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Official Announcement: Bear Force Winter Cup!

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Official Announcement: Bear Force Winter Cup!
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Bear Force Winter Cup
brought to you by Silas42

Basic Info

  • 5v5 matches
  • Round Robin with Grand Final Play-Off.
  • No Jedi, padawans, or jets.
  • If anyone would like to submit a submission for the official logo of the competition, please send your submission to "silas42" via Steam or Discord.


Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
In order to maintain a serious and quasi-professional environment, players must be respectful and polite towards their opponents and anyone else on the forum sub-board and the tournament servers.
If a player shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity, he or she will be punished by the tournament administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban from of the tournament, depending on the weight of the crime.
Any team that uses, incites or benefits from disruption to the matches, practice sessions or organisation of other teams will face disciplinary action at the admins discretion, up to and including disqualification from the tournament.


•   Do not use any names that might be considered offensive.
•   You need at least 5 players in a roster in order to enter.
•   You can only have a maximum of 10 players in a team (including Team Captain and Assistant Team Captain), but you can only have 5 players in-game during any live round in a match.
•   Team Captains and Assistant Team Captain from the roster do NOT have to be playing in any live round.
•   Please note: All matches will be played on EU servers, as there are no active NA servers currently.

Team Regulations & Roster Rules

•   Once the draw for the tournament position, you will ONLY be able to ADD players to your roster, you do not have to use all the players in order to participate, but you will not be able to switch out/remove any members.
•   It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during this competition. If a player is found to have played for more than one team at any point he or she will be banned for the rest of the cup.
•   In that instance, the second team that player played for (as determined by the admins) will forfeit the current game or the next game they are due to play, admins will make all necessary changes to restructure the competition, replacing the team if they took an undeserved spot.
•   Each team member may be listed by one name only in the team roster. During matches, players should play with that name, including a team tag.
•   Any game ID listed to a player in a team roster must be unique to that player. Players using a game ID that has been used by any other player at any other point are not eligible to play.
•   Players must use the ID(s) associated with them on the rosters.

Tournament Format

•   The cup begins with a round robin format, each team will each once until all teams have competed against each other a single time.  Points will be earned based on the result.
•   3 points will be awarded for winning within regulation time (18 rounds).
2 points for winning after the match has gone to Sudden Death.
1 point for losing after the match has gone to Sudden Death.
0 points for losing within regulation time.
•   Once the round robin is complete, the top two teams with the most points will progress to the Grand Final play-off, the winners of which are the champions of the Bear Force Winter Cup.
•   If there is a tie between two teams, it is resolved by the direct play-off between those two teams.
•   If there is a 3-way (or more) tie, it is resolved by looking at the score accumulated by each of those teams against only the teams that they are tied against. (If teams A, B, and C are all tied on points for second place, their isolated score is then calculated from games: A vs B, A vs C, and B vs C. Placings 2nd,3rd, and 4th are then determined by the points that each of those teams earned in those specific games).
•   If isolating the score in a 3-way (or more) tie does not break the tie, then the tie is broken by the number of rounds won WITHIN the specific games used in the previous method.
•   If this still does not break the tie, then it comes down to which team(s) performed best against the highest ranking team OUTSIDE the deadlock. (If a 3-way tie for 2nd, it comes down to each team’s play-off result against the 1st place team; if a 3-way tie for 1st, then it comes down to each team’s play-off result against the 4th place team) In this case, the number of rounds won/lost by can also be the deciding factor when comparing play-off results.
•   If there is more than one tie at the end of the round robin, the ties are resolved from the higher rankings first, then downwards.
•   Each round of matches will take place in single week periods (Monday – Sunday).
•   If one team has declared that they are unable to make a sufficient roster available for any time during any given round they will immediately score 0 points for that round and their competitor for that round will score 3. If both teams declare that they are unable to make a sufficient roster available for any time during any given round, they will both forfeit any points won for that round. If both teams have times when each are available but do not find a time that they agree on within the relevant round period, then both teams score 0 for that round.

Match Format

•   All matches consist of a best of 18 rounds, which make up Regulation Time.
•   Maps are selected from the 7-map map pool with the ban-pick-ban-pick veto system – Each team bans a map, then each picks a map, then each bans a map, leaving the deciding 3rd map and the final remaining map. Each selection alternates between the two teams, the decision of which team picks first for all choices is decided by an online random selector. This map selection process will happen once all 10 players have arrived in-game and the choice of the ban/pick will be done in the public game chat so that all present can see the choices made, when asked by the tournament admin. (A-ban, B-ban; A-pick, B-pick; A-ban, B-ban; last map is the last map left of the 7)
•   3 rounds per side.
•   First to 10 rounds total wins the match.
•   If, after 18 rounds, the score is 9-9, the match will enter Sudden Death. This consists of 1 round per side until one team is 2 clear rounds ahead of the other, at which point, that team wins the match.
•   The map in which Sudden Death is to played on (if necessary), is determined by a second veto system after Regulation Time has ended. The two teams then each veto 1 map out of the 3 that have just been played until one is left, which is then used as the map for Sudden Death. The order for which the vetoes take place is reversed from the initial round of vetoes, the team that went second for the initial veto, goes first for the Sudden Death veto.
•   In the unlikely event of a round being drawn, the round will be replayed.
•   Factions are predetermined before the match begins.

In-Game Rules

      1.  General Rules

•   There must be 5 players per team in-game, only those 10 players and the tournament admin(s) or any previously agreed upon spectators (streaming/recording) can be in the server during live rounds.
•   Either team can substitute any number of players out of their in-game roster for other players in the rest of their full roster between maps and before the beginning of Sudden Death, but not between rounds or side swaps. (If a player disconnects accidently or is forced to leave due to exterior factors, they can be replaced by another player, but the player that was replaced cannot play for the rest of the match. If this situation happens in the final map of a match, the player that disconnects cannot take part in the first map of the NEXT match that their team plays). If it is found that any player(s)/team was told to o r encouraged to disconnect and leave on purpose in order to make an otherwise illegal substitution intentionally, that player(s)/team will be disqualified.
•   Capping will be allowed.
•   Team damage set to 60%.
•       Combat speed set to Medium.
•   If someone is kicked from the server due to exceeding the teamkill limit on the server, the round will not be reset, though this should NOT be a problem because the server limit on TK’s will be lifted entirely.
•   Round time limit set to 4 minutes.
•   The spectator cam will be locked, so no free UAV.
•   In order to improve communication between the tournament admin(s) and the teams/team leaders, team leaders (and PREFERABLY the rest of the team too) must be present on the same TS server. This will help resolve issues that may occur.

2.   Class Restrictions

•   No Jedi, Padawan, or jet.
•   No ARCs or Magna Guards.
•   1 specialist OR 1 shield are permitted but not a necessity. (Please look below for what is considered as a specialist)
•   GRENADES are limited to 2 players per team, meaning 6 grenades total per team.
•   Other than those restrictions you can take whatever is available in the load-outs for the regular trooper classes in each faction.
•   If anything is picked up and then carried into the next round of the match, then it must be announced and a reset called. This is so everyone starts with the same equal load-out limits in every single round.
•   If any of these class/load-out restrictions are broken and the team responsible has allowed a live round to continue for longer than 20 seconds, they will forfeit the round. If a team announces that they are having a problem with specific player on their roster due to these restrictions, then that player will be banned from the rest of the tournament, but CANNOT be replaced.

3.   Resets

•   Any team can ask for a reset within the first 20 seconds of any round, if for a valid reason.
•   If a player disconnects after this 20-second period in a live round, the round must play until it is over and then a reset can be called which will act as time-out until the player has returned. The minimum amount of time the tournament admin has to wait is 2 minutes.
•   A reset can also be called if people need to change class/load-out and didn’t get a chance to do so in the previous round. If there is a breach of the class/load-out restrictions above after the 20 second period it will be considered as an error and infringement (whether intentional or not) by the concerned team.
•   Resets must be called by a team’s leader or assistant leader if they are present in-game, this is to avoid confusion with conflicting messages.

4.   Cheating/Glitches

•   It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by modifying texture files or using game modifications such as aimbots or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or using game modifications in order to gain an advantage will be banned from the tournament and all his or her team will forfeit all relevant rounds.
•   There must be no “glitching” during any live rounds, anyone caught doing so will suffer a warning and then may be punished by the admin by being slayed, forfeiting the round, and forfeiting the match, progressively. Activities that are considered “glitching” are:
 -   Wall-glitching; Using first-person and clipping your player model through a wall in order to see through what would otherwise be obstructing your view.
-   Shield-glitching; using a shield and pistol simultaneously.
-   Head-Glitching; abusing the fact that one can shoot through waist-high cover when un-crouching before their head becomes visible.


Please note that Rocket/Grenade Launcher is now considered as a specialist.

Republic: Heavy Clone Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Wookie Warrior
 Seperatists: B1 Battle Droid, BX Commando Droid, HK-47 Droid, Geonosian (Without wings)
Galactic Empire: Heavy Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper
Rebel Alliance: Heavy Rebel Trooper, Rebel Sharpshooter
Old Republic: Heavy Republic Trooper, Republic Sniper
Sith Empire: Heavy Sith Trooper, Sith Sniper

Map Pool (7 Maps)

  • Tatooine - Cantina(edited since BFAC)
  • Muunilinst - Downtown
  • Death Star
  • Ryloth – Battlefield (Village)
  • Tattooine – Cantina 2
  • Rhen Var - Research Station(edited since BFAC)
  • Corellia – Hills (edited flag spawns from standard map)

Sign Up

Please use the following sign up form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Team Name:[/b] -
[b]Team Captain[/b] -
[b]Deputy Team Captain:[/b] -
[b]Remaining Team Members:[/b] -
[b]Preferred Server Region:[/b] -

  • Sign-up will close when the draw for the match order takes place. This will hopefully be live-streamed at some point in the week of January 21st.
  • Do not use any names that might be considered offensive.
  • Any names of players in the team MUST be the EXACT names that will be used in ALL matches in the tournament.
  • You need at least 5 players in a team in order to enter.
  • You can only have a maximum of 10 players in a team (including Team Captain and Assistant Team Captain), but you can only have 5 players in-game during any live round in a match.
  • The Team Captain or Assistant Team Captain MUST be present when your team play a match, as they will be the team’s representative and main line of communication between the team and the tournament admin. (They are the people who pick/ban maps at the very beginning of the match)
  • Team Captains and Assistant Team Captain do NOT have to be in the active roster that is playing in-game in a live round.
  • Each player can only be in one team
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Re: Official Announcement: Bear Force Winter Cup!
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This is cool