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Everything you need to host your server!

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Everything you need to host your server!
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Server files(1.168 for Bear Force):

This config disables bots.
Change your max slots according to your hoster agreement.
Your port and steam port could be different too, ask your hoster.

Config: ShowHide
#WARNING: Make sure that you change the capital values with proper ones.
set_add_to_game_servers_list 1
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid administrator password
set_pass_admin youradminpass
#if you have premium members, set a password for them, otherwise delete/comment out the line below
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid private password
#set_pass_private PRIVATEPASS
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid server name
set_server_name Server_Name
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid welcome message
set_welcome_message Welcome to Bear Force II!
set_mission multiplayer_bt
#setting max players, first one is non-premium member limit, second one is premium member limit
set_max_players 200 200

set_round_max_seconds 800#returns maximum seconds for round

set_control_block_direction 1 #(1 for manual by mouse and 0 for automatic)

set_friendly_fire 1
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0

set_team_point_limit 5

set_num_bots_voteable 0
set_kick_voteable 1
set_ban_voteable 0
set_maps_voteable 0

set_map alderaan_valley_road #Alderaan - Valley Road
add_map tatooine_carkoon_pit #Tatooine - Great Pit of Carkoon
add_map muuninlist_fortified_outpost #Muunilinst - Fortified Outpost
add_map muunilinst_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan
add_map geonosis_battlefield #Geonosis - Battlefield
add_map muuninlinst_streets_of_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Streets of Harnaidan
add_map alderaan_high_mountains #Alderaan - High Mountains
add_map tatooine_outskirts #Tatooine - Outskirts
add_map honoghr_military_base #Honoghr - Military base
add_map muunilinst_downtown #Muunilinst - Downtown
add_map geonosis_arena #Geonosis - Arena
add_map kashyyyk_hideout #Kashyyyk - Hideout
add_map tatooine_outpost #Tatooine - Outpost
add_map jedi_outpost #Jedi Outpost
add_map dantooine_fields #Dantooine - Fields
add_map kashyyyk_forest #Kashyyyk - Forest
add_map spaceship_boarding #Spaceship - Boarding
add_map rhen_var_bleedingice #Rhen_Var - Bleeding Ice
add_map kashyyyk_incursion #Kashyyyk - Incursion
add_map naboo_battleground #Naboo - Battleground
add_map correlian_spaceship #Correlian Spaceship
add_map hoth_trenches #Hoth - Trenches
add_map manaan_spaceport #Manaan Spaceport
add_map muuninlinst_great_bridge #Muuninlinst - Great Bridge
add_map endor_forest #Endor - Forest
add_map mp_custom_map_1 #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan(Night)
add_map mp_custom_map_2 #Kashyyyk - Base
add_map mp_custom_map_3 #Hoth - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_4 #Dantooine - Ridges
add_map mp_custom_map_5 #Geonosis - Droid Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_6 #Rhen Var - Station
add_map mp_custom_map_7 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Canyon)
add_map mp_custom_map_8 #Felucia - Big
add_map mp_custom_map_9 #Venator Class(Interior)
add_map mp_custom_map_10 #Endor - Spirit Tree
add_map mp_custom_map_11 #Acclamator - Boarding
add_map mp_custom_map_12 #Hoth - Fortification
add_map mp_custom_map_13 #Training Scene
add_map mp_custom_map_14 #Felucia - Small
add_map mp_custom_map_15 #Kamino - Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_16 #Station 51 - WIP
add_map mp_custom_map_17 #Tatooine - Cantina
add_map mp_custom_map_18 #Geonosis - Siege
add_map mp_custom_map_19 #Mustafar
add_map mp_custom_map_20 #Mygeeto - Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_21 #Mygeeto - Emergency Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_22 #Kamino - Tipoca City
add_map mp_custom_map_23 #Geonosis - Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_24 #Ryloth - Village
add_map mp_custom_map_25 #Spaceship - Boarding #2
add_map mp_custom_map_26 #Corellia - Hills
add_map mp_custom_map_27 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Village)
add_map mp_custom_map_28 #Ryloth - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_29 #Saleucami - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_30 #Kashyyyk - Ambush
add_map mp_custom_map_31 #Saleucami - Swamp
add_map mp_custom_map_32 #Kamino - Platforms
add_map mp_custom_map_33 #Spaceship(?)
add_map mp_custom_map_34 #Correlia - River
add_map mp_custom_map_35 #Tatooine - Anchorhead
add_map mp_custom_map_36 #Tatooine - Anchorhead Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_37 #Cristophsis - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_38 #Cristophsis - Streets
add_map mp_custom_map_39 #Rhen Var - Research Station
add_map mp_custom_map_40 #Felucia - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_41 #Galaxy - Republic Ship
add_map mp_custom_map_42 #Yavin_IV - Ruins
add_map mp_custom_map_43 #Hypori - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_44 #Naboo - Gungan Lake
add_map mp_custom_map_45 #Correlia - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_46 #Clan Capital Ship

#adding all kingdoms to both sides just to randomize all of them
#adding less kingd

add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_1
add_factions fac_kingdom_2 fac_kingdom_2
add_factions fac_kingdom_3 fac_kingdom_3
add_factions fac_kingdom_4 fac_kingdom_4
set_randomize_factions 1
#if the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
set_upload_limit 30000000
#if you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
set_port 7264
#if you are running the Steam version of the dedicated server, this port must also be set, and same limitations of set_port apply for Steam port
set_steam_port 7241
set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt

The new admin system:
Admin Ranks: ShowHide
-Low  Temp. Ban, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, Print GameIds, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Accept/Reject Polls
-Mid   Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick players, Print GameId, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Accept/Reject Polls
-High Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, GameId, AdminChat, Reset Map, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Teleport, Switch Teams, Spawn Items, SetHp, SetGold, Restore ammo heal shield, Accept/Reject Polls

and the usual admin with password (Can do everything).

All Admin Ranks can't get banned or kicked.

How to use admin ranks: ShowHide

You can add admins if you open the scripts.txt and replace the following things:
Code: [Select]
777777777777 = Low- (It excist 23x 777777777777.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
888888888888 = Mid- (It excist 23x 888888888888.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
999999999999 = High- (It excist 23x 999999999999.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
With admin password =  Can everything.

Quote from: scripts.txt
1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 77777777777

I don't have anyone to host my server?
The Bear Force II team recommends Oasis Hosting. You can get a 15% off discount by using our special promo code, contact me for further details.

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