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Server Name: BearForceII_Official_NA
Server Owner BNS_Mark
Server Host Oasis Hosting.
Location: US, New York
Slots: 80
Gamemode: Battle

Administration Team
BNS Mark - Owner
Ianitori - Admin
Cleric - Admin
BNS Owen - Admin
BNS Sleekphantom - Admin
BNS Marko - Admin
Dredd - Admin

BNS MatiasHogden - Moderator
Leinand - Moderator
Echo - Moderator
Swatosj - Moderator
Neyth - Moderator
Shin - Moderator

General Information
BearForceII_Official_NA is the official North American server and is open to all players. The server is owned by the administration team and follows community rules that can be found on the official Bearforce Discord. All North American events are hosted on the server and can be found here. Any questions or complaints can be filed by contacting Ianitori or by replying to this post.

As BearforceII_Official is the official server for the mod, it abides by the community and event rules that can be found on the Discord. As such, please inform us of any trolling (such as teamkilling or spamming) and offensive language (such as racism)

Brief description of incident:
Your Ingame Name:
Their Name:
Date and time of incident:
Any screenshots or videos of the incident:
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Re: BearforceII_Official_NA
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Beep Boop okay