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Maxane / Max

When did you join the community?
I joined around the mid of November of 2017

How often do you play the mod? (include both events and public play)
I play mostly at a EU Friday and Saturday event. sometimes at Wednesdays and Sundays too.

Why do you want to be an admin?
I recently see there's not much activity with the CA's in Discord. I see this as a opportunity to grow myself within this community and I want to keep it alive at all times. I wanna be proactive in this mod and being a Community Administrator allows me to be proactive. I'm doing this for myself and my clan.

Do you own a working microphone?

Previous Administrator experience:
I own a few Discord servers myself (small ones tough). I'm also moderator at some bigger Discord servers.

Steam Profile URL:

Server Location (EU, NA, OC etc) :

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