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Official Event Rules

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Official Event Rules
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:15:22 PM »


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Event Rules
The following set of rules, applies to any and all events hosted on the official servers.

General Rules:
- Capturing the flag is banned unless the event host says otherwise
- If a regiment/clan has less than four members by the time the event starts, they will not be assigned any special roles
- If a regiment wishes to give away their jedi/jet/rocket class they must tell the host before doing so
- Camping/delaying can be punishable if rounds take too long
- Derogatory/Discriminatory remarks based on race, religion, sexuality, gender or other sensitive topics are banned
        *The rule stated above extends to player usernames and clan tags
- For the round to be reset it needs to be requested within the first 20 seconds as well as have a viable reason
        *If a group of people are found to be trolling together, the round will not be reset for them
- If a public player has taken a class which is restricted to them, players are to report it to the event host. Teamkilling of any kind is not permitted.

Class rules:
- Each team receives one Jedi which will be assigned by an admin. If there are under 30 players the jedi is replaced by a padawan
- Each team receives two jet troopers which will be assigned by an admin. If there are under 15 players there will be no jet troopers
- Each team receives one rocket launcher which is assigned by an admin. If there are under 30 players there will be norocket launcher
- If you are a public player, you are not permitted to play as a Jet, Jedi, Padawan or Rocket, unless stated otherwise by the host
- 1 specialist for every 5 players. Specialists include: Shielder, sniper, commando and Heavy/B2
        *Specialist rules do not apply to public players
- If clan members are caught pretending to be public players while communicating vocally, they will be punished
        *If a player is found to be vocally coordinating with a clan, they will count towards the specialist limit of that regiment/clan
- ARC Troopers and Magna Guards are limited to 1 per 5 players

- All and any glitches are banned. This list of banned glitches includes, but is not limited to:
      *Escaping the intended map limits
      *Teleporting inside props
      *Changing class before map reset to give equipment/ability buffs
- Trolling is banned. Depending on the excessiveness of the offence, the admin may slay or kick. A temporary ban may be applied if the offences are repeated. 'Trolling' refers to, but is not limited to;
      *Intentional Blocking
      *Excessive teamhitting
      *Excessive teamkilling