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Name: Stevemiff71 | Stephen

When did you join the community? I joined the community around 3-4 years ago.

How often do you play the mod? (include both events and public play)
Due to recent problems IRL with me being in hospital a lot, I have been inactive. However, i do plan on returning as an active member of the mod.

Why do you want to be an admin?
As Mark probably knows. I am always looking for some way to help this community. This is my opportunity to return the favour. The community has helped me through a lot and i want to give something back. As an active member of this community, i have always felt welcome and i wish to share and give others this experience of being welcome and give others this same experience. I want to be an admin so i can help with events and projects that may occur in future. I feel i have been here long enough to know what to do.

Do you own a working microphone?
Yes. I do!
Previous Administrator experience:
I don't have Administrative experience like this, however, it shouldn't mean im less of a candidate but i do have admin in many different Discord Servers. I am good with discord.

Steam Profile URL:
Server Location (EU, NA, OC etc) :

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