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[ARCHIVE]501st Clone Troopers Legion

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[ARCHIVE]501st Clone Troopers Legion
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The General is the supreme commander of the unit both on the field and outside of it. He is expected to fully commit towards the organization, leadership and well being of the unit.
The Commander is responsible for managing and leading the unit as the General's second in command.
Captains are very respected and experienced leaders in the unit, with at least 18 months of platoon leading experience.
Lieutenants are platoon leaders, responsible for leading and organizing several squads.
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Majors are the most experienced squad leaders, with at least 18 months of leading a squad.
Sergeants are the backbone of the tactical group, they oversee squads of 5-10 troops and manage them on the battlefield.
The Corporal rank is the lowest leadership rank in the unit. Corporals are second in command of the squad they're in, vigorously training to lead a squad of their own one day. They help the squad leader with administrative and leadership duties.
Advanced Recon Commando
Advanced Recon Commandos are the most skilled and the most veteran troops in the unit. Their experience is a result of more than 3 years of service withing the clan, as well as their unmatched skill on the battlefield.
Commandos are respected and recognized soldiers in the unit, with over 24 months of experience and superior skill to all those less experienced.
Elite Trooper
Elite Troopers are a battlefield force to be reckoned with. They are skilled users of specialized weapons and roles, with over 12 months of experience.
Veteran Trooper
Veteran Troopers are the core of the entire Legion, with at least 6 months of experience and weapon specialization.
Advanced Trooper
Advanced Troopers have expanded knowledge on the tactics and weaponry utilized in the unit, and at least 3 months of experience.
Troopers have basic knowledge on the tactics and weaponry utilized in the unit, and at least 1 month of experience.
Cadets are fresh recruits, with little knowledge about the tactics and weaponry in the unit. They may be promoted after one month of active service.


Combat Group
Specialist Group
Tactical Group
Command Group
Jedi Temple

  Advanced Trooper Theretor
  Advanced Trooper Kris
  Advanced Trooper Halberd
  Advanced Trooper Spectro
  Advanced Trooper Echo
  Advanced Trooper Dredd
  Advanced Trooper Alestor
  Advanced Trooper Kubix
  Advanced Trooper Pike
  Advanced Trooper Medic
  Advanced Trooper Wolffy
  Advanced Trooper MrCrowley
  Advanced Trooper Zimpux
  Advanced Trooper Uranus
  Advanced Trooper Chaos
  Advanced Trooper OsgiliathTrio
  Advanced Trooper Saracen
  Advanced Trooper Otto
  Advanced Trooper Geek
  Advanced Trooper Fafnir

  Trooper Neko/Cat
  Trooper MrDutch
  Trooper Nexus
  Trooper Dennyboy
  Trooper Horaz
  Trooper Nicolas
  Trooper John
  Trooper C3llzZ
  Trooper Digoo
  Trooper Rafen
  Trooper Amit
  Trooper Zango
  Trooper Czar
  Trooper Niclaw

  Cadet Joshling
  Cadet Rolam
  Cadet Alf
  Cadet Midaxos
  Cadet Thorn
  Cadet Droidbait
  Cadet Raj
  Cadet Kentish
  Cadet Tiger
  Cadet Farkwad
  Cadet Ginger
  Cadet FatRobin
  Cadet McK
  Cadet Cody
  Cadet Bilbo
  Cadet Smeagol
  Cadet Rooky
  Cadet Dustin
  Cadet Dimaethor
  Cadet Boogeyman
  Cadet Mr.Chow
  Cadet Coda
  Cadet Preacher
  Cadet Ninja
  Cadet TheGodfather070
  Cadet Skeletor
  Advanced Recon Commando - Eye4567
  Advanced Recon Commando - Romenia/Spots
  Advanced Recon Commando - Rat03

  Commando - PauCat
  Commando - Ianitori
  Commando - Forger
  Commando - Chaos
  Commando - Axko
  Commando - Josef
  Commando - Doom
  Commando - CodePhantom

  Elite Trooper - Svoboda
  Elite Trooper - Thunder
  Elite Trooper - Zann
  Elite Trooper - Nuno
  Elite Trooper - Aspen
  Elite Trooper - Nordic
  Elite Trooper - Dargo

  Veteran Trooper Dokhnuts
  Veteran Trooper Nico
  Veteran Trooper Gribly
  Veteran Trooper Speedy
  Veteran Trooper Hardcase
  Veteran Trooper Sev
  Veteran Trooper Manno
  Veteran Trooper Jimmy
  Veteran Trooper Skittles
  Veteran Trooper Peter
  Veteran Trooper Horns
  Veteran Trooper Rex23
  Veteran Trooper George
  Veteran Trooper Luckyben456
  Veteran Trooper Valdemar
  Veteran Trooper Exima
  Veteran Trooper Velorn
  Veteran Trooper Hawkeye
  Veteran Trooper Verlorene
  Sergeant Major - ShadowDK

  Sergeant - Ibrahana
  Sergeant - Vengeful
  Sergeant - Carlos
  Sergeant - Mark
  Sergeant - Games
  Sergeant - Nightfuego
  Sergeant - Jm Von Cat
  Sergeant - Dioxas

  Corporal - Jorg
  Corporal - Gazerbeam
  Corporal - Duncan
  Corporal - Scoris
  Corporal - Richard
  Corporal - Green
  Corporal - Chainsor
  Corporal - Winter Wolf
  Corporal - Nightmare
  Corporal - Annatar
  General - Marko

  Commander - Xerone

  Lieutenant - Spitfireboy
  Lieutenant - Gree
  Lieutenant - Stealthhunter
  Master - Sleekphantom
  Master - Max
  Warden - Malkoros
  Knight - Stevemiff71
  Padawan - Xihe
  Padawan - Exmarius


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Combat Group
Specialist Group
Tactical Group
Command Group
Jedi Temple
  Advanced Trooper Valkyrie
  Advanced Trooper Adam
  Advanced Trooper HunBun
  Advanced Trooper Rashka
  Advanced Trooper BlackDestiny
  Advanced Trooper Grafton
  Advanced Trooper StrandedMotion
  Advanced Trooper Diamond63
  Advanced Trooper Rys
  Advanced Trooper Starkiller
  Advanced Trooper Swundead
  Advanced Trooper Dinkelwinkels
  Advanced Trooper Sideswipe
  Advanced Trooper Firestorm
  Advanced Trooper Greggor
  Advanced Trooper Naytham
  Advanced Trooper Zanetopia
  Advanced Trooper Cytiuz
  Advanced Trooper Hayes
  Advanced Trooper Birf

Trooper Luckyleol
Trooper Bernard
Trooper Basch
Trooper Lau
Trooper Harp
Trooper Crimsonite
Trooper Wulfric
Trooper Sage
Trooper Slyph
Trooper Aztek
Trooper Rikkert
Trooper Delta
Trooper Kohai
Trooper Lectus
Trooper Thire
Trooper Torthugo
Trooper Drakoy
Trooper Breeze
Trooper Kyle
Trooper Thor
Trooper Droid
Trooper Brit
Trooper Torthugo
Trooper Braddock
Trooper Sven
Trooper Laalaa
Trooper Kenome
Trooper Bob
Trooper Hawes
Trooper Hercules
Trooper Juan
Trooper Chant
Trooper Greagoir
Trooper Reip
Trooper Ugoindown
Trooper Dakan
Trooper Cali
Trooper Drago
Trooper Blazing
Trooper Billy
Trooper Aldrailios
Trooper Tofem
Trooper Viperious
Trooper Rifleman
Trooper Jarilov
Trooper Slypear
Trooper Jcl1
Trooper Gaz
Trooper Nathaniel
Trooper FisterCuffs
Trooper RaginAsain
Trooper SirBee
Trooper _Irishflynn
Trooper MaceSwindu
Trooper Angerfist
Trooper Heavy
Trooper Sixes
Trooper Moen
Trooper Tibomzai
Trooper Freddy
Trooper Laggy
Trooper Grim
Trooper Sulu
Trooper Omega
Trooper T_T
Trooper Ben
Trooper GodPain
Trooper Jontti
Trooper Lowie
Trooper Ned_Stark
Trooper Cragmite
Trooper Mitchel
Trooper Tact
Trooper Patch
Trooper Deadwulf
Trooper Sir Olaf
Trooper Stoney
Trooper Walter
Trooper MidgetPanda
Trooper wardog
Trooper Roran
Trooper Gwailin
Trooper Ansley
Trooper Ikaros
Trooper Jude
Trooper Ismar
Trooper Telthar
Trooper Croxy
Trooper Kuboo
Trooper Lordvader59
Trooper Bartieman
Trooper Soren003
Trooper O'Neil
Trooper Horla
Trooper Cmot
Trooper VodkaLover
Trooper Alcatraz/Ivy
Trooper Lean
Trooper Silen
Trooper Muckles
Trooper Ginger
Trooper Stoneheart
Trooper Law
Trooper Bernan
Trooper Ethan
Trooper Wabit
Trooper Samilou
Trooper Shovenio
Trooper BaconNatroz
Trooper Rifleman
Trooper Tole
Trooper Money
Trooper Malcolm
Trooper Revan
Trooper Gman
Trooper Pontan
Trooper Masterporn
Trooper Geert
Trooper GeoTheBrave
Trooper Scorch
Trooper Daniel
Trooper TheCan
Trooper Swalice
Trooper Xanthior
Trooper RexZE
Trooper Roundedstraw
Trooper Nuekboi
Trooper Nandoes
Trooper Rymimer
Trooper Semple
Trooper Kingsman
Trooper Birdel
Trooper Sidious
Trooper Zytum
Trooper SundayRoast
Trooper Wolvenspirit
Trooper Mestersix
Trooper Telhar
Trooper Saruman
Trooper Predict
Trooper Luke
Trooper Akanoth
Trooper Whiskey
Trooper AlekoTheGreek
Trooper Mowlegod
Trooper Palmo
Trooper Pong Pearson
Trooper Wolfman
Trooper McLaughs
Trooper Vierwood
Trooper LegendaryKiller
Trooper Zarenx
Trooper DomDowg
Trooper Seffaf
Trooper Jorsonner
Trooper Benzili
Trooper Bugboy
Trooper Caskie
Trooper Glenny
Trooper Fives
Trooper Hypermimi
Trooper Jay
Trooper Jessie
Trooper Johan
Trooper Kapi
Trooper NegroEspia
Trooper Stormlord
Trooper Kristofski
Trooper Legend
Trooper Lobelas
Trooper MadJedi
Trooper Marchow
Trooper Marlon
Trooper Morpheus

Cadet Nedkil
Cadet Nuzgar
Cadet Minigonebad
Cadet Scotty
Cadet Sergei
Cadet Shadows
Cadet Skill
Cadet Karthi
Cadet Stormy
Cadet Zombie
Cadet Muffin
Cadet Chab
Cadet Echo(Murdoch)
Cadet GavinClone Apollo
Cadet Calum
Cadet Scottyboi
Cadet Chab
Cadet Echo(Murdoch)
  Advanced Recon Commando - Scout

  Commando - Kinghaas
  Commando - Firdon
  Commando - DasDoughnut22
  Commando - Blacktack

  Elite Trooper - Pyre
  Elite Trooper - Domi
  Elite Trooper - Cypher
  Elite Trooper - Hornblower
  Elite Trooper - BL4Iz
  Elite Trooper - Savage/Mezzy
  Elite Trooper - Dijamant
  Elite Trooper - Berten

Veteran Trooper Ballen
Veteran Trooper Bostjan
Veteran Trooper Atomic Chicken
Veteran Trooper Bloody
Veteran Trooper Caboose
Veteran Trooper Cuddlesworth
Veteran Trooper Mundi
Veteran Trooper Heidlebruch
Veteran Trooper Hughsie
Veteran Trooper Monotone
Veteran Trooper Ghost
Veteran Trooper TopHatPenguin
Veteran Trooper WorBazza
Veteran Trooper NipplesMcGee
Veteran Trooper Rambo
Veteran Trooper Simon
Veteran Trooper Xartez
Veteran Trooper Vlad
Veteran Trooper Jerk
Veteran Trooper Cena
Veteran Trooper Onahara
Veteran Trooper Pilgrim
Veteran Trooper Fox
Veteran Trooper Kenneth
Veteran Trooper Justinian
Veteran Trooper SD3W
Veteran Trooper DORRON
Veteran Trooper British Kebab
Veteran Trooper Charon
Veteran Trooper Michael
Veteran Trooper SmithzY
Veteran Trooper Robb_Stark
Veteran Trooper AbnormalShadows
Veteran Trooper Xartez
Veteran Trooper Forren
Veteran Trooper Juncoph
Veteran Trooper Gamborg
Veteran Trooper Kaliber(Ponds)
Veteran Trooper Jacail(Skirata)
Veteran Trooper Spartaman
Veteran Trooper Juvia
Veteran Trooper Proteus
Veteran Trooper JeppeHelt
Veteran Trooper Casey
Veteran Trooper Sadman
Veteran Trooper Pickup
Veteran Trooper N1kma
Veteran Trooper Bren
  Sergeant Major - Dangerouswelsh

  Sergeant - Frank
  Sergeant - Conkayne
  Sergeant - Zerogravity
  Sergeant - Bbox
  Sergeant - Quake
  Sergeant - Hound
  Sergeant - Macca
  Sergeant - Colax
  Sergeant - Kessie
  Sergeant - Tjapman
  Sergeant - Akichii

  Corporal - DukeFlow
  Corporal - Lolman1c
  Corporal - Jellopeno
  Corporal - Thorrider
  Corporal - Darkcatman

  Captain - JordanOfMercia
  Captain - RadCrusher

  Knight - CRUSADER
  Knight - Leo Ivanov
  Knight - 8
  Knight - Atomic Alex
  Padawan - Coffee

Medals and Ribbons
Hero of the 501st
The highest ribbon anyone can achieve in the Legion, this ribbon is extremely hard to earn. All you have to do is eliminated at least 12 opponents as the last man standing, and secure the victory.
Distinguished Service Ribbon
The Distinguished Service Ribbon is given to a select few soldiers who participated and greatly contributed to the Legion's competitive trophies.
Founder Ribbon
The Founder Ribbon recognizes the founding members of the Legion.
Jedi Temple
The Jedi Temple Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who served as Jedi, a very important and crucial role.
Sharpshooter Medal
The Sharpshooter Medal Ribbon is earned by getting at least 10(ten) headshots in a round.
Marksmanship Medal
The Marksmanship Medal Ribbon is earned by getting at least 5(five) headshots in a round.
Cross of Valour
The Cross of Valour Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who showed extreme bravery in difficult situations, which secured victory for the Legion.
Cross of Courage
The Cross of Courage Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who showed great bravery in difficult situations and managed to come out on top.
Master Recruiter
The Master Recruiter Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who managed to recruit over 15 people to the Legion.
Service Time: 2013.
Served throughout the year 2013.
Service Time: 2014.
Served throughout the year 2014.
Service Time: 2015.
Served throughout the year 2015.
Service Time: 2016.
Served throughout the year 2016.
Service Time: 2017.
Served throughout the year 2017.

Order of Battle
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How To Join
Add BNS Marko(click on the name, has a link), BNS Sleekphantom or BNS JordanOfMercia
Make sure you have Teamspeak and the latest mod version.


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It hurts to see the new ranks and all those names, I...donít feel so good......Mr Marko.......

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It hurts to see the new ranks and all those names, I...donít feel so good......Mr Marko.......

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You could say the same with like 80% of the people here if not more (Is it really worth being updated)

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This is very much an archived post. I'll get my act together and make a new one soon.