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Multiplayer Clans / Re: 172nd Assault Legion Recruiting
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:09:05 pm »
In-game name: 15sharplesb
Age: 14
Country Of Residence: England
Do you have teamspeak and a microphone?: I have both
Steam URL link:
Previous Bear Force II legions: None
How did you find us?: I have been a fan of gamingtildawnstudios since his Mount and gladius videos and have been watching his videos with your legion.
Why do you want to join the legion?: I'm looking to have an active legion to have a fun experience of Bear Force II with.
What leadership experience do you have: I have none in mount and blade. (Have some in other games)
What melee or ranged experience do you have?: Only recently installed M&B so only a bit however i'm still not bad.
What can you provide for our legion?: An active, relatively skilled member who can attend as many events as possible

Accepted and contacted, welcome to the 172nd

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