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Title: Bots are ****ed again, things are even worse
Post by: Baskakov_Dima on September 07, 2015, 04:13:03 pm
 1) The speed of bullets fired by bots is veery slooow. Became a lot slower than it was for some reason. It is very easy to dodge them. However, dodging humans is hard now. Don't forget that bot's don't know about leading, so they are very inaccurate against moving targets. I suggest to buff the speed of bullets fired by bots to match bullets fired by humans.
2) Bots are too weak in ranged combat, and became even weaker, however, now they are very strong in melee with their spammy vibro blades. So, the best tactic is to charge your opponent in melee. I suggest to test bots in ranged against melee after the bullet speed is buffed and probably make them a bit more accurate. As they have special AI guns (at least they used to have), you can nerf the speed a bit but buff their skill so it matches.
3) Clone bots have better armour than droid bots -- this was the main point of my previous suggestion/bug report. Clones have 15/20/7, and droids have 10/16/5. Bless God clones don't get the 50% chance to get ARC armour now... However, as they deal quite low (per hit, not per second) amounts of cutting damage in melee now and ranged combat is so weak, I would call armour a very important thing. So, basically, clone bots are OP.
Droids have to get better armour that matches clone troopers.

Title: Re: Bots are ****ed again, things are even worse
Post by: BNS Marko on September 07, 2015, 10:07:43 pm
1) Bot bullet speed is still 185, like in 0.32. Nothing changed here. Player guns got an upgrade from 160(0.32) to 200, for improved gameplay.
2) I placed in vibro blades because rifle stocks were hilarious.
3) I improved the droid armour, but they're still only slightly inferior.

Conclusion: They will get armour that matches clone troopers completely. I am sorry, but I didn't focus on the bots much.