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Server: 172nd_Official_EU

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Server: 172nd_Official_EU
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:40:06 PM »


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Server Name: 172nd_Official_EU
Server Owner: Doc Holliday
Server Host: Blue Fang Solutions
Location: London
Version: BF_II_0.92

Administration Team
Doc Holliday-Owner

General Information
172nd_Official_NA is a private server. When not in private use by members of the 172nd and passworded, the community rules apply. These rules can be found here. We expect anyone using the server to abide by these.
Any breaking of rules is punishable as the administrative team sees fit in individual cases. If you see any such cases, inform us here, using the following format.

Brief description of incident:
Your ingame Name:
Their Name:
Date and time of incident:
Any screenshots or videos of the incident:
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