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Screenshots and Game Stories
« on: September 20, 2018, 12:31:08 PM »


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Post your screenshot and/or game stories!

!!! Content quantity warning !!!

Elder Kings - Evvv's Crusader Kings II mod. It feels polished, there's a good magic mechanic and the item mechanic was awesome. Maybe the items are vanilla CK2 with the new DLCs though, I haven't played in years. Unfortunately I don't know all that much about TES lore so I picked the most bland option to play, it was fun for a while.

It took a while to unite Skyrim since I started with eastern provinces only: ShowHide

Kvatch is engulfed in the flames of rebellion: ShowHide

I don't hesitate, and take the chance: ShowHide

The Empire is formed: ShowHide

Hearts of Iron IV - Modern Day 4 Mod with Added Decisions, Full Country Name and Player Led Peace Conference submods. Best mod I played so far for HoI IV, and it is still in its infancy. Almost no countries have focus trees and a lot is still under development but this mod attempts to 'proxify' the global conflicts more and make head on engagements less frequent. Of course, you'll notice that there still was NATO vs Eurasian big war in the screenshots, but that's because I pushed for it. The armies are also downsized to brigade scale, and you can make a lot more variation betwen brigades to form armies that perform different roles. Creating different types of airborne brigades to project power worldwide and protect allies was really satisfying. It'll be an even bigger blast once the mod is a lot more developed!

End result, and map you can use to follow my little story: ShowHide

Basically I jumped into 2017 as Kurdistan with the towns of Erbil, Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah under my control together with the territory above Mosul. I found myself at war with ISIS. The Iraqi army and my YPG militia pushed ISIS out of Iraq, with my forces controlling the very important town of Mosul. Then, the Iraqis demanded subjugation and annexation back into Iraq which I promptly refused. They responded with invading and taking the town of Kirkuk which sparked another civil war that took many years to win since Iraq was superior in equipment and somewhat equal in armed force size. The added mechanics of importing equipment and smuggling equipment via cost of political power helped me out significantly, but crippled my economy for a while(there's a whole new economy mechanic in the mod with GDP/taxes).

After freeing myself from Iraq and taking the town of Samarra for my new country as war reparations, I spent some time getting enough equipment to re-arm for an offensive against Rojava which held the towns of Al-Hasakah and Afrin, and ISIS which controlled Raqqa, Palmira and Deir ez-Zor. The situation in Syria was a total stalemate, Al Nusra was holding out in Idilib, and the FSA had strongholds left in northern Aleppo and Daraa.

I swept through the Rojava territory and gained a wider frontline on ISIS which I managed to conquer with little help from Assad's forces. Since I held most of the territory, I incorporated it all into my state. We captured a lot of equipment and expanded our forces. Next, I helped take out Al-Nusra and the FSA but there were no territorial changes since I forgot I was using player led peace conferences and didn't give any territory to Assad once we won the wars.

At this point I joined the Eurasian Union with Russia, India, Mexico and another 20+ countries. I re-invaded some parts of Syria which drew Saudi Arabia in and I conquered all their oil fields giving me a ton of factories from exporting goods. At this point Kurdistan became an industrial powerhouse, and in a few years a military one too. With the help of the Eurasian alliance I reclaimed Turkish Kurdistan(towns of Diyarbakir and Sanlurfa) in a war with NATO.

Turkey capitulates: ShowHide

More than a year later: ShowHide

The war was a very slow grind with high casualties on all sides. The end result was Kurdistan getting Turkish Kurdistan, Georgia being annexed between Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Ukraine conceding one state to Transistria, Novorossiya, and Russia each, Poland conceding a state to Belarus, the US relinquishing all their islands and territory outside of mainland US except Hawaii, Mexico taking control of the Mexican gulf, Syria getting a core state from Turkey, Algeirs taking control of the Baleares, Canary Islands and Azores, Congo taking control of St. Helena, Ireland incorporating N. Ireland. In the civil unrest during, and following the war Scotland, Island of Crete and Catalonia gained independence, and the governments of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Turkey changed their governments to emerging ideologies and joined Eurasia. Parallel to this, I annexed Kuwait and Qatar.

After this I left the Eurasian Union, and formed the Greater Kurdistan Alliance with my puppets Iraq, Nejd, Daraa, Bahrain and my allies in Jordan and Eritrea. We overthrew the governments in Oman and Yemen, and therefore everything in the Arabian peninsula and most of Syria/Iraq were in our alliance.

Then, we invaded Iran to reclaim Iranian Kurdistan(towns of Urmia and Sanandaj), and Hezbollah was puppeted and joined our alliance.
Iran capitulates: ShowHide

With that I ended my game. Further interesting developments would probably be Eurasia vs Shanghai Pact and who would come out on top, but I'm not sure if I have any more reason to continue the campaign. Kurdistan in 2036 is a nation with the 4th largest army(501 000 soldiers of which most are mechanised and armoured with an airborne branch of 37 000), 6th largest industry(254 factories), and a relatively weak air and naval force due to lack of research power - but still leading a regionally powerful alliance being able to defend the inside and outside borders of all member states.

Global situation overview: ShowHide

Oof, that was the first such thing I wrote for a Paradox game I think, and I have thousands of hours. It was a really engaging campaign though...wish I had more time to play another one. Try it, seriously!

Re: Screenshots and Game Stories
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w e a k
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Re: Screenshots and Game Stories
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guess I'll kick my campaign on here cuz I don't wanna kill myself enough already. During summer sale me and 2 friends (alien is one of em) bought all the shit and started a mega campaign. I started out as Lithuania (one of the smaller parts of the romuva religion thingies). my friend, who I'll call trump cuz (that's his steam name chose Scotland. and alien started as a part of the Netherlands.


I immediately started expanding. eating all of the smaller pagans near me, taking parts of the slowly forming rus and even cucked the polish during revolts a few times. Almost instantly I got most of my holy sites and reformed for the 10000 beserkers. Since I didn't have much to do in terms of advisors I mostly did technology. Quickly my tech was highest in the world.

Scotland made a bad decision it turns out. They rebelled, lost and got stabbed many times until it was only one tiny county left. On the bright side, his genetic experimenting program was going well. Also one of his boys at some point killed fucking William the conquerer in single combat.

Holland too was having problems. He had to deal with uprisings every five seconds because he went protestant early on. He played the politics game in the empire. Eventually making it possible for vassals to attack each other.

(basically, we all took different routes. I expanded without caring for my kings, Scotland died but got amazing characters and Holland played the empire like a fiddle while still having no military power. )


I reached a critical mass point when I finally got my holy order. I took most of Poland and basically anything around me. And then the Great meme wars began. Me and Holland made a pact. I'd kill the empire and Holland would declare independence at the exact same moment. And it finally happened, a holy war for Germany, time to go. Holland declared at the right moment. these were the forces:

My side                                                                                                                                           

Aliens 5-9k troops, some of which were some
weird magical combination of retinues that he found on the internets

My own boys, 6,3k heavy inf retinue. 10k normal troops from my kingdom.
And a special weapon.

my holy order, 10k (not under player control)

Their side:

The near limitless storm of troops of the empire.

france, Hungary, the remainder of Poland and probably some people I forget.

So obviously we were kinda outnumbered. what we did have was not being AI. But remember we aren't actually incredibly experienced at ck2. We moved around, won a few battles. lost a few. outplayed them quite a lot. It wasn't looking very well though. we had a positive war score but all the rest was fucked. My entire army was backed into a corner by a way bigger force. I had a river but it wasn't enough. They had more than double our troops. With nowhere to flee, I waited for the doom. They attacked. The battle started off bad. I lost a quarter of my morale. And then the charge, the glorious charge. Remember I said we had a secret thingy. Well, I had upgraded my warrior battlegrounds. 45 percent extra attack for heavy inf if defending. The enemy died so fast I had no time to realize it before the battle was over. I guess it was just luck combined with good generals combined with heavy infantry being extremely good. With that defeat of most of their forces and some more battles, we won the crusade. Germany was mine.

While this was happening Scotland was slowly reclaiming Scotland.

Frisia (his name now) joined under my rule since I agreed to grand him independence when he asked for it, he just wanted to profit from my protection from uprisings and the such. I forgot there was a holy site in Germany and got immediately holy warred by the Christians. I was actually doing quite well. I had just defeated most of Europe, why not do it again. And then Mongolia attacked. The mongels had taken all of the rus and most of Asia. They were basically the soviet union at this point. But with the help of Frisia, I defended and white peaced against the Mongols as soon as I could. I won the holy war against me decisively after that. I gave Frisia a chunk of Germany after that (including the holy site) and gave him independence.

By this time Scotland had expanded into England and taken Wales, his kings were still ridiculous.


Between then and now then not much has happened. We are about 100 years away from the end of ck2 and we'll move on. Scotland warred with Sweden for a while, he also inherited Italy but decided against keeping it because of vassal limits. It's a battle royale now of single state provinces. He wants to take North America in eu4.
Frisia made a trade empire and earns so much money. he also wants to go into North America. He wants to try to take Spain before the end of ck2 so he can use that. He also got a piece of Paris for no reason xD.
I expanded into Greece by pressing a claim for the kingdom for some guy I found and made mayor. I then promptly dethroned him and took Greece for myself. I want to start a trade union in the Baltic and keep on building more cities in my provinces for that development. I plan to just expand into africa and then maybe taking middle east.

I have no idea what to do in eu4 cuz I haven't played it much at all. Anyone got any tacs for me?

Re: Screenshots and Game Stories
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2018, 08:46:58 PM »


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Sounds like a decent playthrough, wish you accompanied it with some screenshots though. Good luck with the EUIV continuation!

Just finished Life is Strange Season 1. What a game!! Play this if you haven't yet. I got Before the Storm prequel too, hopefully I'll make time soon to play that one.

Mild location spoilers.

Everyone must've screenshoted this: ShowHide

Nice room: ShowHide

Looks like a shit party tbh: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

L u c i d: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

End scene spoiler: ShowHide