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The Lounge - General Discussion / Christmas Giveaway 2018
« on: December 12, 2018, 07:36:24 PM »
Christmas Giveaway 2018

Introduction Text
Welcome everyone, to the sixth annual Bad Name Studios Christmas Giveaway! The holiday season is coming up, and with it lots of time for everyone to enjoy some games in the warm, cozy comfort of their houses while the snow is falling. This year's giveaway is by far the one with the most games we've ever done, with 94 premium games for the main giveaway, and 52 games for the secondary giveaway. The total added MSRP value of these is an astonishing 2,709.64€! Since we're on a new forum now there's unfortunately no archived data remaining of the previous editions of the giveaway, however the giveaways are undoubtedly getting more and more generous with every new year. The very first giveaway in 2013.(back under the Gamers Association banner) started the tradition with five games, and last year's giveaway had 62 games. None of this would have been possible without the amazing efforts of our traditional Santa, Duke Jordan of Mercia who contributed an incredible 81 games. This year's giveaway was boosted even further by Rangah(a renowned Mercenaries player) with 25 games, Svoboda with 31 games, and myself with 11 games.

The ruleset and ticket distribution this year has significantly changed, so please make sure to read the Rules & System section carefully. All the images have a URL leading to the Steam page of the game.

There are many AAA games, AA, and indie games of virtually any genre. With some looking around - everyone should be able to find a few things they like. Really, click all the games, check their value, reviews, genre. Plenty of hidden gems are put into the giveaway every year.

Rules & System
  • There are three independent tiers of games you can enter the giveaway for.
  • Each BNS member gets a base number of five tickets per every tier(15 in total).
  • Additional tickets for non-BNS and BNS members can be earned by merit as follows:
    • 3 tickets for each tier for members of the winning team of BFAC
    • 2 tickets for each tier for members of the second placed team of BFAC
    • 1 ticket for each tier for members of the third placed team of BFAC
    • 3 tickets for each tier for members of the community administration and community management team on Bear Force II.
    • 3 tickets for each tier for active developers of the mod.
  • You can distribute the tickets within any tier however you like. E.g. if you have five tickets in every tier, put the three tickets on tier 1 on one game, another ticket on a second game, last ticket on a third game. You can do this differently for each tier.
  • Use the application format to distribute the tickets. Please use the format correctly and as specified, there's even an example provided. Bad application formats will not be taken into account.
  • Do NOT edit your application post. If you want to change your mind, use the edit application template.
  • The lists will be locked on 27th December 2018., at 23:59 GMT. The draw will be livestreamed a few days after.
  • If any games should remain undistributed, anyone who potentially hasn't won any game will be given some to pick. If that still leaves some games, they'll join the secondary giveaway for everyone to share.
  • You can read your ticket status at the bottom of the thread
  • If you haven't gained the right to any tickets in this giveaway(likely because you aren't a BNS member or haven't earned any merit points), we have organised a secondary giveaway open to everyone.

Tier 1

Dark Souls III + Ashes of Ariandel
God Eater 2 Rage Burst
Dungeons 3
Torment: Tides of Numenera

Cities: Skylines + After Dark DLC
Cities: Skylines + After Dark DLC
Conan Exiles
Hearts of Iron IV

Mafia III + Sign of the Times
Overwatch(+ Lootboxes)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Styx: Shards of Darkness
The Dwarves

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition + Ragnarök
Yooka - Laylee
Lichdom: Battlemage
Guns of Icarus Alliance: Collector's Edition
Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
Dead Rising 4
Destiny 2
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience

Resident Evil Revelations
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
A Hat in Time
Outlast 2
Kerbal Space Program

Tier 2
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut
Batman: Arkham Origins
7 Days to Die
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Two Worlds II: Velvet Edition
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
Dead Island Definitive Edition
American Truck Simulator

Forged Battalion
Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition
Last Day of June
Last Day of June

Life is Strange Season 1
Little Nightmares
Nex Machina
Portal Knights

The Escapists 2
The Sexy Brutale
The Sexy Brutale

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Scribblenauts Unlimited

Tier 3
AER Memories of Old
Aviary Attorney
Black the Fall
Gremlins, Inc.
Hollow Knight

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!
Mr. Shifty
Seasons After Fall
Serial Cleaner
The Final Station

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
ICY: Frostbite Edition
Pathologic Classic HD
Zombie Night Terror
Moon Hunters

Old Man's Journey
Crazy Machines 3
Lost Castle
Scanner Sombre

The Norwood Suite
The Norwood Suite
The Shrouded Isle
We Were Here Too
Hidden Folks

Silence of the Sleep
12 is Better Than 6

Ticket Distribution
Check your ticket count here: ShowHide

Please read the rules. All ticket numbers apply to each tier.

BNS members:
Akira - 5 tickets
AxKo - 5 tickets
Chainsor - 5 tickets
Chaos - 5 tickets
Conkayne - 5 tickets
Dangerouswelsh - 5 tickets
Duncan - 5 tickets
Eye4567 - 5 tickets
Fixer - 5 tickets
Games - 5 tickets
Gree - 5 tickets
Greeny - 5 tickets
Ibrahana - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)
JordanOfMercia - 5 tickets
Kinghaas - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)
Mark - 8 tickets (Active developer)
Marko - 10 tickets(Active developer + BFAC #2)
MatiasHogden - 11 tickets(Community administration + BFAC #1)
Max - 5 tickets
Nuno - 5 tickets
Owen - 5 tickets
Richard - 5 tickets
Romenia - 5 tickets
Scoris - 5 tickets
ShadowDK - 5 tickets
Sleekphantom - 10 tickets (Community administration + BFAC #2)
Spitfireboy - 5 tickets
Stealthunt5r_666 - 5 tickets
Stevemiff - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)
Svoboda - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)
Thorrider - 5 tickets
Vengeful - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)
Whiskey - 5 tickets
Xerone - 7 tickets(BFAC #2)

Ianitori - 4 tickets(BFAC #3 plus com. administration)
Akreal - 4 tickets(BFAC #3 plus com. administration)
Axe - 1 ticket(BFAC #3)
BiggusDickus - 1 ticket(BFAC #3)
Neyth -  1 ticket(BFAC #3)
Rage - 1 ticket(BFAC #3)
Alestor - 1 ticket(BFAC #3)
Echo - 1 ticket(BFAC #3)

Dozhdya -  6 tickets(BFAC #1 + Active developer)
Silas42 - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Flint - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Sirius - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Respecc - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Exmarius - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Cone - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Theodore - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)
Jaca - 3 tickets(BFAC#1)

Application form
Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] -

[b]Steam profile URL:[/b] -

[b]Tier 1 tickets:[/b]

[b]Tier 2 tickets:[/b]

[b]Tier 3 tickets:[/b]

Application edit form(if you are editing your choices)
The red warning and new post will make it significantly easier for us to keep track of everything.
Code: [Select]
[color=red][b]This is an edit form[/b][/color]

[b]Name:[/b] -

[b]Steam profile URL:[/b] -

[b]Tier 1 tickets:[/b]

[b]Tier 2 tickets:[/b]

[b]Tier 3 tickets:[/b]

Example form(with 5 tickets)

In this example, I have been assigned 5 tickets. This means I can use five in each tier.

Example: ShowHide
Name: Marko

Steam profile URL:

Tier 1 tickets:

The Dwaves - 5 tickets

Tier 2 tickets:

Wasteland 2 - 2 tickets
Life is Strange - 3 tickets

Tier 3 tickets:

Deadlight - 1 ticket
The Shrouded Isle - 1 ticket
Aviary Attorney - 1 ticket
Old Man's Journey - 1 ticket
Scanner Sombre - 1 ticket

Clans / Clan Creation Guidelines & Helpful Information
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:14:00 PM »
I'm going to fill out this thread with some more info later.

Thread templates

General Discussion & Suggestions / Shadow Collective Faction Announcement
« on: November 28, 2018, 10:09:33 PM »
I'm just going to use this thread to be able to brainstorm and organise the next new faction idea.

The new faction design is an attempt to introduce an entirely assymetric, seemingly 'unbalanced' faction. It doesn't follow the absolute balance rules(symmetric classes, weapon categories etc.), and it doesn't have a specific counter-faction.

The idea was born after inspecting some Turmoil Across the Stars assets, Mongol has designed practically every single outfit and most of the weapons we'd need to equip either of the factions we decide to implement, therefore we can do this in a realtively 'free' way in terms of time and resources!

Shadow Collective

The Shadow Collective was very short lived coalition of the Hutt Cartel, Nightsisters, Death Watch, and the Black Sun crime syndicates.

Key traits:
  • Less asymmetric warfare(more limited force users and lack of only the top military grade weapons being the only drawbacks)
  • Higher base movement speed for light units
  • Only lightly lighter weaponry compared to other factions
  • High uniform and appearance modularity
  • Less potent force users.
  • Highly potent melee weapons for all classes

Class list:
  • Nightsister
    Spoiler: ShowHide

  • Hutt Guard - Medium/Light armoured, equipped with standard and light blasters. Standard infantry unit.
    Spoiler: ShowHide

  • Black Sun Soldier - Heavily armoured, heavy machine gun and heavy weapons specialists for the Shadow Collective
    Spoiler: ShowHide

  • Hutt Marksman - Medium armoured, sniper and marksman weapons.
    Spoiler: ShowHide
  • Smuggler - Very lightly armoured, fast moving, unconventional weapon equipped troops.
    Spoiler: ShowHide

  • Supercommando - Medium armoured, equipped with jetpacks.
    Spoiler: ShowHide

General Discussion & Suggestions / Jobs & Tasks | Community Notice Board
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:56:34 PM »
Like every good system that wants to exploit people, we're setting up a notice board for jobs & tasks, which enables you, the super helpful and knowledgeable player to help us reach our 1.0 release goal!

All of these are related to the Road to 1.0 project which you can track on our Trello board. The board is a work in progress.

Some can be completed by multiple people with their own design and idea, and we'll take the best one or more often - mix the best ideas from them.

Available tasks:
· Write voice lines for our new voice artists that will be used for all the classes that lack voice lines and war cries. This includes: Jedi, Sith, Old Republic troops, Sith Empire troops, Galactic Empire troops, Rebel troops. You can write voice lines for any of them if you have enough inspiration. Please keep them under 6 words, and without too much noise and complexity. Think about what would be heard and understood well in the mod, but also fits the faction/troop. Example submission format:
Voice lines:
Faction name:
  • Voice Line
  • Voice Line
· The task of reporting bugs over at the bugs and glitches thread is always in progress.

Keep in mind most tasks can be worked on by multiple people, this category uses to keep track of who's doing what so you don't join one that might already have a bunch of variety to it.
  • -
  • -

  • -
  • -

Off Topic / Screenshots and Game Stories
« on: September 20, 2018, 12:31:08 PM »
Post your screenshot and/or game stories!

!!! Content quantity warning !!!

Elder Kings - Evvv's Crusader Kings II mod. It feels polished, there's a good magic mechanic and the item mechanic was awesome. Maybe the items are vanilla CK2 with the new DLCs though, I haven't played in years. Unfortunately I don't know all that much about TES lore so I picked the most bland option to play, it was fun for a while.

It took a while to unite Skyrim since I started with eastern provinces only: ShowHide

Kvatch is engulfed in the flames of rebellion: ShowHide

I don't hesitate, and take the chance: ShowHide

The Empire is formed: ShowHide

Hearts of Iron IV - Modern Day 4 Mod with Added Decisions, Full Country Name and Player Led Peace Conference submods. Best mod I played so far for HoI IV, and it is still in its infancy. Almost no countries have focus trees and a lot is still under development but this mod attempts to 'proxify' the global conflicts more and make head on engagements less frequent. Of course, you'll notice that there still was NATO vs Eurasian big war in the screenshots, but that's because I pushed for it. The armies are also downsized to brigade scale, and you can make a lot more variation betwen brigades to form armies that perform different roles. Creating different types of airborne brigades to project power worldwide and protect allies was really satisfying. It'll be an even bigger blast once the mod is a lot more developed!

End result, and map you can use to follow my little story: ShowHide

Basically I jumped into 2017 as Kurdistan with the towns of Erbil, Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah under my control together with the territory above Mosul. I found myself at war with ISIS. The Iraqi army and my YPG militia pushed ISIS out of Iraq, with my forces controlling the very important town of Mosul. Then, the Iraqis demanded subjugation and annexation back into Iraq which I promptly refused. They responded with invading and taking the town of Kirkuk which sparked another civil war that took many years to win since Iraq was superior in equipment and somewhat equal in armed force size. The added mechanics of importing equipment and smuggling equipment via cost of political power helped me out significantly, but crippled my economy for a while(there's a whole new economy mechanic in the mod with GDP/taxes).

After freeing myself from Iraq and taking the town of Samarra for my new country as war reparations, I spent some time getting enough equipment to re-arm for an offensive against Rojava which held the towns of Al-Hasakah and Afrin, and ISIS which controlled Raqqa, Palmira and Deir ez-Zor. The situation in Syria was a total stalemate, Al Nusra was holding out in Idilib, and the FSA had strongholds left in northern Aleppo and Daraa.

I swept through the Rojava territory and gained a wider frontline on ISIS which I managed to conquer with little help from Assad's forces. Since I held most of the territory, I incorporated it all into my state. We captured a lot of equipment and expanded our forces. Next, I helped take out Al-Nusra and the FSA but there were no territorial changes since I forgot I was using player led peace conferences and didn't give any territory to Assad once we won the wars.

At this point I joined the Eurasian Union with Russia, India, Mexico and another 20+ countries. I re-invaded some parts of Syria which drew Saudi Arabia in and I conquered all their oil fields giving me a ton of factories from exporting goods. At this point Kurdistan became an industrial powerhouse, and in a few years a military one too. With the help of the Eurasian alliance I reclaimed Turkish Kurdistan(towns of Diyarbakir and Sanlurfa) in a war with NATO.

Turkey capitulates: ShowHide

More than a year later: ShowHide

The war was a very slow grind with high casualties on all sides. The end result was Kurdistan getting Turkish Kurdistan, Georgia being annexed between Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Ukraine conceding one state to Transistria, Novorossiya, and Russia each, Poland conceding a state to Belarus, the US relinquishing all their islands and territory outside of mainland US except Hawaii, Mexico taking control of the Mexican gulf, Syria getting a core state from Turkey, Algeirs taking control of the Baleares, Canary Islands and Azores, Congo taking control of St. Helena, Ireland incorporating N. Ireland. In the civil unrest during, and following the war Scotland, Island of Crete and Catalonia gained independence, and the governments of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Turkey changed their governments to emerging ideologies and joined Eurasia. Parallel to this, I annexed Kuwait and Qatar.

After this I left the Eurasian Union, and formed the Greater Kurdistan Alliance with my puppets Iraq, Nejd, Daraa, Bahrain and my allies in Jordan and Eritrea. We overthrew the governments in Oman and Yemen, and therefore everything in the Arabian peninsula and most of Syria/Iraq were in our alliance.

Then, we invaded Iran to reclaim Iranian Kurdistan(towns of Urmia and Sanandaj), and Hezbollah was puppeted and joined our alliance.
Iran capitulates: ShowHide

With that I ended my game. Further interesting developments would probably be Eurasia vs Shanghai Pact and who would come out on top, but I'm not sure if I have any more reason to continue the campaign. Kurdistan in 2036 is a nation with the 4th largest army(501 000 soldiers of which most are mechanised and armoured with an airborne branch of 37 000), 6th largest industry(254 factories), and a relatively weak air and naval force due to lack of research power - but still leading a regionally powerful alliance being able to defend the inside and outside borders of all member states.

Global situation overview: ShowHide

Oof, that was the first such thing I wrote for a Paradox game I think, and I have thousands of hours. It was a really engaging campaign though...wish I had more time to play another one. Try it, seriously!

Druzhina Miroslavova

Next Event: -

Event thread:,375386.0.html

Even though this is currently on hold I figured to post it here just to keep record and allow everyone to see if/when we decide to attend again.

Miroslav Vladikichi (Marko)
Ostoi Sěnovŭ (Owen)
Dragŭnŭ Dragunov (Xerone)
Doma Igorevŭ (Dargo)
Borisŭ Svoibogŭ (Svoboda)
Dragota Khotakinŭ (Sleekphantom)
Ivorъ Dragotinŭ (Ianitori)
Krima Maslavichi (Kinghaas)
Iliya Dragotinŭ (Ibrahana)
Nesyta Budĭkovichĭ (Bubbles/Numbers)
Ostrolya Radoichi (AxeCaptain)
Paku Turinuichi (ShadowDK)
Navoi Budyevichi (Duncan)
Akunu Igerevich (Akreal)
Orogosti Semilovichi (MatiasHogden)
Drugŭ Yaroslav (Comrade Rashka)
Pilinĭ Dragotinu (Romenia)
Ostrolya Dragotinŭ (Boil)
Chaika Iberievŭ (PauCat)
Utěkhŭ Igorevŭ (Scoris)

- Jorg
- Fixer
- Spitfireboy
- Dekkers


Code: [Select]
[b]Name: [/b] -
[b]Chosen Vikingr name: [/b] -

Pick a first name from:,302029.msg7166095.html#msg7166095

And then pick another one, and use the 'Patronymics' section to form a surname, plenty of examples in the roster above:,302029.msg7166094.html#msg7166094

These are somewhat more serious events, and I reserve the right to reject applications. Applicants using the same first name as someone else will not be accepted.

Mod download:

Banda de la Fortuna

Next Event: Monday, 16th July

Banda de la fortuna is a band of foreign volunteers and mercenaries that gathered after the defeat of Nationalist forces at the Battle of Guadalajara. Deserters, survivors, broken and routed men from the battle reformed into a small group of battle hardened veterans with the intent to make a multi-national foreign volunteer unit and continue the fight. Combatants from different units like the German Condor Legion, Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie, French Jeane The Arc Company, the Irish Brigade flocked to the band alongside with many Portugese Viriatos and White Russian volunteers. The banda is currently led by the White Russian volunteer Ruslan Azarov.

Commander: Ruslan Azarov
Escuadrón Uno ( 12 )
Escuadrón de Artillería( 2 )
Escuadrón Dos ( 8 )
Leader: Ruslan Azarov
Boris Vladislavov
Leader: Reiner Ernst
Alexander Marcov
Rónán Ó Faoláin
Hans Gutentag
Heinz Heinrich
Anton Holzmann
Karl Friedrich
Dozhdik Solncev
Wolfe Tone
Carlos Jorge
Nikolay Kipelov
Helene Bardet
Isais De Lima
Henri Ollivier
Fredrich Gaust
Hans Hahn
Sandro Getto
Lazzero D’Angelo
Hans Waltl
Juan Deag

Flag: 3rd banner, 1st page. Nationalist Spain flag.

Apply for the events here:
The mod requires the Napoleonic Wars DLC.
1. First, select a country from the list below. We'll stick to those countries since all of them have in-game units and uniforms.
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Ireland
  • White Russia
  • Portugal

Uniform previews, courtesy of Ibra: ShowHide

Uniforms for the countries:

Germany - Legion Condor

White Russia - Maria de Molina Requete

Portugal - Os Viriatos

France - Jeanne D'Arc

Ireland - O'Duffy's Blueshirts

Italy - Dio lo Vuole

(Note that these are the basic uniforms, officers and such may look slightly different)

2. Now, make up a character name from the country you picked(think of something from those countries or spend 38 seconds googling country names and surnames).

Code: [Select]
[b]Character name:[/b] -
[b]Nation:[/b] -
[b]Preffered squad:[/b] -
[b]Steam profile link(If I don't have you):[/b] -

Clans / [ARCHIVE]501st Clone Troopers Legion
« on: July 13, 2018, 11:39:24 PM »


The General is the supreme commander of the unit both on the field and outside of it. He is expected to fully commit towards the organization, leadership and well being of the unit.
The Commander is responsible for managing and leading the unit as the General's second in command.
Captains are very respected and experienced leaders in the unit, with at least 18 months of platoon leading experience.
Lieutenants are platoon leaders, responsible for leading and organizing several squads.
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Majors are the most experienced squad leaders, with at least 18 months of leading a squad.
Sergeants are the backbone of the tactical group, they oversee squads of 5-10 troops and manage them on the battlefield.
The Corporal rank is the lowest leadership rank in the unit. Corporals are second in command of the squad they're in, vigorously training to lead a squad of their own one day. They help the squad leader with administrative and leadership duties.
Advanced Recon Commando
Advanced Recon Commandos are the most skilled and the most veteran troops in the unit. Their experience is a result of more than 3 years of service withing the clan, as well as their unmatched skill on the battlefield.
Commandos are respected and recognized soldiers in the unit, with over 24 months of experience and superior skill to all those less experienced.
Elite Trooper
Elite Troopers are a battlefield force to be reckoned with. They are skilled users of specialized weapons and roles, with over 12 months of experience.
Veteran Trooper
Veteran Troopers are the core of the entire Legion, with at least 6 months of experience and weapon specialization.
Advanced Trooper
Advanced Troopers have expanded knowledge on the tactics and weaponry utilized in the unit, and at least 3 months of experience.
Troopers have basic knowledge on the tactics and weaponry utilized in the unit, and at least 1 month of experience.
Cadets are fresh recruits, with little knowledge about the tactics and weaponry in the unit. They may be promoted after one month of active service.


Combat Group
Specialist Group
Tactical Group
Command Group
Jedi Temple

  Advanced Trooper Theretor
  Advanced Trooper Kris
  Advanced Trooper Halberd
  Advanced Trooper Spectro
  Advanced Trooper Echo
  Advanced Trooper Dredd
  Advanced Trooper Alestor
  Advanced Trooper Kubix
  Advanced Trooper Pike
  Advanced Trooper Medic
  Advanced Trooper Wolffy
  Advanced Trooper MrCrowley
  Advanced Trooper Zimpux
  Advanced Trooper Uranus
  Advanced Trooper Chaos
  Advanced Trooper OsgiliathTrio
  Advanced Trooper Saracen
  Advanced Trooper Otto
  Advanced Trooper Geek
  Advanced Trooper Fafnir

  Trooper Neko/Cat
  Trooper MrDutch
  Trooper Nexus
  Trooper Dennyboy
  Trooper Horaz
  Trooper Nicolas
  Trooper John
  Trooper C3llzZ
  Trooper Digoo
  Trooper Rafen
  Trooper Amit
  Trooper Zango
  Trooper Czar
  Trooper Niclaw

  Cadet Joshling
  Cadet Rolam
  Cadet Alf
  Cadet Midaxos
  Cadet Thorn
  Cadet Droidbait
  Cadet Raj
  Cadet Kentish
  Cadet Tiger
  Cadet Farkwad
  Cadet Ginger
  Cadet FatRobin
  Cadet McK
  Cadet Cody
  Cadet Bilbo
  Cadet Smeagol
  Cadet Rooky
  Cadet Dustin
  Cadet Dimaethor
  Cadet Boogeyman
  Cadet Mr.Chow
  Cadet Coda
  Cadet Preacher
  Cadet Ninja
  Cadet TheGodfather070
  Cadet Skeletor
  Advanced Recon Commando - Eye4567
  Advanced Recon Commando - Romenia/Spots
  Advanced Recon Commando - Rat03

  Commando - PauCat
  Commando - Ianitori
  Commando - Forger
  Commando - Chaos
  Commando - Axko
  Commando - Josef
  Commando - Doom
  Commando - CodePhantom

  Elite Trooper - Svoboda
  Elite Trooper - Thunder
  Elite Trooper - Zann
  Elite Trooper - Nuno
  Elite Trooper - Aspen
  Elite Trooper - Nordic
  Elite Trooper - Dargo

  Veteran Trooper Dokhnuts
  Veteran Trooper Nico
  Veteran Trooper Gribly
  Veteran Trooper Speedy
  Veteran Trooper Hardcase
  Veteran Trooper Sev
  Veteran Trooper Manno
  Veteran Trooper Jimmy
  Veteran Trooper Skittles
  Veteran Trooper Peter
  Veteran Trooper Horns
  Veteran Trooper Rex23
  Veteran Trooper George
  Veteran Trooper Luckyben456
  Veteran Trooper Valdemar
  Veteran Trooper Exima
  Veteran Trooper Velorn
  Veteran Trooper Hawkeye
  Veteran Trooper Verlorene
  Sergeant Major - ShadowDK

  Sergeant - Ibrahana
  Sergeant - Vengeful
  Sergeant - Carlos
  Sergeant - Mark
  Sergeant - Games
  Sergeant - Nightfuego
  Sergeant - Jm Von Cat
  Sergeant - Dioxas

  Corporal - Jorg
  Corporal - Gazerbeam
  Corporal - Duncan
  Corporal - Scoris
  Corporal - Richard
  Corporal - Green
  Corporal - Chainsor
  Corporal - Winter Wolf
  Corporal - Nightmare
  Corporal - Annatar
  General - Marko

  Commander - Xerone

  Lieutenant - Spitfireboy
  Lieutenant - Gree
  Lieutenant - Stealthhunter
  Master - Sleekphantom
  Master - Max
  Warden - Malkoros
  Knight - Stevemiff71
  Padawan - Xihe
  Padawan - Exmarius


Spoiler: ShowHide
Combat Group
Specialist Group
Tactical Group
Command Group
Jedi Temple
  Advanced Trooper Valkyrie
  Advanced Trooper Adam
  Advanced Trooper HunBun
  Advanced Trooper Rashka
  Advanced Trooper BlackDestiny
  Advanced Trooper Grafton
  Advanced Trooper StrandedMotion
  Advanced Trooper Diamond63
  Advanced Trooper Rys
  Advanced Trooper Starkiller
  Advanced Trooper Swundead
  Advanced Trooper Dinkelwinkels
  Advanced Trooper Sideswipe
  Advanced Trooper Firestorm
  Advanced Trooper Greggor
  Advanced Trooper Naytham
  Advanced Trooper Zanetopia
  Advanced Trooper Cytiuz
  Advanced Trooper Hayes
  Advanced Trooper Birf

Trooper Luckyleol
Trooper Bernard
Trooper Basch
Trooper Lau
Trooper Harp
Trooper Crimsonite
Trooper Wulfric
Trooper Sage
Trooper Slyph
Trooper Aztek
Trooper Rikkert
Trooper Delta
Trooper Kohai
Trooper Lectus
Trooper Thire
Trooper Torthugo
Trooper Drakoy
Trooper Breeze
Trooper Kyle
Trooper Thor
Trooper Droid
Trooper Brit
Trooper Torthugo
Trooper Braddock
Trooper Sven
Trooper Laalaa
Trooper Kenome
Trooper Bob
Trooper Hawes
Trooper Hercules
Trooper Juan
Trooper Chant
Trooper Greagoir
Trooper Reip
Trooper Ugoindown
Trooper Dakan
Trooper Cali
Trooper Drago
Trooper Blazing
Trooper Billy
Trooper Aldrailios
Trooper Tofem
Trooper Viperious
Trooper Rifleman
Trooper Jarilov
Trooper Slypear
Trooper Jcl1
Trooper Gaz
Trooper Nathaniel
Trooper FisterCuffs
Trooper RaginAsain
Trooper SirBee
Trooper _Irishflynn
Trooper MaceSwindu
Trooper Angerfist
Trooper Heavy
Trooper Sixes
Trooper Moen
Trooper Tibomzai
Trooper Freddy
Trooper Laggy
Trooper Grim
Trooper Sulu
Trooper Omega
Trooper T_T
Trooper Ben
Trooper GodPain
Trooper Jontti
Trooper Lowie
Trooper Ned_Stark
Trooper Cragmite
Trooper Mitchel
Trooper Tact
Trooper Patch
Trooper Deadwulf
Trooper Sir Olaf
Trooper Stoney
Trooper Walter
Trooper MidgetPanda
Trooper wardog
Trooper Roran
Trooper Gwailin
Trooper Ansley
Trooper Ikaros
Trooper Jude
Trooper Ismar
Trooper Telthar
Trooper Croxy
Trooper Kuboo
Trooper Lordvader59
Trooper Bartieman
Trooper Soren003
Trooper O'Neil
Trooper Horla
Trooper Cmot
Trooper VodkaLover
Trooper Alcatraz/Ivy
Trooper Lean
Trooper Silen
Trooper Muckles
Trooper Ginger
Trooper Stoneheart
Trooper Law
Trooper Bernan
Trooper Ethan
Trooper Wabit
Trooper Samilou
Trooper Shovenio
Trooper BaconNatroz
Trooper Rifleman
Trooper Tole
Trooper Money
Trooper Malcolm
Trooper Revan
Trooper Gman
Trooper Pontan
Trooper Masterporn
Trooper Geert
Trooper GeoTheBrave
Trooper Scorch
Trooper Daniel
Trooper TheCan
Trooper Swalice
Trooper Xanthior
Trooper RexZE
Trooper Roundedstraw
Trooper Nuekboi
Trooper Nandoes
Trooper Rymimer
Trooper Semple
Trooper Kingsman
Trooper Birdel
Trooper Sidious
Trooper Zytum
Trooper SundayRoast
Trooper Wolvenspirit
Trooper Mestersix
Trooper Telhar
Trooper Saruman
Trooper Predict
Trooper Luke
Trooper Akanoth
Trooper Whiskey
Trooper AlekoTheGreek
Trooper Mowlegod
Trooper Palmo
Trooper Pong Pearson
Trooper Wolfman
Trooper McLaughs
Trooper Vierwood
Trooper LegendaryKiller
Trooper Zarenx
Trooper DomDowg
Trooper Seffaf
Trooper Jorsonner
Trooper Benzili
Trooper Bugboy
Trooper Caskie
Trooper Glenny
Trooper Fives
Trooper Hypermimi
Trooper Jay
Trooper Jessie
Trooper Johan
Trooper Kapi
Trooper NegroEspia
Trooper Stormlord
Trooper Kristofski
Trooper Legend
Trooper Lobelas
Trooper MadJedi
Trooper Marchow
Trooper Marlon
Trooper Morpheus

Cadet Nedkil
Cadet Nuzgar
Cadet Minigonebad
Cadet Scotty
Cadet Sergei
Cadet Shadows
Cadet Skill
Cadet Karthi
Cadet Stormy
Cadet Zombie
Cadet Muffin
Cadet Chab
Cadet Echo(Murdoch)
Cadet GavinClone Apollo
Cadet Calum
Cadet Scottyboi
Cadet Chab
Cadet Echo(Murdoch)
  Advanced Recon Commando - Scout

  Commando - Kinghaas
  Commando - Firdon
  Commando - DasDoughnut22
  Commando - Blacktack

  Elite Trooper - Pyre
  Elite Trooper - Domi
  Elite Trooper - Cypher
  Elite Trooper - Hornblower
  Elite Trooper - BL4Iz
  Elite Trooper - Savage/Mezzy
  Elite Trooper - Dijamant
  Elite Trooper - Berten

Veteran Trooper Ballen
Veteran Trooper Bostjan
Veteran Trooper Atomic Chicken
Veteran Trooper Bloody
Veteran Trooper Caboose
Veteran Trooper Cuddlesworth
Veteran Trooper Mundi
Veteran Trooper Heidlebruch
Veteran Trooper Hughsie
Veteran Trooper Monotone
Veteran Trooper Ghost
Veteran Trooper TopHatPenguin
Veteran Trooper WorBazza
Veteran Trooper NipplesMcGee
Veteran Trooper Rambo
Veteran Trooper Simon
Veteran Trooper Xartez
Veteran Trooper Vlad
Veteran Trooper Jerk
Veteran Trooper Cena
Veteran Trooper Onahara
Veteran Trooper Pilgrim
Veteran Trooper Fox
Veteran Trooper Kenneth
Veteran Trooper Justinian
Veteran Trooper SD3W
Veteran Trooper DORRON
Veteran Trooper British Kebab
Veteran Trooper Charon
Veteran Trooper Michael
Veteran Trooper SmithzY
Veteran Trooper Robb_Stark
Veteran Trooper AbnormalShadows
Veteran Trooper Xartez
Veteran Trooper Forren
Veteran Trooper Juncoph
Veteran Trooper Gamborg
Veteran Trooper Kaliber(Ponds)
Veteran Trooper Jacail(Skirata)
Veteran Trooper Spartaman
Veteran Trooper Juvia
Veteran Trooper Proteus
Veteran Trooper JeppeHelt
Veteran Trooper Casey
Veteran Trooper Sadman
Veteran Trooper Pickup
Veteran Trooper N1kma
Veteran Trooper Bren
  Sergeant Major - Dangerouswelsh

  Sergeant - Frank
  Sergeant - Conkayne
  Sergeant - Zerogravity
  Sergeant - Bbox
  Sergeant - Quake
  Sergeant - Hound
  Sergeant - Macca
  Sergeant - Colax
  Sergeant - Kessie
  Sergeant - Tjapman
  Sergeant - Akichii

  Corporal - DukeFlow
  Corporal - Lolman1c
  Corporal - Jellopeno
  Corporal - Thorrider
  Corporal - Darkcatman

  Captain - JordanOfMercia
  Captain - RadCrusher

  Knight - CRUSADER
  Knight - Leo Ivanov
  Knight - 8
  Knight - Atomic Alex
  Padawan - Coffee

Medals and Ribbons
Hero of the 501st
The highest ribbon anyone can achieve in the Legion, this ribbon is extremely hard to earn. All you have to do is eliminated at least 12 opponents as the last man standing, and secure the victory.
Distinguished Service Ribbon
The Distinguished Service Ribbon is given to a select few soldiers who participated and greatly contributed to the Legion's competitive trophies.
Founder Ribbon
The Founder Ribbon recognizes the founding members of the Legion.
Jedi Temple
The Jedi Temple Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who served as Jedi, a very important and crucial role.
Sharpshooter Medal
The Sharpshooter Medal Ribbon is earned by getting at least 10(ten) headshots in a round.
Marksmanship Medal
The Marksmanship Medal Ribbon is earned by getting at least 5(five) headshots in a round.
Cross of Valour
The Cross of Valour Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who showed extreme bravery in difficult situations, which secured victory for the Legion.
Cross of Courage
The Cross of Courage Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who showed great bravery in difficult situations and managed to come out on top.
Master Recruiter
The Master Recruiter Ribbon is awarded to soldiers who managed to recruit over 15 people to the Legion.
Service Time: 2013.
Served throughout the year 2013.
Service Time: 2014.
Served throughout the year 2014.
Service Time: 2015.
Served throughout the year 2015.
Service Time: 2016.
Served throughout the year 2016.
Service Time: 2017.
Served throughout the year 2017.

Order of Battle
Spoiler: ShowHide

How To Join
Add BNS Marko(click on the name, has a link), BNS Sleekphantom or BNS JordanOfMercia
Make sure you have Teamspeak and the latest mod version.

News & Announcements / Forum & Community Rules
« on: June 20, 2018, 07:19:18 PM »
Forum & Community Rules

§ 1 General Rules
§ 2 Community Structure
§ 3 Forum Specifics and Guidelines

By registering on the forum, participating in our Discord, Teamspeak, in-game servers or any other part of our infrastructure you agree to the following set of rules. The Bad Name Studios forum, website, Discord, Teamspeak and in-game servers will from now on be adressed as 'community infrastructure' or 'infrastructure'.

§ 1 General Rules

These rules are in effect across the entire community infrastructure.

§ 1.1 No derogatory or discriminatory remarks based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or gender
Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. This community is home to people of different ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender.

§ 1.2 No trolling, flaming or insults on a personal level
The community space is open and friendly, absolutely no kind of trolling in the form of(but not limited to) deliberately trying to provoke a pointless argument(flame-baiting), personal insults, verbal attacks, encouragement of suicide, death threats or harassment through PMs/insulting users across any of our platforms.

§ 1.3 No spamming, no quote pyramids
Use appropriate places for posting relevant information. Spamming includes(but is not limited to) forum multi-posting with the same ideas/sentences, quote pyramids, posting the same content across multiple boards/channels, posting unnecessary or excessive images or gifs.

Some places intended for off-topic discussion or bot channels will tolerate 'more spam'.

§ 1.4 No piracy, warez, cracks, hacks, key generators or talk about anything similar
You are not allowed to facilitate any infringement of copyright or obtaining materials that infringe copyright whether by explicit/implicit written suggestion or through supplying such materials directly. You are not allowed to link any pirate or other copyright infringing websites/links. No promotion or endorsement of copyright infringement. Infringement of this rule will result in an immediate mute and possible ban depending on the severity of the breach.

§ 1.5 No inappropriate content - pornography, gore, illegal or other
The public parts of our infrastructure are used by both pre-teens and elderly people. No graphic images, pornography or similar is allowed on these public areas. Areas marked with [NSFW] are accessible on-request to the moderators. However even in these areas, linking to or posting illegal or graphic material, such as video or photographs of a person's death, child pornography, graphic scenes of violence, gore, etc. is against the rules and will be dealt with most harshly.

§ 1.6 Avatars and signatures
Avatars and signatures must follow the rules stated in § 1.1 and § 1.5. That means no deliberately offensive profile pictures and signatures. This includes(but is not limited to), pictures of members of totalitarian regimes(Nazi Party, Communist Party etc.), nudity, racist groups. Moderators and Administrators may choose, without due warning, to alter your account as they see fit and further actions may be taken depending on the content.

§ 1.7 Privacy and data protection
Personal Messages (PMs) sent between users, and chat logs from external private messaging systems or emails, are considered private discussions. Conversations held via these communication channels should not be posted on the forum, teamspeak or discord for public viewing. Posting others' images obtained from social media(Twitter, Facebook) is strictly prohibited and will be strictly punished. No one should have to worry about his private info 'leaking' on these grounds. You may post PMs, screenshots etc. with express written permission of the user in question.

§ 1.8 Alt-accounts and dupes
Circumventing a mute/warning by making an alternative account on any part of our infrastructure will turn into an instant ban. No double accounts or dupe accounts are allowed except on a case-basis. If you have the need for a second forum or other account, contact the administration via

§ 1.9 The administration has the last word
The BNS administration reserves the right to enforce and enact these rules and policies as they see fit. Not all situations can be covered by the rules, try to use common sense. If you have any complaints, you can always contact us at

§ 2 Community Structure
§ 2.1 Community Division
The Bad Name Studios Community is divided into the following ranks:
  • 1. Guest - Non affiliated users of our platforms.
  • 2. Member - Members accepted into the official community.
  • 3. Staff - Includes all moderators(forum), community administrators(Discord) and lower level server administrators(Teamspeak and in-game servers).
  • 4. Community Manager  - Responsible for the overseeing of the moderation, and server administration teams.
  • 4. Regimental Coordinator- Responsible for the activity and growth of our regimental projects.
  • 4. Developer - Responsible for the development of our software projects and platforms.
  • 5. Executive

§ 3 Forum Specifics and Guidelines

§ 3.1 Don't abuse the report function
Don't use the report function to harass, insult, flame or make falsified claims about users.

§ 3.2 Keep the announcements and important threads relevant
Don't post memes, irrelevant images or off-topic stuff on important announcements and discussions.

§ 3.3 Miscellaneous tips
  • The swear filter is turned on by default for joining members, you can turn it off in your profile settings.
  • Chatroom abbreviations belong to Discord or Teamspeak. If you can't be bothered to type out a coherent, intelligent post then don't expect anyone to type out a coherent, intelligent response.
  • Always check to see if a topic you want to make already exists. Always try to give specific names to your topics.
  • If you wish to talk to another poster privately, use personal messages(PMs).
  • Try to stay on topic.
  • You can edit/modify your posts. Don't double post if you don't have to.

Servers / Everything you need to host your server!
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:51:13 PM »
Server files(1.168 for Bear Force):

This config disables bots.
Change your max slots according to your hoster agreement.
Your port and steam port could be different too, ask your hoster.

Config: ShowHide
#WARNING: Make sure that you change the capital values with proper ones.
set_add_to_game_servers_list 1
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid administrator password
set_pass_admin youradminpass
#if you have premium members, set a password for them, otherwise delete/comment out the line below
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid private password
#set_pass_private PRIVATEPASS
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid server name
set_server_name Server_Name
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid welcome message
set_welcome_message Welcome to Bear Force II!
set_mission multiplayer_bt
#setting max players, first one is non-premium member limit, second one is premium member limit
set_max_players 200 200

set_round_max_seconds 800#returns maximum seconds for round

set_control_block_direction 1 #(1 for manual by mouse and 0 for automatic)

set_friendly_fire 1
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 10
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 0

set_team_point_limit 5

set_num_bots_voteable 0
set_kick_voteable 1
set_ban_voteable 0
set_maps_voteable 0

set_map alderaan_valley_road #Alderaan - Valley Road
add_map tatooine_carkoon_pit #Tatooine - Great Pit of Carkoon
add_map muuninlist_fortified_outpost #Muunilinst - Fortified Outpost
add_map muunilinst_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan
add_map geonosis_battlefield #Geonosis - Battlefield
add_map muuninlinst_streets_of_harnaidan #Muunilinst - Streets of Harnaidan
add_map alderaan_high_mountains #Alderaan - High Mountains
add_map tatooine_outskirts #Tatooine - Outskirts
add_map honoghr_military_base #Honoghr - Military base
add_map muunilinst_downtown #Muunilinst - Downtown
add_map geonosis_arena #Geonosis - Arena
add_map kashyyyk_hideout #Kashyyyk - Hideout
add_map tatooine_outpost #Tatooine - Outpost
add_map jedi_outpost #Jedi Outpost
add_map dantooine_fields #Dantooine - Fields
add_map kashyyyk_forest #Kashyyyk - Forest
add_map spaceship_boarding #Spaceship - Boarding
add_map rhen_var_bleedingice #Rhen_Var - Bleeding Ice
add_map kashyyyk_incursion #Kashyyyk - Incursion
add_map naboo_battleground #Naboo - Battleground
add_map correlian_spaceship #Correlian Spaceship
add_map hoth_trenches #Hoth - Trenches
add_map manaan_spaceport #Manaan Spaceport
add_map muuninlinst_great_bridge #Muuninlinst - Great Bridge
add_map endor_forest #Endor - Forest
add_map mp_custom_map_1 #Muunilinst - Road to Harnaidan(Night)
add_map mp_custom_map_2 #Kashyyyk - Base
add_map mp_custom_map_3 #Hoth - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_4 #Dantooine - Ridges
add_map mp_custom_map_5 #Geonosis - Droid Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_6 #Rhen Var - Station
add_map mp_custom_map_7 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Canyon)
add_map mp_custom_map_8 #Felucia - Big
add_map mp_custom_map_9 #Venator Class(Interior)
add_map mp_custom_map_10 #Endor - Spirit Tree
add_map mp_custom_map_11 #Acclamator - Boarding
add_map mp_custom_map_12 #Hoth - Fortification
add_map mp_custom_map_13 #Training Scene
add_map mp_custom_map_14 #Felucia - Small
add_map mp_custom_map_15 #Kamino - Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_16 #Station 51 - WIP
add_map mp_custom_map_17 #Tatooine - Cantina
add_map mp_custom_map_18 #Geonosis - Siege
add_map mp_custom_map_19 #Mustafar
add_map mp_custom_map_20 #Mygeeto - Factory
add_map mp_custom_map_21 #Mygeeto - Emergency Landing
add_map mp_custom_map_22 #Kamino - Tipoca City
add_map mp_custom_map_23 #Geonosis - Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_24 #Ryloth - Village
add_map mp_custom_map_25 #Spaceship - Boarding #2
add_map mp_custom_map_26 #Corellia - Hills
add_map mp_custom_map_27 #Ryloth - Battlefield(Village)
add_map mp_custom_map_28 #Ryloth - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_29 #Saleucami - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_30 #Kashyyyk - Ambush
add_map mp_custom_map_31 #Saleucami - Swamp
add_map mp_custom_map_32 #Kamino - Platforms
add_map mp_custom_map_33 #Spaceship(?)
add_map mp_custom_map_34 #Correlia - River
add_map mp_custom_map_35 #Tatooine - Anchorhead
add_map mp_custom_map_36 #Tatooine - Anchorhead Assault
add_map mp_custom_map_37 #Cristophsis - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_38 #Cristophsis - Streets
add_map mp_custom_map_39 #Rhen Var - Research Station
add_map mp_custom_map_40 #Felucia - Outpost
add_map mp_custom_map_41 #Galaxy - Republic Ship
add_map mp_custom_map_42 #Yavin_IV - Ruins
add_map mp_custom_map_43 #Hypori - Battlefield
add_map mp_custom_map_44 #Naboo - Gungan Lake
add_map mp_custom_map_45 #Correlia - Bridge
add_map mp_custom_map_46 #Clan Capital Ship

#adding all kingdoms to both sides just to randomize all of them
#adding less kingd

add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_1
add_factions fac_kingdom_2 fac_kingdom_2
add_factions fac_kingdom_3 fac_kingdom_3
add_factions fac_kingdom_4 fac_kingdom_4
set_randomize_factions 1
#if the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
set_upload_limit 30000000
#if you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
set_port 7264
#if you are running the Steam version of the dedicated server, this port must also be set, and same limitations of set_port apply for Steam port
set_steam_port 7241
set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt

The new admin system:
Admin Ranks: ShowHide
-Low  Temp. Ban, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, Print GameIds, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Accept/Reject Polls
-Mid   Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick players, Print GameId, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, AdminChat, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Accept/Reject Polls
-High Temp. Ban, Perm. Ban, Administration Panel, Un/Mute all, Kick Players, GameId, AdminChat, Reset Map, Spawn Master of the Field Flag, Intern AdminChat, Slay players, Teleport, Switch Teams, Spawn Items, SetHp, SetGold, Restore ammo heal shield, Accept/Reject Polls

and the usual admin with password (Can do everything).

All Admin Ranks can't get banned or kicked.

How to use admin ranks: ShowHide

You can add admins if you open the scripts.txt and replace the following things:
Code: [Select]
777777777777 = Low- (It excist 23x 777777777777.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
888888888888 = Mid- (It excist 23x 888888888888.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
999999999999 = High- (It excist 23x 999999999999.) Every can be replaced by a gameID.
With admin password =  Can everything.

Quote from: scripts.txt
1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 777777777777 1073741855 2 1224979098644774915 77777777777

I don't have anyone to host my server?
The Bear Force II team recommends Beyond Servers.

News & Announcements / Welcome To The New Forum!
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:41:54 PM »
Greetings everyone, and welcome to the new forum. Please take a few minutes to read the next few paragraphs!

We're moving forward with a new, elegant, modern design. We'll be working to make things more organized, and implement the best plugins available for better user experience and variety.

The forums may have not had great activity during 2017/18, however they always served an important information role for mod and community players. Besides this, the plan is to make the forums more appealing to the users. It is a very important tool for organization, and you can expect that from now on the forum will contain topics or information that you will need to read in order to participate in some special events, promotions etc. The forum is open to the entire mod and other community. We've got a bunch of different boards so feel free to post stuff.

The forums aren't 100% ready yet due to some visual bugs here and there, as well as the ranks, roles & rules not being final. However, there is little point in delaying the whole thing and we'll just create it according to user experience. Enjoy!

Some links to kick it off:

Forum & Community Rules
New WW2 Warband mod - sign up for events with our group

Stuff for nerds:

We're now on SMF 2.0.15. Feel free to post links to any SMF plugins you might have found, but bear in mind they will not be added unless they are compatible with 2.0.15. An exception may be made if I conclude it will still work correctly.

Plugins implemented so far:

Plugins to implement:
  • SMF Shop - if we come up with nice shop ideas

Default theme: Astonished

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