TEs on an attempt converge on the Communications Foundry, only being left with a handful of LAAT/i Gunships that survived the initial landing. CC-76249 "Sand" regrouped the troops of the 172nd and led a full frontal assault on the Foundry, while the gunships carried a few squads to land behind the Geonosians' forward defenses to knock out the artillery and hit the enemy from both sides. The assault on Geonosis finally resulted in success, and the Republic was able to recapture the Separatist-allied world, ensuring that its droid factories would no longer fortify the Confederacy's troop lines.

The Battle of Umbara

The planet's native species withdrew from the Galactic Republic following the murder of their representative on the Galactic Senate, Mee Deechi. Fearing to completely lose the Umbaran system to the Separatist cause, the forces of the Galactic Republic engaged both the Confederacy of Independent Systems and their Umbaran supporters on the shadowy world. After a massive air-to-ground assault, the clone trooper forces of the Grand Army of the Republic established a foothold on Umbaran soil and prepared for a massive invasion of the planet's capital city. Along the front lines of the capital city with Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion was the 172nd Assault Legion and our temporary Commander, Jedi General Saesee Tiin. The 212th would attack the capital from the West, 172nd from the East, and the 501st would prevent the Umbarans from getting in or out of the capital. Unfortunately the recklessness of General Pong Krell forced the 501st to retreat, leaving the 172nd and 212th to be hammered by Umbaran long range artillery. The bombardment and ensuing counter attack nearly crushed our siege forces, but we held our ground no matter the cost. It was the selfless acts of Fives, Hardcase, and Tup that cut off supplies to the capital, allowing us to take the capital and capture Umbara.

Ranking Structure




   Skilled Troopers


         Commanding Officers

Trooper CT-2488 "Ran"
Trooper CT-2727 "TinyTark"
Trooper CT-28246 "KnightHunter"
Trooper CT-2829 "Knives"
Trooper CT-28934 "Quake"
Trooper CT-2981 "Coolman"
Trooper CT-30150 "Fango"
Trooper CT-3092 "Star"
Trooper CT-3130 "Hampton"
Trooper CT-3209 "Fathlete"
Trooper CT-3211 "Dat Boi"
Trooper CT-32948 "Freedom Fails"
Trooper CT-3399 "Hucter"
Trooper CT-3417 "Fox"
Trooper CT-34234 "Stelf"
Trooper CT-34264 "Yoda"
Trooper CT-3454 "Levy"
Trooper CT-34758 "Dakota"
Trooper CT-3479 "Marky"
Trooper CT-34809 "Akula"
Trooper CT-3482 "Dewie"
Trooper CT-3499 "Lugo"
Trooper CT-3587 "Soviet"
Trooper CT-3699 "Pineapple"
Trooper CT-3774 "Joey"
Trooper CT-3811 "Redemption"
Trooper CT-39237 "Datreecko"
Trooper CT-39872 "Mark"
Trooper CT-4084 "Nah"
Trooper CT-4084 "NahChill"
Trooper CT-4200 "Redeye"
Trooper CT-4557 "Beau"
Trooper CT-4678 "Redstorm"
Trooper CT-47892 "Karan"
Trooper CT-4809 "Caribou"
Trooper CT-4822 "Tom"
Trooper CT-4899 "Spectre"
Trooper CT-5184 "Doom"
Trooper CT-5411 "User"
Trooper CT-54694 "Clyde"
Trooper CT-54879 "Senpai"
Trooper CT-5661 "Yoshi"
Trooper CT-5922 "Hans"
Trooper CT-5981 "Lil Zombie"
Trooper CT-6255 "Rik"
Trooper CT-6323 "BG"
Trooper CT-63401 "Price"
Trooper CT-6411 "Izabad"
Trooper CT-6440 "Riley"
Trooper CT-6447 "Dutchy"
Trooper CT-6545 "Filkins"
Trooper CT-65711 "Man"
Trooper CT-6758 "Lucas"
Trooper CT-6841 "Locket"
Trooper CT-6879 "Kanoa"
Trooper CT-7211 "Edward"
Trooper CT-7333 "Wolfman"
Trooper CT-7362 "Plain"
Trooper CT-7661 "Fantango"
Trooper CT-7764 "Maximus"
Trooper CT-7777 "Zazybang"
Trooper CT-82422 "Patates"
Trooper CT-8273 "Jacob"
Trooper CT-82744 "Asian"
Trooper CT-8321 "Gazerbeam"
Trooper CT-8332 "Rhyno"
Trooper CT-83987 "Pinky"
Trooper CT-8456 "Revan"
Trooper CT-8489 "Swatosj"
Trooper CT-8564 "Jo"
Trooper CT-8731 "Cheese Hunter"
Trooper CT-89288 "Trooper"
Trooper CT-8934 "Rikka"
Trooper CT-9122 "Valgar"
Trooper CT-9123 "Neon"
Trooper CT-9222 "Android"
Trooper CT-9222 "Zaydon"
Trooper CT-9248 "MN"
Trooper CT-92816 "Darkmaster"
Trooper CT-92833 "Sinner"
Trooper CT-92837 "Nator"
Trooper CT-92876 "Echo"
Trooper CT-92982 "Tic Tac"
Trooper CT-9336 "Vango"
Trooper CT-9544 "Merchant"
Trooper CT-9749 "Bex"
Trooper CT-9786 "Blazing"
Trooper CT-98321 "Basik"
Specialist CT-0841 "Oscarnout"
Specialist CT-1092 "Bubbles"
Specialist CT-12843 "Boomer"
Specialist CT-1348 "Jman"
Specialist CT-1357 "Rex"
Specialist CT-14924 "Balien"
Specialist CT-1558 "Pallo"
Specialist CT-2155 "Theodore"
Specialist CT-2833 "Monkey"
Specialist CT-28911 "Mad"
Specialist CT-4470 "RedSh0x"
Specialist CT-4672 "Kareem"
Specialist CT-4871 "BlueTitan"
Specialist CT-5874 "Fluffy"
Specialist CT-8174 "TIE"
Specialist CT-92822 "Swaggins"
Specialist CT-93782 "Beavs"

Veteran Trooper CT-0788 "Claux"
Veteran Trooper CT-1136 "Darman"
Veteran Trooper CT-1472 "Starchots"
Veteran Trooper CT-14892 "Lepra"
Veteran Trooper CT-1784 "York"
Veteran Trooper CT-2351 "SovietYoda"
Veteran Trooper CT-2471 "MonkeyBoy"
Veteran Trooper CT-2648 "Babyg"
Veteran Trooper CT-2712 "Nova"
Veteran Trooper CT-28222 "XOSTK"
Veteran Trooper CT-2828 "Ace"
Veteran Trooper CT-28934 "KneeGrow"
Veteran Trooper CT-29389 "Hawkeye"
Veteran Trooper CT-33881 "Numbers"
Veteran Trooper CT-3428 "Xavi"
Veteran Trooper CT-3482 "WolfClaw"
Veteran Trooper CT-35278 "Duncan"
Veteran Trooper CT-4419 "Shadow"
Veteran Trooper CT-4622 "Raven"
Veteran Trooper CT-4673 "WILD_CAT"
Veteran Trooper CT-4784 "Zachie Chan"
Veteran Trooper CT-4876 "Bagel"
Veteran Trooper CT-5052 "Bly"
Veteran Trooper CT-5782 "AxeCaptain"
Veteran Trooper CT-58095 "Zachie"
Veteran Trooper CT-63497 "Grant"
Veteran Trooper CT-7226 "Pinger"
Veteran Trooper CT-8121 "Dante"
Veteran Trooper CT-9110 "CheeseCat"
Veteran Trooper CT-9182 "El Papitan"
Veteran Trooper CT-9372 "Javajoe"
Veteran Trooper CT-9789 "Tankhell"
Veteran Trooper CT-99283 "Ajax"
Veteran Trooper CT-9999 "Caboose"

Trooper CT-0011 "BF11"
Trooper CT-0287 "Boc"
Trooper CT-0290 "Commando"
Trooper CT-0338 "Chan"
Trooper CT-0454 "Wildcat"
Trooper CT-0723 "John
Trooper CT-0777 "Omniwalker"
Trooper CT-0911 "Toxic"
Trooper CT-0918 "Wolf"
Trooper CT-0988 "Smithy"
Trooper CT-1029 "Dark Hound"
Trooper CT-10912 "Fordo"
Trooper CT-11545 "Comet"
Trooper CT-1177 "Crimson"
Trooper CT-1192 "KingOfWhales"
Trooper CT-1273 "Filius"
Trooper CT-12934 "Brude"
Trooper CT-1298 "Spike"
Trooper CT-13938 "Trey"
Trooper CT-1464 "Jeroen"
Trooper CT-14924 "Balien"
Trooper CT-1497 "Marksman"
Trooper CT-15444 "Yankton"
Trooper CT-1699 "Jamess"
Trooper CT-1784 "Beacon"
Trooper CT-1822 "Wrek"
Trooper CT-18227 "Santorous"
Trooper CT-2153 "Lucifer"
Trooper CT-2158 "Puma"
Trooper CT-21938 "Rosen"
Trooper CT-23098 "Atlas"
Trooper CT-23298 "Twin Tails"
Trooper CT-2337 "Orcaryo"
Trooper CT-2345 "Libo"
Trooper CT-23454 "Temuyin"
Jedi Master CT-1337 "Megu"
CT-5895 "Mr.WhaleFish"

Republic Commando CT-2785 "Chamberlain"
Republic Commando CT-5649 "Parthius"
Republic Commando CT-6122 "Danger"
Elite Trooper CT-1429 "Skelly"
Elite Trooper CT-7250 "Apollo"
Sentinel CT-5489 "Ethan"
Sentinel CT-9271 "Griffin"

Advanced Recon Commando CT-2837 "Cone"
Advanced Recon Trooper CT-7764 "Akreal"
Recon Trooper CT-1300 "Robbin"
Recon Trooper CT-7826 "LeonHart"
Recon Trooper CT-9232 "Destroyer"

Sky Trooper CT-8964 "AJSeek"
Jump Trooper CT-8124 "Shimshom"
Jump Trooper CT-5953 "Stryker"
Sergeant Major CT-40649 "I'm Dead Already"

Sergeant CT-7132 "Jaydon"
Sergeant CT-1983 "Ikillyou"

Corporal CT-3747 "Swedish Walrus"
Corporal CT-4025 "Locke"
Corporal CT-4474 "Sierra"
Corporal CT-13888 "Aku"

Lance Corporal CT-1255 "Grunt"
Lance Corporal CT-1182 "Gusson"
Lance Corporal CT-4479 "Omega"
Lance Corporal CT-4593 "Eco"
Lance Corporal CT-6454 "Ponds"
Marshal Commander CC-76249 "Sand"

Commander CC-4477 "Thire"

Lieutenant CT-4476 "Endo"
Lieutenant CT-4478 "Vice"


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Recruitment Application

To join the 172nd Assault Legion,
you must apply by copying the template below.

In-game name:
Country of Residence:
Do you have Teamspeak and a microphone?:
Steam URL Link:
Previous Bear Force II legions?:
How did you find us?:
Why do you want to join the legion?
What leadership experience do you have?:
What melee or ranged experience do you have?:
What can you provide for our legion?:

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