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Welcome To The New Forum!
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:41:54 PM »


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Greetings everyone, and welcome to the new forum. Please take a few minutes to read the next few paragraphs!

We're moving forward with a new, elegant, modern design. We'll be working to make things more organized, and implement the best plugins available for better user experience and variety.

The forums may have not had great activity during 2017/18, however they always served an important information role for mod and community players. Besides this, the plan is to make the forums more appealing to the users. It is a very important tool for organization, and you can expect that from now on the forum will contain topics or information that you will need to read in order to participate in some special events, promotions etc. The forum is open to the entire mod and other community. We've got a bunch of different boards so feel free to post stuff.

The forums aren't 100% ready yet due to some visual bugs here and there, as well as the ranks, roles & rules not being final. However, there is little point in delaying the whole thing and we'll just create it according to user experience. Enjoy!

Some links to kick it off:

Forum & Community Rules
New WW2 Warband mod - sign up for events with our group

Stuff for nerds:

We're now on SMF 2.0.15. Feel free to post links to any SMF plugins you might have found, but bear in mind they will not be added unless they are compatible with 2.0.15. An exception may be made if I conclude it will still work correctly.

Plugins implemented so far:

Plugins to implement:
  • SMF Shop - if we come up with nice shop ideas

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