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Multiplayer Clans / The 13th Galactic Army
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:39:05 pm »
The 13th Army of the Grand Republic

Who are we ?
The 13th galactic army is a newly formed regiment formed by BNS Mark and previous 501st/172nd members we branched off to create our own Old republic regiment. Consisting of many veteran members of the community , the 13th is active and always welcomes new players. The 13th ,whilst not in actual lore , is based off the galactic republic in its war against the newly re-emerged Sith empire , more than 3600 years before the events of the clone wars. With experienced leaders and brave soldiers who train frequently, the 13th will always secure victory for the Republic.

Our Squads

Forlorn Hope

Led by Commander _Mark

Reaper Squad

Led byCorporal Alestor

Hornet Squad

Led by Sergeant Akreal

Angel Squad

Led by Corporal Echo

Our Rank Structure

Why us ?
You might be wondering why the 13th would be a good choice , after all  there are many available clans out there. During the period of time we started creating the 13th , we decided not to be one of those simple clans that uses very basic systems of play. This is why we created an advanced system for promotions , medals , jedi trials and even training. All of these are well planned and detailed , meaning that even if you manage to get to your maximum rank , you can always do better! With a very friendly and laid back community intent on having fun whilst maintaining a level of professionalism

How to join
Want to join us? Add Captain Ianitori or Sergeant Akreal On steam!

General Discussion & Suggestions / Map Suggestions !
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:51:20 pm »
Hello, just a thought i had.

I feel like alot of bearforce players/ forum users don't have the honour of having people of the development team on steam unlike some lucky people. So i thought id make this poll so that if people have map suggestions for the mod but don't know who to suggest it to , they can put it here and the development team/ people who know how to make maps can have a look through and can pick out any ideas they like and think would be a good map.

This would need people who are suggesting to give some details on the map and even steam contacts if a map maker likes the idea and wants to collaborate to expand the idea.

Seeing as there is alot of controversy about some of the tatics in the mod i thought to make a poll to get ideas from alot of people , this post will be edited as time goes if i learn of any newer moves or ones that i missed at first

I will also give a brief description of the moves just incase you have not encountered it

Weapon switching - A move where a trooper ( or anyone with a melee wep and gun ) can quickly switch between their sword and their gun to provide quick burst fires in fights. A strong counter for when fighting jedi.
However it has its risks because while switching you weapon your defense is down.

Gun-Bending - As a trooper if you get close enough to a jedi you can aim at their feet and shoot through their block , once again always risky if your enemy knows how to counter it.

Bending - Similar to gun bending however this is with melee. An engine glitch which can allow you to hit alot faster than the normal speed , it also makes it harder to see which way they ( the person bending ) are attacking which automatically gives said person an advantage

Crouch shooting - If reaction tims are fast enough troopers are able to crouch to cancel the stun of a kick or lightning , this allows them to shoot at the jedi who will think the trooper is incapacitated. However this brings up discussion of if this is removed sith lightning may also need a nerf

Warmup cancelation - Holding left click before you aim the gun lets you shoot instantly when you aim , this allows for the warmups of snipers and heavy weapons to be cancelled

Spread cancelation - When using the warmup cancelation with a normal rifle , if you keep using it ( holding left clcik and repeatedly right cliicking ) it allows you to have the most accurate fire because the spread of the weapon does not set in.

Should these be allowed or banned ?

Events / 187th Event !
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:13:33 pm »

Day:Every sunday
Time: 8:00 PM GMT

Unit Rules
1.As normal the event will be based on normal infantry with specialist squads, e.g Jet squad
2.Each specialist squad will consist of 6 members,any over six will follow as normal infantry
3.each squad is allowed a specialist of their choice , heavy/B2 or shotgun
4. Medics are allowed , 1 per squad
5.Faction counterparts
Republic     Sepratists
Clone Trooper            B1 Droid
Heavy Trooper           B2 Droid
Arc Trooper               Bounty hunter(no jetpack)
Clone Sharpshooter   BX Commando Droid
Clone Commando      Magna Guard (no jump)
Jet Trooper               Bounty Hunter ( Jetpack)
Wookie                     Geonosian ( wings allowed)

General Rules
1.The amount of the Jedi per team depends on the event size. For 1-100 there will be 2 Jedi per team, 100-150 3 Jedi per team, 150-200 4 Jedi per team.
2.Ramboing is allowed , you can take any formation and tatic as you see fit.
3.4 Rounds are played each map (maybe not end) 2 on each side.
4.Don't leave just because you are losing or didn't get the classes you want , that ruins the fun for others.

Regimental Rules
1.Please make sure your members do not spam the chat
2.If there is a dispute between regiments it will be sorted After the events not in it.
3.Any Trolling or teamkilling will be punished by a slay , if you then break the rule again you will be kicked from the event.

If there are any questions or problems please ask me or XOSTK

Sign up
Group name:
Amount of people:
Squad types you wish to sign up for(Infantry, Jets/BH, Commando/Magna, Sharpshooter/BX Droid, Wookiee, Shield):
Would you like to take a Jedi/Sith:
Did you read and agree with the rules and promise to act in conduct with the rules:
Steam profile contact(1 or 2 leaders):
Anything else:

Multiplayer Clans / 187th Legion * NEw and improved
« on: June 09, 2016, 10:09:05 pm »


Who Are We?
We are a legion originally the 101stSC and the 269thSS until we merged to make the 187th as a whole, the second biggest active regiment on the mod at this time.

This regiment focuses on teamwork and to be respected by and help form the community, made by two platoons each having their own men and tactics you will be assigned to.

History(not lore)
The bear force 187th was formed when Jedi master Mars of the 224th, commander Stalin of the Wolfpack and commander Bakkara of the 1stSB , met to discuss the topic of teaming up. This plan went well and we joined to make the 187th , soon after the 1stSB having few members merged into the 187th giving us a jedi master and a roster of jedi guard. One month after the Wolfpack Disbanded leaving the 224th to fend for it self along with the newly formed jet squad led by Bakkara. Not agreeing with the current leadership , 224th_Sgt_XOSTK And 224th_Lt_Motor ( now known as rooche) left with a few members to create the 101stSC, this action took quite a few members from the 224th which meant its downfall. The 101stSC Replaced the 224th as the leading regiment in the 187th ,with strong leadership and good decisions the regiment went far. Soon after the Legend of commander caboose returned , making the 269th. Finally merging to make the 187th clone legion.

How To Join!
To join the 187th please add >commander XOSTK< or >Jedi Knight Viszla<

Spoiler for Hiden:

Commander XOSTK
Jedi master Juan
Jedi master Ordo
Jedi Knight Viszla   
Old Jedi megu     

Platoon 1
Captain Rooche
Lieutenant Fenrir

Non-commissioned officers
Sergeant Major Ianitori
Staff Sergeant Wolfhard
Corporal Glenn

Vet Trooper Trickster
Trooper Reed
trooper Benogo
trooper pilgrim
trooper Jacko
trooper Izzyyyx
trooper saxxxio
trooper Smiley
Trooper Lucas
Trooper Swatosj
Cadet Brata
Cadet Cad
Cadet Sam

Platoon 2
Captain Caboose
Lieutenant Kyle

Non-commissioned officers
Sergeant Ithil
Sergeant Bly

Medic Xray
Specialist Bulldog
Specialist Boost
Specialist Lightru

Trooper Leon
Cadet Battlefront
Cadet DudeImPretty K
Cadet Boom
Cadet HaHaKim3

Inactives/ex(very wip)
Trooper OnyxKnight
Trooper Thom
Trooper Jonny
Trooper Mistefar
Cadet Keith
Cadet 44
Cadet (Sgt) Brude
Cadet jon snow
Cadet Thedudes21
Cadet Pluto
**** Mascot Farts

Multiplayer Clans / 101st shadow corps
« on: March 15, 2016, 04:24:44 pm »
welcome to the 101st shadow corps

Who are we?
we are the remains of the 224thARF which was disbanded a while ago. As we would like to see this mod thrive we have rejoined to make the 101st.We are also the last regiment in the  187th.

how to join?
you can find us on any random EU servers and every once in a while an American server. all you need to do is just ask to join we will get your steam and you will be sent to me ,Ryedog/nuke or the commander (I will link accounts at the bottom)

More info!
we are a very active reg and have events on Friday Saturday and maybe sunday depending when the GA get of their arses. we may even get to start hosting events when we get a big server. the events are 8:00 PM GMT (London) time

if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of the other officers

PS we are an EU clan obviously

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