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Events / Official Event Rules
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:15:22 PM »
Event Rules
The following set of rules, applies to any and all events hosted on the official servers.

General Rules:
- Capturing the flag is banned unless the event host says otherwise
- If a regiment/clan has less than four members by the time the event starts, they will not be assigned any special roles
- If a regiment wishes to give away their jedi/jet/rocket class they must tell the host before doing so
- Camping/delaying can be punishable if rounds take too long
- Derogatory/Discriminatory remarks based on race, religion, sexuality, gender or other sensitive topics are banned
        *The rule stated above extends to player usernames and clan tags
- For the round to be reset it needs to be requested within the first 20 seconds as well as have a viable reason
        *If a group of people are found to be trolling together, the round will not be reset for them
- If a public player has taken a class which is restricted to them, players are to report it to the event host. Teamkilling of any kind is not permitted.

Class rules:
- Each team receives one Jedi which will be assigned by an admin. If there are under 30 players the jedi is replaced by a padawan
- Each team receives two jet troopers which will be assigned by an admin. If there are under 15 players there will be no jet troopers
- Each team receives one rocket launcher which is assigned by an admin. If there are under 30 players there will be norocket launcher
- If you are a public player, you are not permitted to play as a Jet, Jedi, Padawan or Rocket, unless stated otherwise by the host
- 1 specialist for every 5 players. Specialists include: Shielder, sniper, commando and Heavy/B2
        *Specialist rules do not apply to public players
- If clan members are caught pretending to be public players while communicating vocally, they will be punished
        *If a player is found to be vocally coordinating with a clan, they will count towards the specialist limit of that regiment/clan
- ARC Troopers and Magna Guards are limited to 1 per 5 players

- All and any glitches are banned. This list of banned glitches includes, but is not limited to:
      *Escaping the intended map limits
      *Teleporting inside props
      *Changing class before map reset to give equipment/ability buffs
- Trolling is banned. Depending on the excessiveness of the offence, the admin may slay or kick. A temporary ban may be applied if the offences are repeated. 'Trolling' refers to, but is not limited to;
      *Intentional Blocking
      *Excessive teamhitting
      *Excessive teamkilling

General Discussion & Suggestions / Gamemode Suggestions!
« on: December 02, 2018, 09:19:01 PM »
Hello! Following today's event (02/12/2018) i've realised that events can be much more enjoyable if things are changed occasionally. The average battle round can get quite repetitive and boring after a while. Because of this I believe it would be a good idea to consult the community on possible gamemodes or suggestions for the events hosted by the community's Administration. If you have any ideas for gamemodes or other event related suggestions feel free to post them below!

Already existing gamemodes include:

VIP Escort
Order 66
Capture Point/ Flag Rush
And of course the usual battle, siege and conquest

Clans / The Kingdom of Onderon
« on: September 15, 2018, 06:58:26 PM »

Onderon is a jungle world located within the Inner rim, the planet surface is marked with savage jungles filled with dangerous creatures. Because of this the human population lived in large walled cities. The planet's capital is Iziz, and the government is ruled over 8 different royal houses: Dendup, Bonteri, Taevarion, Oveiden, Kira, Bonaga, Rash and Vaklu
The Unifar Temple
Spoiler: ShowHide

The Laithra, refugees from a war-torn sector of the galaxy, were early human onderonian colonists. It is unkown when they first arrived at the planet however less than two days after the laithra landed down, a tenth of the refugees were killed by the planets predators, parasites and diseases.Whilst living in tribes, the strongest and largest propsed the unification of all the tribes so that they could survive and prosper. This tribe were the precursors of the House of Dendup. House Dendup is the royal family of the Kingdom of Onderon, House Dendupts seat of power is the Unifar Temple and served as both the royal palace and the center of politics and government.The maxim for House Dendup is Forged out of fire. which constitutes the belief that trials and difficulties surpassed only serve to strengthen in the end, as well as the belief that true strength can only come out of enduring adversities.
Dendup Banner
Spoiler: ShowHide

Paladin Guard
The Paladin Guard (colloquially known as the Royal Protectors, Order of Unifar Knights or the Paladins) is the Elite corps of Onderons military forces who were raised in expectation to become a paladin, rivaled only by the Oialėtirith the members of the paladins were picked out from members of the Royal houses. The highest priority of the Paladins is to protect the reigning royal family and members of the Unifar Temple.

Spoiler: ShowHide

The Oialėtirith, also known as Onderons Royal Special forces is an elite military force of onderon. Translating to "Forever Watch" the Oialėtirith are rarely seen inside the kingdoms borders and operate near the borders combating pirates, raiders and off-world threats. The Oialėtirith is populated mostly by elite soldiers of house Vaklu. Due to their work in preventing external threats the Oialėtirith often work closely with the paladin guard and the two units often spend time training together.

Spoiler: ShowHide

The Jedi Temple
The jedi Temple of onderon is located 30km from Iziz, Onderon's capital. The temple was built within the stormplains, a region of onderon that has freqently occuring atmospheric ionic storms, meaning repulsorlift technology is inoperal outside the temple's ion shields. Granting the temple isolation and peace from the rest of Onderon.

Due to Onderons history with the Church of the force, the jedi were seen as saviours when they ended the siths rule of onderon. Because of this, the master of Onderons temple is given the honourary title of "Telimbectar", which translates to "Swordsman of heaven".

Spoiler: ShowHide


How to join
Add us on steam! We're always welcoming new members


Clans / 13th Galactic Army [Disbanded]
« on: July 14, 2018, 12:43:46 AM »

Who are we?
The 13th Galactic army is a clan based in the Old Republic. Whilst relatively new to the mod, the 13th is  to all players of the Bear Force II community. With a seasoned commander and welcoming members our goal is to keep the events as lively and interesting as we can. We like to keep the clan organised whilst also enjoying ourselves in the process.With an advanced training system and jedi trials along with several different medals, there are multiple things in the clan to challenge yourself to do better! If you wish to join the clan add General Mark or Commander Ianitori.

Forlorn Hope

Strong alone, stronger together

Squad Leader
General Mark

Second in command
General Bodyguard Scoris

Bodyguard Cat
Bodyguard Fixer


Mountain goats are fucking sick

Squad leader
Commander Ianitori

Second in Command


Rank Format






Events / Event Times!
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:37:12 PM »

8 PM BST (3 PM EST) - EU Event


8 PM BST (3 PM EST) - EU Event

11 PM BST (6 PM EST) - NA Event


8 PM BST (3 PM EST) - EU Event

11 PM BST (6 PM EST) - NA Event


11 PM BST (6 PM EST) - NA Event

Servers / Server: BearForceII_Playground
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:29:37 AM »
Server Name: BearForceII_Playground
Server Owner BNS_Mark
Server Host Beyond Servers.
Location: France

Administration Team

General Information
BearforceII_Playground is a public server for anyone who wishes to play Bear Force. Hosted by BNS_Mark, the server is administrated by the Community Admin team along with clan admins from the 13th and 501st. Events are hosted on the server every Wednesday and Saturday at 8PM GMT.

As BearforceII_Playground is the official public server for the mod, it abides by the community rules that can be found on the Discord. As such, please inform us of any trolling (such as teamkilling or spamming) and offensive language (such as racism)

Brief description of incident:
Your Ingame Name:
Their Name:
Date and time of incident:
Any screenshots or videos of the incident:

General Discussion & Suggestions / Bugs and glitches!
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:49:25 PM »
Please post any bugs or glitches here in the following format:

Bug/Glitch Name:
Description of Bug/Glitch
Evidence (Screenshots or video):

General Discussion & Suggestions / Bear Force II Guides
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:33:51 PM »
Here is a list of all the guides that you can find for bearforce!

Bear Force II Admin Guide:

Bear Force II Jedi Guides:

Disclaimer: The following guides may be outdated due to when they were uploaded but still have some use.

Bear Force II General faction knowledge ( Clone wars only):

Bear Force II Shielder Guide:

If you are an active bearforce player and you happen to create a guide, please message me so i can add to the list!

General Discussion & Suggestions / Suggestions!
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:07:25 PM »
If you have any ideas/Suggestions about the mod, feel free to post them here.

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